Radha naam is the blissful chant which will liberate you from the cycle of birth and death.

Radha with Krishna
Radha with Krishna

Radhey – Radhey

Welcome our readers! We are here again with an interesting and captivating blog on Radha. Who was Radha? Why is she always associated with Lord Krishna? Why is she utmost part of Lord Krishna’s life?


Radha is a Sanskrit word which means prosperity, success and wealth. Although, Radha is a eminent figure in Hindu mythology. She is believed to be the beloved consort and divine counterpart of Lord Krishna.

Eventually, Radha is also called Radharani, Shri Radha, Ladleeji, Kishoriji, Vrishbhanukidulaari, Shyama, Radhika and many more. Like Lord Krishna, Radha also has many names. Additionally, she is worshipped as the epitome of pure love, devotion and selflessness.

You will find that Radha is deeply intertwined with Lord Krishna in every epic and legend. Radha- Krishna love and chemistry is eternal and transcendent affair.

Apparently, many ancient text suggests that embodiment of Radha and Krishna is a union between the human soul (Radha) and the divine (Lord Krishna). Contrarily, many sacred text says that Radha is incarnation of goddess Lakshmi.

Who is Radha?

According to Hindu scriptures, Radha is described as a young cowherd girl (gopi) from Barsana (place in Uttar Pradesh , India), the village of Mathura.

We all hailed Radha as “Barsane wali Radhe”. Barsana is the birthplace of Radha. A huge divine temple of Radha is located in the city of Barsana. Even, Radha Rani is the goddess of that temple and people also call her Ladlee Shree Radhe. Similarly, Radha is called radharani in Brij as she is believed to be a magnificent queen of Brij forever.

Radha Ashtami

Radha ashtami is the birth anniversary of Radha. It is celebrated exactly 15 days after the Krishna janamstami. The most popular story of Radha’s birth is of king Vrishabhanu.

Once, on Astami of Bhadra maas of Hindu panchang, King Vrishabhanu went to river Yamuna to take bath. He saw golden effulgent emitting from a lotus flower in the river. He went near the flower and saw a beautiful baby girl laying on the lotus petals. Thus, he brought her home and asked his wife queen Kirtida to raise this baby girl as their child name, Radha.

From then onwards, Radhastami is celebrated amongst devotees with great joy and glee. We will celebrate Radha astami on 11 September in 2024.

Radha’s Devotion Towards Lord Krishna

Hence, she was a blessing to this childless couple. Soon, they realised that the baby girl was not ready to open her eyes. Both king and queen were puzzled whether the girl is blind.

Besides, sage Narada visited the king. Also, King Vrishabhanu told the story about the baby girl to him. Queen Kirtida gave the baby to him on his lap.

Eventually, the moment Sage Narada hold the baby girl, his tears were unstoppable and his level of happiness was immense. Her divine presence and existence was out of overwhelmed explaination for Sage. Namely, Sage Narada realised that the baby girl was divine Radha from gowlok ( place of Cows shelter in heavens)

Meanwhile, Sage Narada told the king not to worry about her sight. After few days, King Vrishabhanu arranged a get together, where king Nandbaba and queen Yashoda came.They visited Barsana with their beloved son Krishna.

Radha Wanted to See Krishna at First

Soon, baby Krishna crawled to Radha’s room. He went near to Radha. That very moment, Radha opened her eyes for first time to see Lord Krishna.

Also, Radha wanted to see Lord Krishna first. She revealed that she had no interest in any sight of this world, has to offer other than Krishna.

Radha Love for Krishna

Radha had boundless and unconditional love for Krishna. Her love represents the ultimate devotion and surrender to the divine. Radha’s devotion to Krishna is believed to surpass all other devotees, and her love for him is seen as the highest form of spiritual love.

Vaishavaites Treats Radha as Goddess

Vaishavanites believe that Radha-Krishna eternal bond continues to inspire hearts across generations till date. There are many ancient texts and legends which narrates us Radha as incarnation of goddess lakshmi. Radha and Krishna lives in Gowlok( abode of Radha and Krishna). Shridhama cursed Radha and Krishna for separation on Earth. As a result, they could not marry. Radha’s unwavering love and spiritual significance can not be ignored. Her sacrifice, devotion and divine romance are always sung and praised in Indian folklore.

Physical Appearance of Radha

As per puranas, Radha was a youthful and beautiful goddess with golden complexion. Also, she had lotus feet. This princess was mrignayani( deer eyes) and had a mesmerising smile. Her hair were as vast as black clouds. She was a paragon of beauty, simplicity and love.

Was Radha a Consort or Deity?

Nevertheless, many legends suggests that Radha was a consort of lord Krishna. She was no different from Krishna. She was a soul waiting for reunion with Lord Krishna on Earth. Many scholars and sages believed that Radha is a creative and divine power of Lord Krishna. She was a part of the body of krishna. She completes Krishna in every form and every leela.

Why Radha is Associated with Shri Krishna?

Radha holds great importance in the context of Lord Krishna due to the profound love and devotion she illustrates.

a) Radha represents the highest form of love and devotion (bhakti) towards Krishna. Further, her unconditional love for him symbolizes the ideal relationship between the devotee and the divine.

b) Radha is regarded as the perfect follower of lord Krishna. Once, Lord Krishna had ulcers in his mouth and Vaid(medical practioner) adviced dust of Radha’s feet to heal the ulcers. She gave away the dust without thinking of paap and punya.This shows her selfless, pure and unconditional love for Krishna. Radha teaches us the qualities and attitudes required to attain spiritual union with Lord Krishna.

c) Radha has been blessed with supermacy over lord Krishna.It is regarded that lord Krishna once announced that one who wants to worship me should always praise and worship Radha first to attain the divine bliss. Radha is a connection between devotees and lord Krishna.

d) Radha is the eternal consort and counterpart of Lord Krishna. Their love represents the ultimate union of the divine masculine and feminine energies.

e) Radha’s love for Krishna is portrayed as unattainable and incomparable. Many sects and school of thoughts define their blissful relationship differently. For few od sages, Radha was part of his life till Vrindavan only.

And, for some she was forever Sakhi of Lord Krishna. Her separation from Krishna represent the intense yearning and desire for union with the divine.

Nonetheless, Radha’s divinity, wait for eternity and love for Krishna is an inspiration for millions of devotees.


We can not surpass the sincere love and devotion of radha for Lord Krishna. Her longing for Krishna, her existence and her deepest and purest relationship with Krishna are celebrated in Hinduism’s devotional sects.

Radha is a symbol of love, devotion, and the quest for spiritual union. Keep following us and indulge in selfless love and devotion for Krishna. Have a blessed day ahead.

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