Prem Mandir is synonyms of mysticism and spiritual warmth.

Prem Mandir
Prem Mandir, Vrindavan


Welcome to the world of engrossed readings at Today, we are exploring the serene Prem Mandir in the arena of Kunj Galiyan of Vrindavan.


Hinduism is a way of living with love and devotion. And, Shri Krishna is an epitome of love, peach and affection. Vrindavan is a place where Hindu god Shri Krishna has spent his childhood and created many memories.

Subsequently, there is a new marvellous temple of white marble dedicated to Yugal Chavi (divine couple) of Shri Radha and Shri Krishna. Resultantly, it is Prem Mandir at the vicinity of Vrindavan, the most visited temple after ISKCON temple and Shri Bankey Bihari Temple at Vrindavan.

Why is it called Prem Mandir?

In the same vein, Prem Mandir is an artifact of divine love of Shri Krishna and Radharani, Shri Ram and Sita. Alongside, Prem is a Hindi word which means love. Thus, this temple explores the divine love of supreme entity Shri Krishna and his beloved Radhrani. And, I believe the true love and bond between God and devotees is the most special love and needs special celebrations.

Therefore, Prem Mandir is the unique example of celebrating that pure and blissful love and bond of Bhagwan (God) and his bhakt (devotee).

History of Prem Mandir

Magnificence of the temple comples the visitors to praise the awestruck beauty of the whole premises. And, the temple was made under the guidance of Jagadguru Kripalu Ji Maharaj. After his death, Jagad Kripalu Parisat is looking after the temple. As per records, there were 1000 skilled labourers, worked hard for 11 years to make this marvellous beauty.

Architecture and creation of Prem Mandir

Although, this divine temple is sprawled over 54 acres of land. Additionally, this beautiful masterpiece is 122 feet tall and 115 feet wide.

Apparently, it has 20 feet deep foundations so that it can easily waive off the ravage of time or effect of any natural calamity like Earthquake. Likewise the floors and the walls of the temple are decorated with floral motifs, embedded with semi precious stones. Further, there are mesmerising engravings adorns the Gharbh Griha (Sanctum Santorum) and the ceilings.

Now, you must be wondering why these marblesin the temple are so beautiful? The answer is, it is made of gignatic blocks of grainless, pure white Carrara White marble from Italy. Besides, the craftmanship on the 94 pillars of the temple are splendid and majestic allure.

Shri Krishna Leela Depiction

Furthermore, the temple is surrounded with lush green gardens, fountains and stage of Leela depiction. In fact, temple has life size depiction of four Leela’s of Hindu God Shri Krishna –

a)Govardhan Leela
b)Kaliya Naag Leela
c)Raas Leela
d)Jhulan Leela

Indeed, it is well designed to showcase the Leela’s and stories of Bhagavad Gita in its interior. Likewise, the verses from ancient text are inscribed on the walls. Subsequently, there are 84 panels setup on the exterior to display the past time stories of Kanhaiya as told in Shrimad Bhagwadam.

However, Prem Mandir also intricates the light effects on the main building at night. While it shines bright in daylight as the white marble reflects the radiance.


Devotees can visit the temple premises during following time schedule:

Morning Timings (5:30 AM to 12:00 PM)
Aarti — 5:00 AM
Bhog — 6:30 AM

Evening Timings (4:30 PM to 8:30 PM)
Aarti — 4 :30 PM
Bhog — 5:30 PM
Shayan Aarti — 8:10 PM
Temple closes — 8:30 PM

Highlights of Prem Mandir

  1. Particularly, one of the prime attraction of the divine temple is musical fountain. The musical fountain show is held every evening from 7:30 PM to 8:00 PM (summers) and 7:00 PM to 7:30 PM (winters). Meanwhile, the twisting and twirling of water jets on the tunes of Shri Krishna bhajan mesmerize the visitors.
  2. Subsequently, there is a radiant lighting in the evening reflected on the temple. Amazingly lit in the evening, the temple shines in different hues of colour, offers visual treat to the visitors.
  3. Nevertheless, the charm of the temple is new as compared to other counter temples of Vrindavan. As, it was inaugurated in 2012, depicting the artwork in majestic Rajasthani and Gujrati style.
  4. Also, all the major Hindu festivals like Holi, Diwali, Ram Navami, Krishna Janamashtami, Radha Ashtami, Guru Purnima and others are celebrated with glee and fun.
  5. In addition to this, Prem Mandir has facilities for its visitors like Parking of two wheels and four wheeler vehicles is available. Also, there are clean water dispensers at vicinity of temple.

How to Reach

Certainly, after enriching your soul and mind with the fullness and beauty of Prem Mandir, you must be having an urge to revisit Prem Mandir. Here is the complete guide to reaching Prem Mandir through different means:

  1. By Air: The nearest Airport is Indira Gandhi International Airport at New Delhi, From here, there are good services of cabs and rented taxis are available. Apparently, New Delhi is approximately 150 kms away from the destination.
  2. By Train: Similarly, nearest railway station is Mathura Junction, very well cconnected to all the major cities and long route trains. Also, there are short drive cabs (pre and post paid) are available at reasonable rates by local tour operators.
  3. By Road: Subsequently, You can enjoy your road trip to Vrindavan by Privately owned buses or Public transport like UPSRTC buses. One can also have pool cabs at major taxi stands at NOIDA and ISBT.


I am sure the plethora of devotion, feelings of viewing your lovable Shri Krishna and soaking yourself in braj ki raj (soils of Vrindavan) is there in your mind. So, pack your bags and come to Vrindavan. Explore the limitless love and bond between Shri Krishna and his fan world (you and me). At the end, Prem Mandir is a divine destination which should be mark next in your travel schedule.

Wish you a great time ahead. Keep growing with us.

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