Aura is the energy of the body that it reflects outside. Its kind of electricity which is like electromagnetic spectrum around the body.

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Welcome to the world of engrossed readings at Today I am going to discuss Aura and aura cleansing.

What is Aura?

Vedas suggest that Aura is seven layers energy of a human body. It emits from the chakras of our body.

Apparently you must have witnessed some kind of vibes from a person you are talking to. Even sometimes a 1-minute conversation to an unknown person can give you positive vibes. Contrarily if you feel disappointed and negative with a person you met for few minutes ago, it means he had a negative aura. This is what aura is. Aura is the energy or vibes that our body reflects.

Although, our auras are rainbow-like and pulsing with energy. They are an extension of our physical form. Also aura is attuned to our emotions hence respond to subtle changes in our external environment.

What is aura Cleansing?

As we go for bathing rituals for cleaning of our physical body, likewise we need to clean our Aura too.

Certainly there are times when you feel low without any reason, high mood swings, fatigue and anxiety without any reason. Indeed it could be sign of negative aura. One need to cleanse it.

Why do I need to clean my aura?

To get rid of negativity of people around, stressful situations, day-to-day drama and other emotionally-charged events, we need cleansing of aura.

Also, when your aura isn’t at 100% full rainbow power, life often feels very sad and uninspiring. This is an alarm check to cleanse your aura.

Infact, there are many ways by which we can cleanse our aura as discussed follow:

Water- aura cleanser

Moreover Aura cleansing can be easily done with water. Using purifying and calming aromas in your bath, like lavender, frankincense and orange essential oils are an excellent tool to regain your spark. Further you can also try salt bath. Meanwhile adding epsom salt or Himalayan salt to your bathing water, can be a great way to clean your aura.

Also walking in the rain or dip into a natural body of water like ocean or river can do wonders. Likewise sitting in a natural hot springs also aids in skin detoxification. 

Smudging- aura purifier

Have you ever wonder why Hindu culture is always emphasis on Havanas, dhup and Diya baati? All of these puja rituals of Hinduism has one common element. Do you know what is it?

Let me answer it. Its the aroma and the smoke with sweet smell it emits. Subsequenty, our sages and ancient scholars have been putting herbs and purifying natural agents like chandan, cow ghee, wood of mango, coconut, laung (cloves), supari (betel nuts), paan (betel leaf) and Kapur (camphor) in yagna and other sacrifical fire rituals.

However, as we all know these are herbs and other sacrifical object emits a soothing aroma and cleanse our environment.

Certainly it is an age old practice of smudging in our Sanatana Dharma. But its a great tool of cleaning the aura. As the smoke envelopes you, focus your attention and intentions on the purification and revitalization of your mind, body and spirit.

Dhwani(sound)- aura cleanser

As a matter of fact, sound cleansing is a very effective way of cleaning your aura. Not only Hindu culture but also other culture promotes the use of sound and its vibrations to purify your aura.

You must have heard of sound of wind chime at main doors of the house, sound tools used in other ancient culture like bells, bells at mainfoor of a temple, chanting mantras, group kirtan and bhajans (singing hymns to praise the deity) in many cultures. Moreover, all of these emits vibration which clean our aura. Certain frequencies and vibrations created help shaking those bad vibes out and rejuvenate our aura through vibration.

Sunlight- aura cleanser

Particularly the Sun, the Moon and the Earth are the 3 natural creators of our universe. Certainly they have no beginning and no end.Therefore, we cannot deny the importance of the Sun in our life. Furthermore it has been told in many cultures that sunlight is the life force for humans, animals and other living beings like plants and trees. Hence, sunlight can be a great tool to clean our aura by sitting in it for 20 minutes in a day. Eventually it can help you get rid of negative aura and gain those positive vibes which will give a glow to your personality.

Closer to nature

Infact walking outside barefoot, you get a chance to revamp your lifestyle. Apparently walking barefoot, also called grounding or earthing, assists in both the purification and recharging of the aura. Going closer to nature, talking to plants and watching greenery can also help boost immunity naturally, improve the mood and provide a sense of feeling grounded.


Hence, by now we know that to drive our self fully towards our goal and to live happily we need to work on our Aura. I am going to share a blog on chakras and chakara balancing soon. Have a blessed day ahead.

Keep growing with us.

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