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Shri Ram


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We all know, whole world is immersed in devotion and pure bliss of Shri Ram. In this blog, I am going to shed light on his positive interactions with women at different stages of life. Additionally, Lord Rama’s journey from childhood untill last breath has been a mesmerising recital of values and righteousness of humanity.

Moreover, Lord Rama has been highly respectful and humble to all the women he met in his life journey. He has wonderfully contributed to make the world a better place for female counterparts of our society.

Shri Ram with His Mothers

Did you know that Shri Ram was blessed with three mothers, namely Kaushalya, Kaikeyi, and Sumitra? His father, King Dasrath married thrice, and although he was born to Kaushalya, his love and respect were equally extended to all three mothers.

Although every woman in the saga of Ramayana has depicted the greatness of different roles. On one side, we have Kaushalya, a mother who lost the chance to live and see her child prosper because of the traditions of Awadh.( life may die but words should not)

Pran Jaye Par Vachan Na Jaye

She had to follow the orders given by her husband, King Dashrath, leading to the exile of 14 years for Shri Ram. Contrarily, Kaikeyi was the dearest wife of King Dashrath.

However, Kaikeyi was not only a brave warrior, fighting on the battleground for King Dashrath but was also deeply touched by motherhood. Lord Rama was the dearest of all to her. Despite this, persuaded by Manthara (maid of Kaikeyi), Queen Kaikeyi asked King Dashrath to give the throne to her child Bharat and impose a 14-year exile on the Hindu god Ram.

Not only this, Shri Ram showed obedience and care for all the three mothers throughout the epic. Furthermore, portraying the roles of both wife and mother, these women in the Ramayana were epitomes of emotions and achievements.

Sita and Ram

Do you know Lord Rama is seventh awatar of Lord Vishnu? And also Sita is incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi. Meanwhile, it is regarded as pure bliss to be called “Ramsiya ki Jodi” means a couple like Mata Sita and Hindu god Ram in our Indian society.

Sita and Ram : Eternal Love & Harmony in Marriage

As we all know, Marriages are made in heaven, certainly, it is upto us to make it successful. Likewise, relationship of Shri Ram and Sita is an exemplar of true love and mutual respect.

Moreover, at the time of swayambar (self choice ceremony of selecting suitable match by woman), Shri Ram was selected for uplifting and breaking the “Pinaak”- a celestial bow of Lord Shiva, given to King Janak.

Complementing Each Other

When Goddess Sita garlanded Lord Rama as a symbol of victory, she said, ‘I am your ardhangini now and will serve you for the rest of my life.’ In response, Lord Rama said, ‘Hey Sita, we are married to be equally involved in all the happiness, sorrows, pains, fortunes, and misfortunes. No one is here to serve; we both will be equal parts of living and this marriage.

Indeed, Shri Ram portrayed unwavering support for Sita during challenging times of Exile. And, he fought with Ravana to prove his commitment towards her well-being and security.

Shri Ram’s Interactions with Taraka

During his visit to Jungles with sage Vishwamitra, Shri Ram exhibited kindness, compassion and respect towards other women.

Firstly, while moving towards Taraka Van, he saluted the demoness Taraka as Mata Taraka, giving her respect like mother. Demonstrating independence in thought, he didn’t blindly follow others’ opinions. At the end, he killed her with bow and arrow and also performed her last rites as dutiful son to bless her moksha.

Ahilya’s Udhar by Shri Ram

Secondly, while going to Janakpur, when Shri Ram came near the Ashram, seeing it in a deserted state, he asked Guru Vishwamitra whose Ashram was this which was so deserted. Then Guru Vishwamitra told him the incident as -Ahalya was an ideal wife devoted to Sage Gautam Maharishi. Eventually, the sage caught her with Lord Indra, charging her with infidelity and disloyalty. Ahalya was deceived by Indra, who assumed the form of Gautam Rishi. Consequently, her husband cursed her to become a stone, and those around her cursed her for cheating and infidelity.

But, when lord Rama reached her stone state, he bowed to her and asked – Mata Ahilya pleas tell me your true story by your own mouth. By touching the feet of Shri Ram, Ahilya returned to her form again. She was blessed with salvation by Lord Rama.

Infact, he gave her equal chance of proving her innocence and never got influenced by others opinions.

Lord Rama with Supankha

Indeed, Lord Rama character has illuminated a path towards dignified and harmonious relationships with female counterpart of our society.

Besides being a powerful and strong woman, Shurpanakha, the sister of the demon Ravana, was mesmerized by the looks of Shri Ram. She chaised him for marriage proposal. Conversely, being loyal and Maryada Purshottam, he told Shurpanakha that he is one woman man, married to Sita. He loves her and will never cheat on his wife.

Shabari and Shri Ram

Shabari was a old lady who waited for thousand of years for Lord Rama in her Kutir on the way to Lanka. Infact, she offered fruits to Lord Rama she had meticulously collected. She gave him berries, she had tasted before. Shri Ram eated them all with all his humbleness and love. He declined the fact of caste and creed in society.

Positive Environment for Woman

Henceforth, Shri Ram’s actions were guided by dharma (righteousness) in his interactions with women. Ramrajya was a fruit of his commitment to moral principles, exemplifying his character in fostering a sense of security and dignity for women in his kingdom, along with the respect he exhibited towards every woman he encountered. Furthermore, Shri Ram is hailed as an ideal man for the values and actions that contributed to creating a harmonious and supportive society for women.

Concluding with My Opinion

It seems to me that the Ramayana serves as an arena for realizing and weaving our own perceptions of the emotions, outlook, personality and other characteristics of the women within, connecting these portrayals to the essence of the modern woman.

Apparently, present-day women still encounter the same atrocities in a society that, by all means, remains patriarchal. Issues surrounding faithfulness, loyalty, the clutches of stalkers, judgments on characters, looks, and much more persist. Despite advancements, society continues to scrutinize a woman’s character and personality. Overall, the rules, customs and tenets of society are crafted by both men and women.

I believe, Shri Ram was a gentle man who displayed love, utmost respect and duty towards all the women he met. As a dutiful son, he never questioned Kaikeyi ‘s motto for exile. As a dutiful husband, he never asked Sita to kill her wish to see golden deer, he fought for her abduction. He ate the pre tasted berries with pure love from Shabari. For many cynicals and feminist, he disown Sita at the time of her pregnancy. But, the reality was, he did so because of Dharma. He had to be Maryada Purushottam. Eventually, he never remaried, slept on ground and eaten fruits just like Mata Sita did in her alone days.

Now, you must be wondering why we Indians follow Shri Ram with so much devotion? His principles, rules and role models have not only taught us the way of life but have also shaped our personality. Have a blessed day ahead. Keep growing with us.

Jai Shri Ram

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