ll बर्हापीडं नटवरवपुः कर्णयोः कर्णिकारंबिभ्रद् वासः कनककपिशं वैजयन्तीं च मालाम् |रन्ध्रान् वेणोरधरसुधया पूरयन गोपवृन्दैः-वृन्दारण्यं स्वपदरमणं प्राविशद् गीतकीर्तिः ||

Krishna is the one who is remembered in this Shrimad Bhagwad shlok by sage Vedvyasa. This is the enchanting shlok from Shrimad Bhagwad. On hearing this shlok, Paramhans Shukdevji went to his father Vedvyasa and requested to narrate him Shrimad Bhagwad Mahapurana. He was extremely influenced by the chanting of this shlok.

Lord Krishna

It literally means or explains the charisma of Paramavatar. It describes the appearance of God which is truly fascinating. The entire shlok speaks about the grandeur entry of bhagwan in the supreme abode Vrindavan. 

According to this shlok, Shri Krishna is one who wears the crown of peacock feather and who dances in the world and also makes people of the world dance. One who has a beautiful kundal in his ears and Vaijayanti mala (garland) around his neck, who holds a beautiful vanshi (flute) in hands that emits an attractive music. The sound that comes out of the vanshi attracts all the gopas and gopis. This sound makes everyone happy. Finally, with the musical venu geet (divine song) Kanha is entering Vrindavan accompanied by all the cowherd boys. All the gopas are singing his praises.

First of all, we come across a question, who is God? Where does he live? When was he born, where is he now and more. Even many are inquisitive about how he died, how many wives he had and a lot more about Krishna. So, let’s explore the spiritual ocean and bring out the secrets.

Jai Shri Krishna!

Today I began by hailing God (bhagwan) as this blog talks about our beloved Kanha. When I really decided to write this blog, I was really overwhelmed. I could not decide how to start about this majestic divinity. As there are infinite aspects of God discussed and discovered so far that I could not stay on one.

Different Names of Lord Krishna

Shri Krishna also known as

  • Keshav
  • Gopal
  • Kanha,
  • Makhan Chor
  • Murlidhar
  • Laddu Gopal
  • Govinda
  • Madhav
  • Manmohana
  • Shyam Sundar
  • Kanhaiya and more.
  • Well! Finally this blog is here for all the lovers, followers, devotees and intellectuals in search of Shri Krishna.

Who is Krishna?

Being a devotee, have you ever thought, who is Krishna in real life? Is he a Man, is he a God or some supreme source of energy.

According to Bhagwat Gita and other Hindu holy texts, he is the mentor, guide, a true friend, complete man, eternal God and supreme incharge of the universe. Everything seems to speak only a part about dear God.

When we talk about different aspects of sacred God, we come across a number of subjects being studied. In Hinduism , Kanhaiya is much more than an intellectual man. As per Hindu mythology he is the revered deity, matter of great devotion and exploration. So, today let’s learn about the varied aspects of God that have been discovered and celebrated:

Lord Vishnu Incarnation

Firstly, he is believed to be the incarnation (avatar) of Lord Vishnu. He is considered to be one amongst the Trinity of gods. Moreover, Lord Vishnu is the preserver of the universe and the living beings on earth. So, he appeared on earth in the form of Krishna to restore dharma and conquer evil.

Shri Krishna The Guru or Mentor

Hinduism has several Puranas, Shastras, great Epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata. According to Mahabharata, he plays a very crucial role as a mentor or guide of Arjun. He instructs Arjun to perform his duty and not to give up as a warrior. Through his Shlokas of Geeta he preached the life lessons to Arjun. No one can replace him as a prominent Guru.

Shri Krishna The True Friend

Devotees or even non-devotees are aware about the Sudama’s friendship with God. It is the legendary example of friendship that is remembered till date.

Shri Krishna The Real Man

In addition to, he is also praised and accepted by devotees as a complete man on earth. He possesses all that required to be a true and powerful man. Also, he is graceful, respectful, powerful and capable of carrying out his duties flawlessly. We can understand this by the fact that he married 16,108 queens.

Shri Krishna The Clever King

After conquering his uncle Kansa, God ruled the kingdom of Dwarika. He was known as Dwarikadheesh. His people were content and happy. There was no violence, hatred or wrong thinking in his kingdom. People lived with compassion for each other.

Shri Krishna Childhood Divine Leelas

There is a vast information about god’s childhood stories (baal leela) in our Hindu texts Puranas, Kathas, other mythological books especially Bhagwat Purana. The childhood of God, was playful, mischievous and full of very exciting magical tales. There is so much to know about leelas performed by God. From stealing butter to teasing Gopis, playing the flute to lifting Govardhan. Moreover, performing enchanting dances (Rasa Leela) with his beloved devotees.

Shri Krishna Shringaar and Appearance

Lord Krishnas Shringaar or decoration is another interesting subject to know about. He is usually depicted as a young, dark skinned boy who carries a tilak on forehead. Further, a peacock feather at top of the crown, a flute in hand, Vaijayanti mala (garland of flowers) in neck, a yellow coloured attire and emits a million dollar attractive smile on face. His charisma cannot be defined in few words. It’s simply impeccable. 

Different Forms of Krishna

Moreover, another interesting fact to know about Bhagwan is his different forms. There are endless forms of God known to devotees, scholars, sages and people around. These amazing forms have a engaging story behind its existence.

Temples of Lord Krishna

Eventually, not to forget the temples of Hindu God in India and abroad. There are innumerable temples that contain the deities of the Hindu God. I have a series of temples dedicated to Lord Krishna in Vrindavan series. These deities are extremely appealing and lively. People throughout the globe visit Hindu temples to admire its beauty.

Other than these, there are countless other aspects that hold a significance. Similarly, festivals like Ekadashi, Janmashtami, Holi and Chaturmas celebration revolves around Makhan Chor. Special worship rituals of Keshav are performed during Kartik Mas that pleases Kanhaiya. People are curious to know about Kanha and his favorites to get his divine blessings.

In contemporary times, we find Bhagwat Geeta in everyones hand, transforming lives, motivating people and teaching life lessons. With the passing of time people are realising the need of understanding the crucial role of Kanhaiya in our lives.


At last, after all the churning and hunting that we did today, I leave it on to you to decide who is Krishna for you. What aspect you live or love about. Which aspect of God excites you. Infact, I would like to know which aspect you are interested and want to know more about. So, with this thought I end this article here.

Keep reading and growing with us.

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