“Happiness dwells in the soul where Spirituality is taken as a dose.” If your soul is brimming with spirituality which is stable within, then be assured no one can steal your peace. In order to have spiritual happiness you must cultivate inner stability then even the winds of change can’t rattle your core.

Spiritual Happiness


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What is Spirituality?

In the first place, let me draw your attention towards the meaning of Spirituality. What is Spirituality? Why it is important and how can it be achieved? These are the very basic questions that come into mind when you want spiritual happiness. Spirituality and happiness have a strong connection which is felt automatically when you get into the process of attaining spiritual health.

Spirituality is something that allows you to meet yourself through your inner eyes. The eyes in the form of inner consciousness and self realisation. It is something that makes you feel that heaven is within, not somewhere outside. It makes you listen to the silence of your soul. It brings spiritual happiness even when the situation is almost the worst.

What is Spirituality and happiness in our lives?

To rise from oneself and move towards a better version of us is Spirituality. It is like getting connected to the supreme God or a divine entity. Further, to explain it in another way Spirituality is the decision to be made for oneself. Yes, it is your choice to be happy, peaceful or at ease. Even a thought can change your life in a drastic way. If you want to be happy and you feel happy in the most painful condition, then relax, you are spiritually blessed.

Moreover, this means your spiritual health is extremely good. In addition to this, spiritual health can be checked in other ways too.

Being full of oneself, meaning when you don’t need anyone or any help. When you don’t miss the presence of anyone. Besides this, appreciating oneself for the smallest of the achievements is what spirituality is? It is the ultimate level of spirituality.

Significance of Spirituality

Now, let me throw some light on the importance of Spirituality in life. Happiness is an extremely important part of life. It can be attained in various ways by getting wishes, desires and goals full-filled. When it comes to spiritual happiness, it is almost another level of achievement. To be successful, to be satisfied and to be happy, spiritual happiness is the key.

Top Spiritual ways to be happy

Happiness is the normal state of human beings. It doesn’t require any kind of difficult force or a particular set of situations to be happy. Any weird incident, a small memory or even a newborn can bring a smile to your face. So, there is no reason to be happy.

Rather, there can be spiritual ways to attain happiness. Let’s look at the few ways of attaining spiritual happiness.


The most common spiritual practice in today’s time is Meditation which is followed by millions. It is the most popular way of achieving spiritual happiness. You can read elaborately on mediation in my previous blog on meditation.


Yoga is another essential element of gaining spiritual happiness. It is the alignment of body, breath and mind to get spiritually happy. I have talked about it in detail in my previous blog : yoga and spiritually.


Furthermore, a sense of gratitude and thankfulness towards others and God is important. It makes us realise the value of things that we possess. Read on How to be happy with gratitude? to know more gratitude.


Now, being conscious and aware of things around us. Having sharp observation is also the way towards happiness. I have covered mindfulness in my previous blog.


Last but not the least, moving away from negativity and forgiving even enemies is the way to attain happiness. Do you know forgetting and forgiving others and our oneself makes us burden free. Keeping glued to the past of our lives makes us slouch and lethargic resulting in sadness. To keep ourself happy lets make habit of forgiveness for a peaceful and calming journey.


In summary, I would say that happiness is not just the destination to be reached, rather it is a journey. By following these above mentioned spiritual practices, you can definitely reach your goal of being happy in all conditions. So, if this has inspired you even in a small way, the effort would be worth it.

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