We all know about 12 months according to the Gregorian calendar. But have you ever heard that there is a 13th month or adhik maas too. Yes, it’s a fact that according to Hindu calendar, there exists an adhik maas. Let’s know more about this very interesting month in this blog.

Lord Vishnu


Hinduism is a storehouse of infinite adventurous facts, rituals and stories. These facts are the integral part of every Hindu family. Like other festivals, events and rituals, adhik maas 2023 holds immense importance. 

What is Adhik Maas 2023

Adhik Maas 2023, also known as Purushottam Maas or Mal Maas. It is an additional month in Hindu Calendar which means adhik, “more”. Unlike the regular lunar calendar, Adhik Maas is an addition to reconcile the solar and lunar calendars. Adhik maas is also referred to as “leap month” or “extra month”.

There is a difference between the lunar calendar and solar calendar. There is a gap of 11 days between the two which keeps on accumulating over time. Thus, the lunar calendar falls out of sync with the solar calendar. Further, to establish the sync between the two calendars this Adhik Maas is an addition.

Usually, purushottam maas falls between June and July. This year 2023, Adhik Maas is going to start from 18 th July and last till 16 th August, 2023. The dates may vary according to the position of the moon and other essential elements in the calendars.

Importance of Adhik Maas 

In Hinduism, there is a great importance of Adhik Maas. It is basically about the worship of Lord Vishnu or Lord  Krishna. It is considered a pious month for spiritual activities, rituals and penance.

Moreover, it is a propitious opportunity for devotees to engage in extra spiritual practices. Numerous kinds of jap, daan( 32 items), Bhajan, sankirtan, and worship of Lord Krishna are advised. Whereas it is also advised that all the good deeds, new inauguration, wedding and other good activities are ignored.

In addition to this, many people decide to go for pilgrimages, perform prayers, offer charity, and engage in acts of self-discipline during this period. Many observe a special kind of fasting as per their choice, recite scriptures, and sing hymns, to seek the blessings of Lord Vishnu during this time.

Also known as purushottam maas 2023, the upcoming adhik maas 2023 is a very fortunate time which is falling after 19 years. Generally, adhik maas falls after every 3 years, but this year it is special and unique in many ways. 

During the entire course of Adhik Maas devotees can transform their inner soul.

It is very important to understand the division of dates during adhik maas. This year 2023, an amazing coincidence has occurred and adhik maas is falling during Shravan Maas.

Surprisingly, after 19 years the unexpected coincidence has occurred. This year, Shravan Maas will be of two months and have 8 Mondays. Adhik maas 2023 will fall in between the first 15 and last 15 days. The 30 days in between will be considered as Adhik maas.

2023 Adhik Maas Dates

18th July, 2023 to 16th August, 2023

Overall, adhik maas is the time when Lord Vishnu’s blessings can be retained for a longer duration. This is going to be a beneficial opportunity for devotees and a step ahead toward self-realization. For more interesting information keep reading and growing.

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