Trees have a significant importance in everyone’s life on earth irrespective of caste, creed, religion or gender.



What if there are no plants or trees on earth? Can we imagine a life without plants or trees? No, we cannot. In Hinduism, there is a huge respect for various trees relating to their spiritual values. Today, in this article we are going to talk about a very special Peepal Tree.


There are an endless range of varieties available in plant species. Peepal tree is considered sacred in Hinduism and it is one of the most important trees in India. Besides spiritual importance, the Peepal tree holds scientific and medicinal values which are beneficial for the human race. Further, there are many other vital aspects of Peepal tree that will be highlighted in this blog.

About Peepal Tree

However, scientific name of Peepal Tree is Ficus Religiosa, it is also known as bodhi tree and ashvattha tree. Hindus have a huge admiration for Peepal Tree and they refer to it as a Hindu God Vishnu. According to Puranas, Bhagwat Gita and other Hindu texts, the Peepal Tree is the most auspicious one. Its worship is an extremely pious ritual to do in Hinduism.

In addition to this, Peepal Tree worship is not only a blind belief of people but it is also a scientifically proven theory. Do you know how? Let me tell you about certain facts and rituals that can bring transformation in life. People suffering from various diseases, planetary effects, and wish for prosperity can worship Peepal Tree and benefit themselves.

How to worship the tree?

In order to please the Hindu God Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi, there are a number of interesting Peepal Tree worship rituals performed. Here are some of the effective Peepal Tree worship rituals for you:

  • Saturday and Amavasya are the pious days of worship of Peepal Tree. Avoid worship on Sunday, as it brings bad luck.
  • Touch the tree with both hands and chant Om Namah Shivaya 108 times for beneficial effects.
  • Offer water to the tree everyday, especially Saturday. Avoid watering the tree on Sunday.
  • Revolve around the tree for the possibility of getting rid of Kaal Sarp Dosh.
  • Lit a mustard lamp (sarso deepak) on every Saturday evening to change your destiny.
  • White color clothes, flower and chandan are very effective for Peepal tree puja.
  • Offer Kheer (Indian dessert) as bhog to Peepal and then distribute it among family members.

Benefits of Peepal Tree Worship

To prove the worth of Peepal Tree, here are some of the benefits of worshipping the tree:

  • Peepal tree worship is beneficial for married couples. It brings happiness and prosperity in life.
  • It can also be fruitful for the well being of a child.
  • Its regular worship can remove away the Kaal Sarp Dosh, pitra dosh and other planetary problems. This is recommended by astrologers as a remedial solution.
  • Can be helpful for improving health of your spouse.
  • Regular worship of Peepal tree also blesses the devotee with long life.
  • Effective in overcoming the influence of dark magic.

Scientific Facts about Peepal Tree

Also referred to as “People’s tree” or a “Tree of life”, Peepal is enriched with many spiritual and medicinal qualities. Let’s have a look.

  • Peepal tree gains popularity in India due to its connection with the very prestigious award Bharat Ratna. Bharat Ratna is the highest civilian award in India which is the replica of Peepal tree leaf.
  • It is the only tree that gives out 24 hours Oxygen which is a life gas for all living beings. So, sitting under this tree in summer mornings and afternoons can be quite relaxing and beneficial for energy levels.
  • It is the tree with abundance of medicinal properties. Most of its parts like roots, bark, leaves and wood are used for treating various diseases.
  • Further, the speed of growth of the Peepal tree is too fast. They grow upto the average height of 100 feet. Its trunk can be 10 feet wide.
  • Last but not the least, it is the tree with the longest lifespan of about 15 thousand years. In some rare cases it can be even 3000 years.


I hope this article provided useful religious and scientific information about the Peepal tree. We come to the conclusion that the Peepal Tree is a boon for us on Earth. Similarly, Neem and other trees also have many medicinal properties and should gain world wide acclaim for its religious and herbal benefits

It’s high time we need to understand its value and utilise it to the best for our overall well-being.

Keep reading for more valuable information.

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