About Us


Earth is a lovely place to live and enjoy the beauty manifested by the supreme God.

On Indian Path is a gateway to the secrets of Hindutva and Spirituality brought forward to the people in the easiest way. It is a step towards bringing into the limelight the strong wisdom of Indian culture, festivals, events, rituals and the magnificent Hindu gods and goddesses.

On Indian Path is just an effort to highlight the healing effect of our very glorious and powerful Hindu culture and tradition.

We also tend to showcase the important aspects of Astrology that are beneficial for the entire human race. Especially in this time of the growing impact of Kalyuga and the shortly disappearing of our rich wisdom, sticking to our roots becomes the need of the hour. On Indian Path is a dedicated and devoted effort towards saving our tradition and decreasing the sufferings of people through magical remedies of Hindu rituals, culture, tradition, Spirituality and Astrology.

On Indian Path in a dedicated effort by
Akansha L Agarwal