Sharad Purnima is a time of joy, gratitude, celebrations and spiritual significance highlighting the importance of the Moon in Indian culture.

Sharad Purnima


Welcome to the world of spiritually inclined and wonderful readings at Today, I am going to share significance of Sharad Purnima with you.


As we all are aware that the celestial bodies like the Sun and the Moon affects us in every aspect. We all know that the Moon has an effect on water. It has a special positive effect on the aqueous part of our body.

Even, Science has told us that wanning and waxing phases of the Moon affects our mental and physical fluctuations and oceanic tides.

The Moon and Sharad Purnima

However, the full moon or ‘purnima’ has a special effect on the Earth. Sharad Purnima is one of the most celebrated and popular amongst all the purnimas, when the Moon is at its fullest.

Although, the Moon is shining more than regular days to the Earth on this day. As per ancient text, the Moon shines with all sixteen kalas. In Hinduism, it is believed that each human being has certain kalas (special skill). And, those with sixteen kalas are considered as perfect Purush.

Lord Krishna was born with sixteen kalas and Lord Rama with twelve kalas.

Date of Sharad Purnima

The word Sharad derived from Hindi which means Sharad ritu (winters season). As it marks the begining of sharad ritu (winters).And, it falls on the last day of Hindu Ashwin mas of Hindu Panchang.

In 2024, we will have Sharad Purnima on October 16, 2024. The tithi will start at 8:40 pm on October 16 and will end up at 4:55 pm on October 17, 2024.

In 2023, it was celebrated on 28 October 2023. The tithi started at 4:17 AM on 28 October and ended at 1:53 PM on 29 October 2023.

Background of Sharad Purnima

Here are the are the different aspects of its significance.

a) Raaslila

Firstly, Sharad Purnima holds immense value for Vaishnavites as it is the night of Raaslila. Raaslila was a divine dance that Lord Krishna did in braj with his beloved, Radha and other gopis. Here, he played his mesmerising flute and all the gopis of Vrindavan left their homes and household chores behind. They ran upto him for his divine and majestic darshana and for listening to the spellbounding sound of flute.

Certainly, he danced with every gopi in a circular dance form and replicated himself to every gopi to feel the eternal bliss.

Linga Purana tells us that Lord Shiva took form of Gopeshwar Mahadev to dance with Kanha. And, there is atemple at Vrindavan dedicated to Goepswar Mahadev.

b) Maa Lakshmi and Sharad Purnima

Secondly, Brahma Purana and Skanda Purana suggests that Goddess Lakshmi descended on the Earth on the night of Sharad Purnima. Hence, Maa Laxmi is worshipped on this day in order to be blessed with wealth.

Thirdly, Farmers worship Goddess Lakshmi for the harvesting of their crops on this auspicious day of Sharad Purnima. It is believed that Goddess Laxmi bless the devotees with a lot of happiness and prosperity.

c) Mediation on Sharad Purnima

Fourthly, as it is night of higher significance, spiritual seekers do meditation and prayers to awaken their kundalini chakra. It is believed that the moon of Sharad Purnima is as bright as the Sun and is visible with its illuminous light.

d) Kojagari Purnima

Kojagari Purnima is another name of Sharad Purnima. Mostly in West Bengal, it concerns the observance of the Kojagara Vrata. People perform this Vrata under the moonlight after fasting for whole day. Maa Lakshmi, Goddess of wealth, is worshipped on this day as it is believed to be her birthday.

In Mithila region the day is celebrated as ‘Amrit Barkha’ meaning rain of nectar.

e) Kaumadi Purnima

Kaumadi Purnima refers to the worshipping of Lord Kartikeya. Do you know who is Kartikeya?

Lord Kartikeya is the eldest son of Hindu God Mahadev aka Shiva. On this day, unmarried women keep fast with the popular belief of getting their suitable groom (kumara). Unmarried girls worship the Moon. The puja starts in the early morning when the moon sets with new dress. It is also celebrated as a festival of harvest. So this day shows two significant aspects of good harvest and prosperity and blessings from a supreme power.

Importanc of Sharad Purnima

  • Sharad Purnima holds profound importance in lives of Hindus.It is believed that on this beautiful and propitious day, moon showers its blessings on the Earth in the form of Amrit (Nectar) as it contains the nourishing properties and it has the ability to heal the person with its light and rays.
  • Thus, the Moon’s energy has greatest and magnificent effect on our body on this day as it is closer to our planet. On this night, moonlight is believed to have immense curative power.
  • Even, scientifically proven that the moonlight is highly beneficial to us on this day. To obtain the elixir of life, people stay awake throughout the night under the moonlight to rejuvenate their bodies.
  • Moonlit of Sharad Purnima eradicates number of diseases such as – Cold and Cough, Asthma, Eyesight Problem, Skin diseases, lungs issue etc. It gives longevity and wellness.

What to do on Sharad Purnima?

a) People should get up early in the morning and cleanse yourself before starting the fast rituals.

b) Place an idol of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi on a clean cloth, sprinkle few drops of Gangajal, light a diya, offer yellow and red flowers/garland and put tilak with kumkum (vermilion) and chandan (sandalwood).

c) Recite Vishnu Sahastranaam, Shree Hari Stotram and offer prayers to Goddess Lakshmi.

d) Prepare a kheer (Indian delicacy) with milk, rice, dry fruits and jaggery to be offered to the Moon and Goddess Lakshmi.

e) Recite Sharad Purnima Katha and Satya Narayan katha also. Offer Panchamrit (the mixture of milk, curd, ghee, sugar powder and honey) along with Tulsi Patra and Panjiri prasad (roasted wheat flour mixed with sugar power and put some banana pieces in it) to the Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi. Also chant ‘Om Chandraye Namah’.

f) Prepared kheer should be kept under the moonlight so that it can absorb all the good elements of the light and then next day it is consumed as a bhog prasadam.

Advantage of Sharad Purnima

However, when direct light of moon falls on the eye it raises the brightness of the retina.Thus there is another interesting ritual, to practice passing of thread in the needle and while doing this one has to look towards the Moon.

Sharad Purnima moonlight also reduces the pain of asthma patients.

Another belief is that when this moonlight falls on the navel of a pregnant woman, the foetus gets healthier.

On this day one should try to avoid lust, instead try to practice fast and involve in satsang.


Further we now know the meaning, rituals and practices of Sharad Purnima with the divine connection of Moon. Have a blessed day.

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