Samskara and Hinduism goes hand in hand. If you are an avid reader or follower of Hinduism, you can’t afford to miss the features of Samskara of Hinduism.


We have learned about 16 samskara in our previous blog. Let’s catch up few benefits we can yield from following samskara in our life:

Benefits of Samskara

Firstly, Samskara boosts mental and physical health and confidence to face upcoming challenges in life.

Secondly, Samskaras are performend with holy yagna and chants. Hence, they purify blood and improve blood circulation in the human body.

Thirdly, Samskara builds up our strength and patience thus results in increased energy and stamina.

Moreover, Samskara helps us to raise our intelligence and intellectual capacity to a higher level.

And, they energise our body and its chakras. Further, whenever, we perform puja and havana, the chants and mantras do the needful to cleanse and energise our chakras.

Apparently, it keeps us connected to our roots and cultural heritage.

Hence, it gives us a sense of connectivity and cultural belonging.

In addition, samskara make us stable in terms of moral and physical balance throughout the life.


And then, Indian culture is all about passing on the traditions and rituals to next genration. Samaskaras are strong medium of transition. They build a strong character of the person from childhood only. We have seen all these samskaras since our early childhood which has created a strong memory in our minds towards our religion.

Next, Samskara eradicates vices, ego, pride, selfishness, wrath, agony, pain, greed and fear from oneself.

Lastly, they give us confidence and courage to face death bravely as we witness Antim or Antyeshti sanakara of other Hindus in our lives very closely.

Finally, we can conclude by saying that a Hindu or a Hinduism follower can not ignore the significance of Samskara in his/her life. Have a happy time ahead.

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