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Alakshmi is a goddess of misfortune and challenges.


Welcome ONINDIANPATH readers. Today, I am going to talk about the Alakshmi, opponent of Goddess Lakshmi.


Since, Alakshmi is a term derived from Hindu mythology. In Hindi, a (prefix) is put before Lakshmi to show the opposite features of Lakshmi. Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth, prosperity and fortune. In Hinduism, she is regarded as a goddess with beautiful golden complexion, adorned with jewels, and seated on a lotus flower. Also, Lord Vishnu is husband of goddess Lakshmi, they are widely worshipped in Hinduism.

And, Alakshmi is considered the opposite of Lakshmi. Moreover, Alakshmi is seen as the goddess of misfortune, poverty, laziness, greed and obstacles. Meanwhile, Alakshmi is believed to bring poverty and hardships to people’s lives.

Who is Alakshmi?

In particular, Alakshmi also called Kulakshmi is the concept which serves as a reminder that life is a balance of both positive and negative aspects. It acknowledge the idea that fortune and misfortune are intertwined. This concept gives us motivation to overcome obstacles and hardships to achieve prosperity and happiness.

Apparently, Alakshmi is not as widely worshipped as Lakshmi in Hindu houses. And, it is believed that there are certain practices through which one can prevent the badluck and misery bring by Alakshmi.

As per legends, Alakshmi is beleived to be born from the back of king prajapati Daksh. Some other ancient text suggests that during Samundra Manthan, poison came out of the mouth of Vasuki Naag, which gave birth to Alakshmi.

How does Alakshmi looks like and what is her sawari?

Infact, Alakshmi represents the unfavorable aspects of life. Likewise, Alakshmi has another name as Daridra devi. Padam Purana calls her Jyestha as she is eldest to goddess Lakshmi. Markendya Purana says, she is called Nirriti, depicted as unkempt. Rigveda and Atharva Veda defines her as goddess of death, decay and misfortune. Also, she is known with other names too like Moodevi, Taavai, Kalahpriya, Dhumravarahi etc.

Unlike goddess Lakshmi, Alakshmi is not so good looking. She has torned and dirty clothing. Her big red eyes, big feet, rough and tawny hair, old body and big teeth are her features. Therefore, she is considered as devi of ugliness. In addition to, she has donkey as her sawari.

Futher, Alakshmi is considered as sister of Lakshmi as both of them came out of churning of oceans (samundra manthan).

Who is her family?

Promptly, Nirrati is married to Mritu(death). Alakshmi was married to sage Uddhalaka by Lord Vishnu. Kalki Purana says that Alakshmi is second wife of demon Kali. Nevertheless, many ancient texts suggests that Alakshmi was married to Yamaraj.

Where does she stays?

Although, her offerings includes limes and chillies. Generally, prople place lime and chilles outside of their houses to make her go away. Whenever, she enters a Hindu house, she brings jealousy and malice. Indeed, Alakshmi is believed to stay in the places where lakshmi is not reverved. A house where there is quarrels and fights all the time, Alakshmi will stay.

Firstly, she will take form of floods and droughts. When Lakshmi is Dhanya-Lakshmi( goddess of grain) then she will take form of the husk. Secondly, when Lakshmi is Santaan Lakshmi, Alakshmi becomes pain, sorrows and filth.Thirdly, when Lakshmi is Vijaya Lakshmi, Alakshmi become defeat.

Lastly, Dhanlakshmi bless households and people with wealth, money and luxury while Alakshmi resides in poverty, crime and misery.

Alakshmi nissarana

Consequently, there is a ritual done for removal of Alakshmi every year on Diwali. On the night of Lakshmi Puja, this ritual is performed.

On this day, a new broom is bought in the home. The eldest woman of the house cleans the house with this broom in the midnight. Then, she collects all the garbage in Supa and throw out of the house. By doing so, she prays to goddess Lakshmi to be a part of this house and Alakshmi should never enter my home.

Remedies to defy Alakshmi

Thus, we are mentioning below some general remedies that people follow to defy the effects of misfortune:

1. Always have a positive mindset and affirmations that reinforce abundance, prosperity and success. Focus on gratitude to God and other peers around you.

2. Worshipping the Lord of wealth and prosperity such as Lord Vishnu, Goddess Lakshmi will help you mitigating ill effects of Alakshmi.

3. Engaging in spiritual activites like meditations, prayers, rituals and Hindu traditional practices like lighting a diya etc.These are believed to bring good fortune and ward off misfortune.

4. To seek blessings and attract happiness and positivity, always engage in charitable activities like providing food to hungry people, helping needy people, sponsoring education of under privileged children etc. Specifically, these acts of kindness to help others in need are believed to create positive karma.

6. Indulging in self improvement activites like swimming, walking etc not only enhance your skills but also keeps you away from laziness.

7. Always keep yourself well-groomed and surroundings neat and clean.


All these remedies are not only meant to mitigate Alakshmi but also they teach us values. By imbibing these good habits and practices we will be more spirituality clear and enlightened. Have a blessed day ahead.

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