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Ekadashi is one of the most crucial days for Krishna devotees. There are mainly 24 Ekadashis in a year which increases to 26 in Adhik Maas. Among all, there are two Ekadashis that fall in Shukla Paksha of Adhik Maas. Padmini and Kamika are two Ekadashis that fall in Shukla Paksha of Adhik Maas.

Today in this blog we are going to cover the major benefits, dates and rituals to be done on the upcoming Padmini Ekadashi 2023.


Jai Shri Krishna to all my stoked readers and relatives of dear Krishna. Yes, I said relatives as you all are related to dear Krishna in some or the other ways. So, are you again ready to enjoy the spiritual shower on the upcoming Padmini Ekadashi 2023?

Come lets know about Padmini Ekadashi in detail and get ready to gain the most out of it.

What is Padmini Ekadashi?

Before knowing about Padmini Ekadashi, let me tell you about the Adhik Maas first. It is a special month that comes almost after 3 years during which Lord Vishnu goes into Yog Nidra. Also, in this month few events like marriages, inauguration, House-warming ceremony and baby shower are avoided. On the other hand, spiritual acts like worship of God, offerings, chanting and special rituals by devotees bring double blessings from God. Hence, Ekadashi tithi falling in this month attracts four times increased blessings.

Padmini Ekadashi is one of the ekadashi, falling in the month of Adhik Maas.

Benefits of Padmini Ekadashi 2023 Fasting

Also known as Parma Ekadashi, it is special because of Purushottam Maas or Adhik Maas. There are immense benefits of observing fast on Padmini Ekadashi. Although it is said that one must observe fast on all Ekadashi but Padmini Ekadashi fast is a must for all.

Blessings of Lord Vishnu:It brings good luck, prosperity and harmony in life. As this Ekadashi falls in Adhik Maas which is the favorite Maas (month) of Lord Vishnu, devotees easily grab the blessings of Lord Vishnu.

Bestower of Bhakti and Moksha: It is a bestower of liberation (moksha) and devotion (bhakti). In Hinduism, everyone tends to seek moksha that is getting rid of the cycle of rebirth and death. It is the most pious thing to do. Purification of self: Purifies mind, body and ultimately our souls.

Provides Strength: Makes our intuition, thought process and perception strong. Provides Protection: Protects devotees from unwanted actions and mishappenings.

Spiritual growth: Helps in making spiritual connection stronger.

Relaxes us: It is the opportunity to get rid of the burden of sins and past guilts of life.

If people observe the fast properly and repent sincerely then they can get rid of the karmic burden.

How to perform worship rituals?

Now that you know about benefits, here comes the most important part of this blog. How to perform worship rituals and gain maximum benefit from the sacred day. Follow as mentioned below.

Dedicated to our dear God, preserver of the universe, Lord Vishnu, Padmini Ekadashi holds significance. Worship rituals actually begin a day before the Ekadashi tithi. It begins from Dwadash tithi. People in most places start observing fast one night before the actual fast.

Worship rituals as follows:

Start by cleansing: Cleanse your mind and surroundings as it is extremely important. Let go of negativity and create a serene ambiance for the worship.

Assemble all the required worship items: This preparation should be done one day before the fasting day.

Items required for worship like flowers, fruits, diyas, incense sticks, dhoop, panchamrita, sweets, chandan, roli, rice (akshat) and other things necessary for offering must be gathered.

Other than this, sacred image or idol of Lord Vishnu must be carefully arranged and placed.

Beginning the Worship Rituals on Padmini Ekadashi:

1. Wake up early: Wake up during the Brahma Muhurta or in early morning hours. It gives maximize positive energy of this auspicious day.

2. Take a bath in a holy river: It is beleived that one observing fast on Padmini Ekadashi should take bath in holy water, if possible. It removes impurities and makes your way easy towards the divine with a pure heart.

3. Put on a clean attire: While performing prayers devotees should wear clean and traditional attire.

4. Offer prayers and chant mantras: Now, when you are ready for worship, prepare the worship place. Light diyas, (preferably ghee), incense sticks and dhoop. Recite prayers like Vishnu Sahasranama, or do Hare Ram sankirtan.

5. Perform Aarti: After applying tilak to all deities, perform Aarti of Lord Vishnu.

6. Offerings and Bhog: Last but not the least, offer bhog to Lord Vishnu. Offer sweets, fruits, kheer, nuts and other delicacies prepared by you.

7. Maintain a fast: Distribute prasadam among family members and outsiders. If you choose to fast, abstain from consuming grains, beans, and certain vegetables. Instead, consume sattvic meals like fruits, milk, nuts, and root vegetables.

Ekadashi Dates

Padmini Ekadashi tithi is commencing on 28th July, 2023 at 02:51 PM. Padmini Ekadashi tithi ends on 29th July, 2023 at 01:05 PM. Parana timing is on 30th July, 2023 between 5:41 am to 8:24 am.

Note: Devotees observing this fast must follow the fasting rituals from Dwadash tithi itself, that is on 28th July, 2023 after 2:51 PM.


Summing up, you must follow all the ekadashi rituals if you wish to review divine connection. Padmini Ekadashi 2023 is a highly pious day for spiritual growth. Do not miss the upcoming most influential opportunity. For more, keep reading and growing.

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