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You follow a modern lifestyle but still find something missing. You still find yourself deprived of Lord blessings and have that urge for devotion. Then relax and read this article. We are here with some of the easiest Hindu rituals for our youngsters in this time of Kalyuga. By following these rituals you can improve your life and become deserving of divine blessings.


Do you know a simple ritual can change you and your family members’ life? Yes, today I am going to highlight some rare rituals followed by Hindus for lovers of God.

As we know that it is comparatively possible for devotees, followers, learned sages or Vaishnavas to please Lord through numerous ways. Infact, these people know many hymns, poems, bhajans, worship rituals and shlokas through which they easily acquire his blessings.

Whereas, it is quite difficult for non-followers or modern age youngsters to get the blessings of the supreme. Though we know that every individual possesses the right to enjoy supreme God’s blessing. Therefore, understanding the needs of today’s youth we have discovered a few simplest rituals that can be followed by a layman. Further, these rituals will not only bring you close to Krishna but also boost positive vibes around.

So here are some of the rituals unveiled for divine connection by youths in this modern era.

Tilak dhaaran: There is a huge importance of Tilak in Hindu culture. Besides a sacred symbol of religion it is also the first gesture of greeting anyone. Moreover, it is applied between the eyebrows on forehead, which is also known as Ajna Chakra. This centre point stabilizes physical and spiritual qualities and brings about oneness in the overall mind and body. Other than this, Tilak also shows a positive impression and attracts positivity in return as a blessing.

Kirtan: As we have already read about the concept of Sound in our previous blog, Kirtan is the sound of spiritual chanting through devotional music like Mahamantra japa, Bhajan or slokas chanting. Kirtan can be done by anyone, anywhere and anytime. It is a highly effective way of enhancing positive energies within the soul, bringing peace and removing stress in a hassle free way.

Mala Jap: Another productive Hindu ritual includes Mala Jap or Naam Jap (repetition of God’s name). Similar to Kirtan, Naam Japa or Mala Jap can be done by anyone, anywhere and anytime. Mala Jap can help in elevating your concentration level, control disturbances in mind and of course build your connection with dear God.

Aahaar: And to continue further, here is another essential element, food, to develop Krishna connection. Food that we eat puts a great impact on our body, mind and soul. All the energies are diverted if we eat something which is not natural or advised by (shastras) Hindu sacred texts.

For Krishna’s blessings one must avoid onion, garlic, alcoholic drinks and non-vegetarian food. If you adhere to this, you can rise as a Krishna devotee.

Kusang ka tyag: Beware about the company you keep. If you are surrounded by people who are non-followers of God then they will spoil you. Hearing abusive words for the Lord is also harmful for an aspiring devotee. You must stay away from such people or try to ignore them as much possible. Subsequently, you must try to keep the company of devotees and involve yourself in satsang (listen to philosophers, sages, saints, great personalities and attend worship ceremonies at temple, public places).

Overall, these are some of the best ways for getting quickest blessings of Lord in this Kalyuga. Now when you know all this then why remain deprived of the fruits of sacred Lord. For more interesting rituals keep following.


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