Krishna Shringaar has greater significance in terms of beauty and purity.

गले में बैजंती माला, बजावै मुरली मधुर बाला,

श्रवण में कुण्डल झलकाला,नंद के आनंद नंदलाला,

कनकमय मोर मुकुट बिलसै,देवता दरसन को तरसैं ।।

Lord Krishna Shringaar
Lord Krishna Shringaar

These are the lines taken from Krishna aarti explaining the shringaar of Shri Krishna in true form. He is the Lord who has Vaijayanti mala in his neck, he sings melodious flute. He carries kundal in ears, he, who is the son of Nand, brings joy to everyone. His gold adorned crown with morpankh is majestic thus, his shringaar is desired by every god.


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Lord Krishna is eighth awatar of Lord Vishnu and most worshipped Hindu god. Also, he has mesmerising and majestic shringaar which attracts everyone to his love and kindness. All his chants, bhakti songs, carols and hymns are dedicated purely to his spell bounding beauty and purity.

Moreover, shringaar denotes the intrinsic beauty of lord Krishna, a visionary and divine delight for every devotee. Again, his shringaar is the ultimate rasa, an emotion that makes a person joyful and delighted.

Apparently, for many, all the Krishna Shringaar may look glittery and showy, but when one gets connected to his bhakti, one can feel the spiritual connection.

Generally, when we see a more prettier face or person with high fashionable quotient, we feel jealous. But, when it comes to Lord Krishna the feeling of envy goes away just by watching his cute and innocent smile and magical eyes.

More to it, his attractive Shringaar reflects various aspects of his divine aura. Still, his captivating appearance will make you fall in the infinite love with him. Embodiment of divine, his aesthetics is always captivating for all the devotees.

Krishna Shringaar is the epitome of love between devotees and god. And, his beautiful Shringaar melts our heart compassionately. The elements of his Shringaar works as a guiding light to us during the time of pain, brief, stress and anxiety. Let’s read on more vividly:

Pitambar as Krishna Shringaar

Krishna as Pitamba
Krishna as Pitambar, Source: pxfuel

Lord Krishna has a name by the colour of his clothes-Pitambar. Pitambar is a Hindi word which means a poshak (dress) made of yellow colour. By the way, do you know what does yellow colour denote in Indian culture? Yellow colour represents knowledge and learning. Same way, yellow colour denotes peace, bliss compassionate, knowledge, meditation and competence.

Supreme entity, Shri Krishna is a universe of infinite knowledge. Hence, colour yellow is also colour of infinite knowledge and learning in abundance.

Vaijayanti Mala as Krishna shringaar

Vaijayanti Mala
Vaijayanti Mala, source: Google

Vaijayanti mala (beads) is procured from Vaijayanti plant. The plant is called Job’s tear, belongs to grass family. Also, people consider Vaijayanti Mala very auspicious and dear to Lord Krishna.

Yet, it is believed that Vaijayanti Mala is abode of Goddess Lakshmi. This Vaijayanti Mala is made up of yellow and red flowers seeds. These seeds never destroy thus gives us a message to take life as fresh as this mala. Some of the holy text suggests that supreme divine wears the Vaijayanti Mala which was made up of 5 gems that represents the five elements of our body.

Kundal of Krishna Shringaar

Krishna Kundal
Krishna Kundal

Kundal of Hindu God Shri Krishna also known as makara kundanalu. Further, these are studded earrings of Lord Krishna, binds Radhika’s eyes towards her beloved Krishna.

Mormukut as Lord Krishna Shringaar

Morpankh, Source: pixaby

Mormukut is a Hindi word which means a crown decorated with feathers of Peacock. Morpankh is the symbol of Lord Krishna. As we all are aware that Lord Krishna had love for everyone, he is considered as a symbol of love and kindness. As I have said earlier, his persona was so rich that, he had infinite love for friends and revenge for enemies, that means he has variance in his personality. Consequently, Morpankh is also a symbol of mixing of all the colours of life. Promptly, Lord Krishna loved his beloved Radha, Gopis, peers and friends deeply and contrarily he killed his enemies and foes.

However, do you know why the peacock is adorned in Hinduism? Because peacock always follows brahmcharya and is associated with purity and love. Shri Krishna keeps himself happy but the moments someone irritates, he will kill that enemy.

Likewise, Krishna also has many colours of personality just like Morpankh. Balrama (Shri Krishna’s elder brother) is a human awatar of Sheshnaag while Peacock is a rival of snakes. But, by adorning Morpankh on his crown, Lord Krishna send us message to live happily and harmoniously. Besides, many colours of morpankh denotes the mixture of happy and sad moments of our life.

Other Krishna Shringaar

Namely Lord Krishna used to wear payal (anklet) from childhood. The payal made such enthralling and sublime sound that his neighbours and mother Yashoda used to jump with joy.

Hamsganjhana, source: Hindugods

Its name was hamsganjhana. The sound of it used to make Gopis go mad about their beloved Krishna’s darshan. And, he wore a beautiful ring named Ratna Mukhi.

Although, Lord Krishna always wore and adorned himself with the nine jewels. Similarly, the Kangan (arm bracelets) which Kanha used to wear called shobhana and rangada. Also he had a precious stone named kaustubh, given by wife of kaalia naag. Krishna’s pearl necklace is called taravalli.

Kajrare Nayan of Lord Krishna Shringaar

What is the meaning of Kajrare nayan? Kajrare nayan is a Hindi word meaning eyes filled with black kohl. Eventually, Maa Yashoda used to put Kajal in the eyes of baby Krishna so that he can be protected from kali Nazar (Evil’s eye). Since then all the Indian mothers put kajal in the eyes of their new born babies to protect them from Evil’s eye.


Hence, we can say that the Shringaar of Lord Krishna serves as a means of attracting the hearts of devotees towards him. These colour, jewels, peacock feather and other adornments have magnetic effect, drawing people closer to the divine presence and teachings of Lord Krishna. However, Krishna shringaar is an integral part of Indian culture and religious practices. Particularly, it inspires many dance forms, art forms, music, songs and folk lore to celebrate the divine entity in a captivating manner. Lord Krishna’s Shringaar is a timeless representation of divine beauty, love, compassion and spirituality.

Have a blessed time ahead.

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