Ekdant is another name of Lord Ganesha.

Lord Ganesha as Ekdant
Lord Ganesha


Welcome to the oasis of engrossed readings at www.onindianpath.com. Today we are talking about Ganesha as Ekdant. We will be unveiling the untold stories on one of the Hindu gods each week in this auspicious month.

एकदन्तं महाकायं लम्बोदरगजाननम्ं। विध्ननाशकरं देवं हेरम्बं प्रणमाम्यहम्॥

I bow to the divine Lord Heramb, who is adorned with a tusk, who has a huge body, who is tall, who is Gajanana and who is the destroyer of obstacles.

Lets peep into the untold stories behind the popular name EKDANT. Ekdant (Lord Ganesha) is the most revered and popular Hindu god in Hinduism.


Lord Ganesha is popularly known as Ekdant. Ekdant is a hindi word which translates to One Tusked or One Toothed.

This sobriquet is derived from the Sanskrit words “ek” meaning “one” and “dant” meaning “tooth” or “tusk.”

However, this name Ekdant has very interesting and popular stories to share.

1) Sibling Fight of Ekdant

Firstly, according to Bhavishya Purana, there is a famous story. Once, Lord Ganesha and Lord Kartikeya were playing together. Lord Ganesha was mischievously annoying Lord Kartikeya.

On this, furious Lord Kartikeya broken 1 tusk of Lord Ganesha. Immediately, Lord Ganesha complained this incident to Hindu God Mahadev.

Thus, Lord Kartikeya returned the broken tusk to Lord Ganesha and he cursed Lord Ganesha that he has to carry the broken task in his hand every time otherwise he will be burnt out.

Hence, given the name Ekdant.

2) Fight between Ekdant and Lord Parshurama

According to the Ganesh Purana, once Lord Parshurama came to Kailash Parvat and wanted to visit Lord Shiva. However, Lord Shiva was meditating. Lord Ganesha stopped him from meeting the Mahadev. Subsequently, angered Lord Parshuram challenged Lord Ganesha for a fight.

Although, it was a great battle between Lord Ganesha and Lord Parashurama. During the battle, Lord Ganesha’s tusk was broken off by Lord Parashurama’s axe.

Hence, he was given the name Ekdant.

Eventually, the broken tusk holds symbolic significance. It represents sacrifice and detachment from worldly attachments.

3) Mahabharata Writing by Ekdant

According to Linga Purana, once sage Ved Vyas was asked to write the Epic Mahabharata so he went to Lord Ganesha to write the Epic. Apparently, he made a condition to Lord Ganesha to write continuously without break. Lord Ganesha will not utter a single word while he was speaking during the writing of the Epic.

Hence, Lord Ganesha was writing with his pen suddenly his pen broke down. And as per condition, he could not stop writing. So, he continued writing by breaking of one of his tusk he had and started writing. Thus, from then, he is known as a Ekdant.

4) Ekdant Angered over Chandra Dev

Once, Chandra deva (Lord Moon) organised a dinner party for all the gods. Lord Ganesha ate a lot in the party and was stuffed. He was returning to his home back. On the way back home, one snake bounded out of the bushes and made Ganpati fall from his Sawari.

As he fell down, his stomach burst out.Thus, all the content of lavish dinner he had was scattered from his stomach. On this, Chandra Dev burst into laughter.

Furious Lord Ganesha, broke his tusk and threw it on Chandra dev.This made a huge mark on his face. Hence forth, Lord Ganesha also cursed Moon to loose all his shine. This led to darkness in whole world. After many requests by Moon and other gods, Ganpati allowed Moon to shine in winning and waxing phases.

As a result, he was given the name Ekdant.

5) Battle Between Ekdant and Gajamukhasura

As per another legend, there was a a valorous demon name Gajamukhasur (elephant headed). After taking blessings from Guru Shukracharya, he created havoc on Earth and heaven. He harrased gods and other people with his unconquerable powers he got from Lord Shiva.

All the tired and defeated gods went to Lord Ganesha for help.

Lord Ganesha fought with this Asur(demon) and found out that any of the weapon won’t work against him. Thus, he broke off one of his tusk and threw it on Gajamukhasur.

This action leads him to become a mouse. And, he became sawari of Lord Ganesha forever.

5) Ekdant and Mouse

Once, there was a Gandharva named Gandharva Krauncha. One day, at the Indra Court, Krauncha insulted the Sage Vamadeva. In furious response, sage cursed him to be a big rat.

Being a rodent, this mischievous rat went to the ashram of the Sage Parachara and caused a lot of damages.

And, sage prayed to lord Ganesha for help. He asked the god to safeguard his modest dwelling.

Lord Ganesha appeared, broke off his tusk and attacked it on the notorious rat. At the end, lord Ganesha rode the rat as his vehicle and mastered it.


At the end, I would conclude by saying that Lord Ganesha’s willingness to sacrifice his own tusk for the greater good is seen as a demonstration of his wisdom, selflessness and devotion.

Infact there are many legends for one toothed God. But, all of them teaches us how to encompasses both the positive and negative aspects of life just like bhagwan Ekdant.

Have a blessed day ahead.

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