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Holi 2024
People enjoying festival of colours


Welcome to the world of engrossed readings at So, here I am again to quench your thirst for knowing more about India and its rich culture of festivity and celebrations. I did a series of blogs on the grandeur festival Diwali with great enthusiasm and feedback. As time suggests we should keep moving. Hence I am moving towards another grandest festival of India- Holi.


Vibrancy and diversity are two sides of our Hindu culture. By now, my dear folks, you must have observed that India never lags behind when it comes to celebrations.

Hinduism has made each day a festival and every week full of celebrations. Infact, Holi is one of them. Moreover, Holi is a Hindi word derived from the name of Holika, sister of demon king Hrinyakashipu.

However, as you all know, India is a land of various ethnicities, cultures and beliefs, so does names also change as per the different geographical details.

Apparently, we also called the celebration by various names such as Holi, Rangwali Holi, Dulhandi, Phagwa, Dhuleti, Dhole Purnima, Ukuli, Manjal Kuli, Yaosang, Jajiri and Shigmo. Do not worry, I will discover the meanings and significance of these names in my upcoming blogs soon.

Date and Time

Clearly, you can not afford to miss this high- spirited festival in 2024. Though Choti Holi or Holika Dahan 2024 will be celebrated on March 24, 2024. And Dulhendi or playful Holi will fall on March 25, 2024. As per Hindu Panchang, Holi is celebrated on the Purnima(full moon) of Falgun mas every year.

Additionally, scholars suggest that muhurat for Holika Dahan 2024 will start at 11:13 PM and ends at 12:27AM on 25th March 2024. Likewise, Holi purnima Tithi will start at 9:54 AM on 24th March 2024 and will end at 12:29 PM on 25th March 2024.


Radha Krishna
Radha and Krishna- epitome of Holi

Meanwhile, I can not miss mentioning the divine love story of Radha and Krishna. According to mythology, once Bal-Gopal questioned his mother Yashoda why he is not fair like Radha? Why is he coloured blue? In response, Mother Yashoda playfully replied to him that by applying color on Radha’s face, Radha’s complexion would also become like Krishna’s.

After this, Kanha played Holi with colors with Radha and Gopis. Since then, this festival is being celebrated as the festival of colors, love, romance and unity. Although the spiritual and romantic dimension of the festival add to the essence of the festival.

Nevertheless, there is one more legend associated with Holi. It is also said that due to the curse of Lord Shiva, a demon named Dhundi was driven away by the people of Prithu on this day, in whose memory Holi is celebrated.

Significance of Holi

Significance of Holi
Smearing gulaal on each other

While writing the significance of Holi in this blog, my mind was humming the famous Bollywood song- Holi k din dil mil jaate hain rango me rang khil jate hain (On the day of Holi, hearts meet and blooms with colors).

Certainly these lyrics tells us the vibe of the festival. Do You know why Holi is the most celebrated festival in India after Diwali? Because it represents the diversity, vibrancy and majesty of the bond and togetherness we share with different festivals around the world.

Correspondingly people leave behind their egos, fights, discords, disputes and come together to celebrate the festival of love and happiness, despite belonging to different religions and cultures.

History of Holika Dahan

Holika Dahan
Burning of pyre of Holi

Once upon a time, there was a demon king, Hiranyakashipu. He had a son named Prahlad, a great devotee of Lord Vishnu. However Hiranyakashipu did not like his devotion at all. He entrusted the task of turning the child Prahlad away from devotion of God to his sister, Holika.

Particularly, Holika had a boon that fire could not burn her body. Thus, with the intention of killing Prahlad, she sat in the fire with him in her lap. However, the great devotion of Prahlad and the grace of God saved him, and Holika herself got burnt in the fire. There was no harm to Prahlad’s body in the fire. From then onwards, Holika Dahan is performed every year.

Significance of Holika Dahan

Moreover Holika Dahan is one of the prime celebrations of Holi. It involves the burning of bonfire, with all the people circumambulating the holika pyre. Also they perform puja and other rituals. The ashes of pyre is being considered auspicious for evading evils eye from the home.

Indeed, Holi marks the change of season, transitioning from winters from summers.This shift not only leads to an increase in the number of bacteria and insects in the air but also tends to make people feel lazy and inactive.

Scientifically speaking, burning of the pyre of Holi results in killing bacteria. Hindus put woods of neem, mango, eucalyptus and other medicinal trees in it, along with cakes of cow dung. Consequently music, dance and playing of Dhol make people merry and dancing to the vivacious vibes of the festival.

Certainly Holika Dahan dispels the feeling of lethargy from the people and unite them to comomerate this festival of colours.


So dear readers, start planning your Holi attire, those funky water guns and stocking up of all the natural colours. I will be covering Lathmar holi, Holland moholla, Jaipur Holi and Rang panchami in my upcoming blogs soon.

At the end now we know that Holi is a festival to commemorate the victory of good over evilits. However, Holi was originally a fertility festival meant to celebrate the arrival of spring. Whatever its origins, Holi is now a cherished tradition for Hindus all over the world. Have a blessed time ahead.

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