Rameshwaram is one of the 12 Jyotirlinga of Lord Shiva considered must visit pilgrimage in Hindu religion.


Welcome to the oasis of delightful readings at www.onindianpath.com. Let’s go to a meaningful and insightful journey to the Ramanathaswamy (Rameshwaram) Jyotirlinga temple at the south end of the country.


Hinduism is a vast and deep religion based on values, sanskara, principles and moral duties of righteousness and yamas and niyamas.

Lord Shiva is one of the trinity of gods (Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh).Hence, he is revered vastly in all his 12 Jyotirlingas.

As mentioned in my previous blogs on Mahakal Baba, Vishwnath Baba and Baijnath Dham, Lord Shiva is revered as Baba. Baba is a Hindi word refers to father. Additionally, he is worshipped as a father here because of his abundant blessings and love towards devotees, just like a father to his child.

What is Rameshwaram Temple?

Shree Ramanathaswamy Temple aka Rameshwaram Jyotirlinga, dedicated to Lord Shiva, situated at Rameshwaram Island of Tamil Nadu, India. And, it is one of the Char Dham pilgrimage of Hinduism. Indeed, this is the most visited and reverved place of Hindu pilgrimage.

Key highlights of the Ramanathaswamy Jyotirlinga temple

a) The temple has 108 divine Shivlingas each representing different manifestations of Lord Shiva. Thus, devotees pay homage to all of them.

b) However, this temple showcases a remarkable fusion of Dravidian and Dravida Vimana architectural styles. The intricate carvings and sculptures adorning the temple walls are must-see beauties.

c) Apparently, it is believed that devotees must bathe in the sacred theerthams, also known as the 22 sacred wells. One must bathe in all of them before entering the main sanctum (garbha griha) to have a divine darshana.

d) Infact, it has the largest hallway in Indian pligrimage sites. This corridor is 6.9 km long and considered as longest temple corridor in the world.

e) Further, it is nestled with 1,212 pillars, each with a height of 30 feet. All of these pillars are adorned with beautiful and artistic carvings depicting Hindu mythology.

f) Also, there is one spatika lingam which is unique and made of quartz stone.

Story behind the Ramanathaswamy Jyotirlinga

As per ancient text, Lord Rama was stressed to kill Brahamin and did not wanted to have sin of brahmhatya. Besides, he was advised to worship Lord Shiva to get the boon of wining over Ravana and get Mata Sita back. Consequently, he made a Shivlinga from sand and placed and worshipped at this place. It is called Ramalinga. Also, he asked Lord Hanumana to get one Shivlinga from Himalayas.

Hence forth, this Shivlinga called Vishwalinga brought by Lord Hanumana at this place.

Furthermore, devotees offer homage to both the Shivlingas. Thus, it became one of the 12 Jyotirlingas.

Timings of Jyotirlinga

Morning Timings : 4 AM to 1 PM

Evening Timings : 3 PM to 8 PM

How to reach Ramanathaswamy Jyotirlinga Temple

  1. By Air : The nearest airport to Ramanathaswamy temple is Madurai Airport. From here, one can book a taxi to reach the destination.
  2. By Train : Similarly, nearest Railway station is Madurai Junction. From then, one can take cab to reach the destination.
  3. By Road : Rameshwaram is well connected to Madurai, Chennai and other main cities via roads. Also, there is good service of government owned and privately owned buses.


At the end, I would invite my readers to go for such divine and meaningful expedition to Ramanathaswamy Jyotirlinga Temple at Tamilnadu. Just like me, you will also feel the bliss of this holy and sacred pilgrimage site. As it has powerful purification energies which one can feel while entering the garbha griha of Temple. We, Hindus are advised by our Puranas and Vedas to visit these Pilgrimage site during our lifetime to get rid of sins and attain Moksha (salvation).

Keep reading and growing with us.

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