Ram Navami is the main festival of Hindu religion marking the birth anniversary of Hindu god Shri Ram.

Ram Navami
Lord Rama with Lakshmana and Goddess Sita


Welcome to the world of engrossed readings at www.onindianpath.com. Let’s celebrate the birth anniversary of most pious and righteous god of Hinduism aka Shri Ram with this blog.


Further, lifepath of Maryada Purushottam is the foundation for many Hindu followers. Do you know who is Maryada Purushottam? Maryada Purushottam means a person who follows righteousness and sets example of perfect living amongst all the human beings of Earth. Likewise, only Lord Rama could be called Maryada Purushottam as he defined the right way of living as per Dharma.

Additionally, Shri Rama is the most perfect human for his followers. We Indians use his name at the beginning and end of our lives. He is in our blood. Even, our salutation says Ram-Ram.

A Hindu can never unfollow his teachings, guidance and his path toward righteousness. We are going to celebrate the birth anniversary of Shri Ram on 17th April 2024 with a grandest celebrations.

Date of Ram Navami 2024

Lord Rama was born on Navami (ninth day) of Shukla paksha of Chaitra Mas of Hindu Panchang in Treta yuga. Thus, we celebrate his birth anniversary on this tithi.

Moreover, the titthi of Ram Navami 2024 will begin at 1:23 PM on 16th April 2024 and will ends at 3:14 PM on 17 April 2024.

Thus, we are going to celebrate his birth on April 17, 2024.

History of Ram Navami

Apparently, Lord Rama is the seventh incarnation of Hindu God Shri Vishnu. He took birth as human on Earth as Shri Rama. Ramayana is the greatest and oldest epic of Hinduism which tells us about Shri Rama.

Furthermore, Lord Rama was born to King Dasharatha and Queen Kausalya of Awadh, popularly known as Ayodhya. As a result, this day is celebrated with glee and fun all over the country and world as Rama Navami.

Shri Rama and Ayodhya

Eventually, Ayodhya has been considered as a holy place for Hindu followers as it is the janambhoomi (birthplace) of Shri Ram. Ayodhya is named Ayodhya Dham after the pran prathistha (consecration ceremony) of Shri Rama on 22 January 2024.

I am going to share a blog on Ayodhya and Shri Ram Janambhoomi Teerth soon.

Significance of Ram Navami

Though Lord Rama symbolises truth, good conduct , righteousness and virtues. His birth anniversary also holds profound significance.

Certainly, by worshipping Lord Rama on this day, one brings stability, fortune, divine powers and positivity in his life. Shri Ram has been main protagonist of Ramayana teaching us valuable lessons of life. How beautifully and dutifully, he served his family, people and kingdom. My blog on Sita and Rama will surely enlighten your knowledge about this gentle human with feminine energy of his life.

Not only this, Ram Navami is also associated with Lord Rama who embarks victory of truth over lie. Thus, celebrating the Ram Navami and worshipping Lord Rama on this day eradicates negativity from one’s life.

Rituals and traditions of Rama Navami

a) Often, people have 24 hours akhand Ramayana path (recital of Ramayana for 24 hours consecutively) at social gathering and temples on Ram Navami.

b) Mainly, devotees indulge in Bhajan and Kirtan (singing hymns to praise the Lord) at various temple, gatherings and homes on this day.

c) Although, Ram Bhakts (devotees of Shri Ram) also organise Nishulk bhojan (free food) and Prasadam vitran (distribution of prasad) to needy people to mark the birth anniversary of Hindu god Shri Rama.

d) Infact, religious scholars, saints and sages organise Hawanas on this day. Subsequently, Hawana or Homa or yagana is the religious ritual of sacrificial fire. Additionally, it uses ghee, wood, grains, rice, milk, incense and other hawan samagri (items needed to perform Hawana). Here, in Hawana, main motive is to purifying body and soul and moving towards the path of righteousness and virtue as shown by Shri Ram to us.

e) At many religious pilgrimage site dedicated totally to Lord Rama like Ayodhya, Orcha, Chitrakoot, Rameshwaram and Sitamari holds grand processions and celebrations on this day. Infact, at many place, idol of Shri Rama is taken out from Garbh griha at a open space and given bath with Panchamrit (a religious concoction made up of milk, curd, ghee, sugar and honey).

f) Almost all the temple’s adorn the deity with flowers, fragrance, new attire and jewellery. Indeed deity includes Shri Ram alongwith the idols of Lakshmana and Sita.


At the end, the spiritual significance and essence of Ram Navami 2024 is transquil journey towards profound expression of devotion, unity and cultural richness. With recital of Ram naam (hailing Lord Rama as Jai Shri Ram), we come together to celebrate the birth of Lord Rama, we are reminded of timeless values such as righteousness, compassion and courage. I am sure this blog on Ram Navami must have inspired many of my readers to lead virtuous lives and foster harmony in our daily lives.

Wishing a blessed and joyous Ram Navami 2024 celebration filled with love, peace and spiritual enlightenment.

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