Phoolera Dooj holds great importance in Hinduism.

Phoolera Dooj 2024
Shri Krishna and Radha


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Phoolera Dooj is considered a highest day in Hindu Calender. Moreover, it holds great significance in Hindu religion. Ii is considered an auspicious day for start ups, for the new beginnings and renewals.

Generally, Hindu people start their new business, new venture or entering their new house or inauguration of new office building or premises on this fortunate day. Additionally, it is considered as a Abhuj Muhurat all day long. Abhuj Muhurat refers to the condition where the planets are in favourable condition all through out the day.

When is Phoolera Dooj 2004?

In 2024, we are having Phoolera Dooj on March 12, 2024. As per Hindu Panchang, it falls on dwitya tithi (second lunar day) of shukla paksha of Phalgun mas.

Phoolera Dooj is celebrated between Vasant Panchami and Holi.

Further, the dwitiya tithi will start at 10:44am on 11 March ,2024 and will end up at 7:13am on 12 March 2024.

Significance of Phoolera Dooj

According to its name, phoolera means phoola ka aka with flowers and dooj means second day of the month. Flowers are the prime element of celebrations on this day. Infact, it marks the beginning of Holi at many places.

Hindus consider Phoolera Dooj a very important and auspicous day. Many temples of Radha Krishna are decorated with flowers on this day. Lakhs of devotees come to Vrindavan and Mathura to have Darshana of Lord Krisha in attires made of different colourful flowers.

However, it is considered best to have marriages, ring ceremony, mundan and yagopavi Sanskara on this day at any time of the day. And, the planetary alignment are so well designed on this day, results in shubh muhurat all throughout the day.

History of Phoolera Dooj

Once upon the time, Lord Krishna had been busy for a long time. Thus, he was unable to meet Radha(beloved of Shri Krishna).

As a result, Radha became sad. This made adverse effect on nature, and all the greenery sarted falling. When Lord Krishna observed the condition of nature, he went to meet Radha.

Additionally, when Lord Krishna met Radha, Radha and the gopis were pleased and there was greenery all around again.

After seeing the happiness all around, Shri Krishna plucked a flower and threw it on Radha. Consequently, Radha also threw flowers on Krishna after plucking them. Then the gopis also started this throwing game of flowers at each other.

As a result, Holi of flowers started everywhere. Eventually, it was the second day of Shukla Paksha of Falgun month. Since then this day is celebrated as a festival, Phoolera Dooj.


We live in a society full of hatred, ego, jealousy, greed and other ill feelings. Symbolically, this festival teaches us the value of love, bonding and brotherhood. Humanity is dying everyday because every one wants to be no.1. Lord Krishna guides us to throw away our negative emmotions and feelings and welcome the love and adoration with open arms from the others side. Lets be more compassionate and humble towards each other.

Wishing you a very happy day ahead. Keep growing with us.

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