Surya Arghya is an age old tradition widely followed by every Hindu.

Celebrate Chhath Puja

एहि सूर्य! सहस्त्रांशो! तेजो राशे! जगत्पते!अनुकम्प्यं मां भक्त्या गृहाणार्घ्य दिवाकर!

Hail Sahasransho! Tejo Rashe! Hail Jagatpate! Have mercy on me. Accept this Arghya given by me with devotion, I bow to you again and again.


Welcome to the world of wonderful and engrossed reading at Today, I have come up with an age old must tradition of Hinduism- Surya arghya and chhath puja.


As per Hinduism, Surya refer to the lord Sun. Lord Surya imparts knowledge, protects us from illness, invokes courage, vitality and willpower. Also, vedic astrology suggests that the sun symbolizes the soul, father and native’s eyes.

It is believed that every Hindu should offer water to the sun as the first deed in the morning. This ritual helps in cleansing the aura, mitigating your past life karma and enhances your eyesight.

Hinduism and Surya Dev

Apparently, Hinduism is the oldest religion of the world. We all know that the Sun, the Moon and the Earth have a great relevance in our life.

Religiously speaking, one can feel the need and respect of Surya arghya in festivals like Chhath puja and Makar Sankratri.

What is Chhath Puja?

Moreover Chhath Puja is a Hindu festival dedicated to the worship of the lord Sun and his wife Usha. It is mainly celebrated in the Indian states of Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh. Additionally, Chhath Puja involves a series of rituals performed over four days. Further, devotees mainly women observe fasting, take holy baths and make offerings to the rising and setting sun. Although it is not confined only to women, men can also do this puja.

Chhath Puja is the way of expressing gratitude for life and seeking blessings of Surya (Lord Sun) for well-being and prosperity.

Date and timings of Chhath Puja

Chhath Puja is celebrated for four days:.

Nahay Khay on November 5, 2024

Firstly, on the first day, which is known as Nahay Khay, devotees bath in a lake, river or stream before having a basic lunch.

Sunrise time is 6:38 AM and sunset time is 05:42 PM on 5 November 2024.

Kharna on November 6, 2024

Secondly, devotees fast for the full day on the second day, known as Kharna. And then indulge in a sumptuous supper. In addition to sunrise time on 6 November 2024 is 6:37 AM and sunset time is 05:32 PM.

Surya Arghya on November 7, 2024

On third day devotees will have Surya Arghya. During the dawn and dusk hours of the third day, worshippers offer prayers to the Sun God. Moreover, sunrise time is 6:38 AM and sunset time is 05:32 PM on 7 November 2024.

Usha Arghya on November 8, 2024

Lastly, the fourth day is Usha Arghya. At dawn on the fourth and last day, devotees offer prayers to the Sun God, commemorating Usha Arghya. Meanwhile sunrise time on 8 November 2024 is 6:38 AM and sunset time is 05:31 PM.

Why Sun is important in Hinduism?

Sun is reverved from the pre vedic times. Hindus always offer water as Surya Arghya, the first must to do ritual in the morning.

There are many factors associated for which Sun is worshipped and considered source of life. Lets read about them.

Sun-an epitome of power

Sun is a prime source of life. Surya Arghya is process where a devotee offer water to lord Sun. So this ritual allows individuals to get exposure to natural sunlight.

Exposure to morning sunlight also yields us many health benefits which includes the synthesis of vitamin D and improving eyesight.

Eventually, morning sunlight exposure also affects the betterment of mood and circadian rhythms.

Science behind Surya Arghya

Do you know even modern science also proves that this age old tradition of Surya Arghya is absolutely perfect for human body? Let’s read on.

Colour of the sunlight is white. And anything we see in sunlight appears to be in its original colour. If sunlight is of a different colour, then everything we see, in broad daylight, would have been reflected in that colour.

As we all know that white colour is obtained upon the combination of all the colours of the rainbow (VIBGYOR).

Further, VIBGYOR consists of :Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red. Moreover, when the sunlight passes through any medium (prism, glass or raindrop), it splits into the seven colours.

Thus, thereby breaking down the white sunlight into seven colours. And then our body absorbs all these colours. As a result, we recieve the healing properties from this prism theory of Sunlight.

How to offer water to Sun or Surya Arghya?

a) Firstly, the process of Surya Arghya is between us and the Sun. While standing on the ground barefoot, we keep the water vessel over the head and hold it with both the hands. b) Secondly, offer water in a slow motion while reciting the surya beej mantra (mentioned in the beginning of the blog).

c) While, we slowly pour the water from vessel over the head on the ground, the sun rays will pass through the slowly dripping water.

d) Lastly, after offering water to the the Sun, one should take around on his axis to pay homage to the Lord Sun.

Benefits of Surya Arghya

Although offering water to sun is amazingly beneficial for our body.

Also, early morning sunlight (8 AM-10 AM) is beneficial for the us as it contains the right balance of both Ultraviolet (UV)and Infrared (IR) light components. However, the balance deviates in the afternoon. Surprisingly, our human body and organs are composed of different colours. For example, our liver is brown in colour, Heart is red, Bones are white and Kidneys appear brownish.

Significance of Surya Arghya

Indeed, we all know that the Sun is the source of all life on Earth. It provides us light, warmth and energy essential for the sustainability and growth of plants, living beings and offcourse humans.

a) Sun is the supreme source of life and energy for all the living beings on Earth. We pay gratitude toward the Sun by Surya Arghya.

b) Ancient hindu texts suggests that Surya Arghya helps us in spiritual cleansing. It helps us in removing negative energies, sins and impurities from our lives. We seek purification through Surya Arghya spiritually and physically.

c) Moreover the Sun is associated with energy and vitality. Performing Surya Arghya is believed to invigorate and energize the individual, helping them face the day with renewed vigor.

d) Also it is an act of devotion and worshipping the Lord Sun. You must have observed that seekers and Hindu followers do chant mantras and surya sahastranaam, aaditya strotam after performing Surya Arghya.

Just to connect with the divine and offer their prayers and respects to the Sun. However, it also fosters a sense of spirituality and connection to the divine.

e) Practically, naked eye exposure to the early morning sun leaves us with amazing benefits. Although Surya Arghya is not only good for our eyes but also elevates our mood and energy levels. Further, Surya Upasana has great effect to prevent skin diseases. According to ancient text, Lord Krishna advised his son Sambh to worship the Sun during his disease of leprosy.

f) Connection with lord Surya gives us a space for meditation and mindfulness. Morning silence and serenity of sunrise makes you align towards spiritual practices. The peaceful and meditative act of offering water to the Sun have a calming effect on the mind, reducing stress and promoting mental well-being.

Additionally, you can observe the betterment of your mental health after performaing Surya Arghya for long. One can feel the integrity of this tradition as a heritage passed down through generations.

g) The Sun has been considered as the prime God in many cultures.

Surya Arghya
Surya Arghya

h) Astrologically speaking, Surya Arghya helps you yield many benefits. For job advancement and profitability, it is advised by astrologers.

Also it benefits in maintaining the confidence and be active. Vedic Astrology suggests that the Sun is the lord of all planets.

And whether for job or any other field, native should always offer water to the Sun to impress the boss, improves the relationship with the father and also helps in improving the positions of other planets in Horoscope.

What to keep in mind while performing Surya Arghya?

After reading the benefits and significance, you must have encountered the psychological and spiritual benefits of Surya Arghya.

Now, we know how it provides us a sense of structure, meaning and connection to our cultural and religious heritage.

Infact, Surya Arghya contribute to a person’s overall well-being and sense of identity in many ways.

Contrarily we should keep few things in mind while offering water to the Lord Sun.

  • One should always offer water to the Sun from a copper vessel.
  • While offering water to the Sun, keep a red flower or jaggery or black seasame seeds or rice in it.
  • Also, while offering water to the Sun, one should keep the vessel above his height by holding it with both hands.
  • One must keep in mind that the edge of the sun’s rays must be visible in it.
  • Water should be offered only by facing towards east.
  • It is advisable to offer water to the Sun barefoot. And one should keep in mind that the water offered should not fall on the feet as it is considered inauspicious.
  • We should touch the water fell on ground and bow a Namaste to Lord Surya.


Thus, one can see the solar connection. Chhath Puja symbolizes a connection with the cosmos and the recognition of the Sun’s role in the universe. Infact it is a longstanding cultural tradition in India and is performed during various Hindu festivals and also on daily basis.

Have a happy time ahead. Keep growing with us.

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