Do you know what is the significance of the number 108 in Hinduism or Sanatan Dharma? Do you know number 108 can transform your life and attract success towards you? Are you aware of the fact that the number 108 has a strong connection with the theory of the law of attraction? Moreover, number 108 has a very significant role in the functioning of the universe. So, if you are excited to know all about this then here is my blog uncovering some mysterious and amazing facts about the number 108.

Japa Mala 108 Names
Japa Mala 108 names


To begin with the introduction, I want to throw light on the creation of God which is truly unique and complete in itself. When I say complete, it means “poorna” in Hindi. The universe, can never be incomplete or contain any kind of flaw. I think everyone would agree with this. Now, let’s highlight the connection of the number 108 and the universe. 

Before we talk about the number 108, I would like to add the digits of this number (1+0+8) that become the number 9, which is a divine number in Hinduism. It is a magic number in Math and the largest one-digit number. It is a complete number for spiritual enhancement, and also known as poornaank or a whole number. Similarly, 108 represents the wholeness of the entire existence in Hinduism/ Sanatan Dharma.

About Number 108 & The Universe

Firstly, we all know that there are 27 constellations (nakshatras) in the universe which are again divided into 4 padas. Moreover, when we multiply these figures the number turns out to be 108. Not only that, there are a total of 9 planets already discovered by our Indian sages and scholars (rishi-munis) ages ago. These planets affect 12 rashis or astrological signs.

In addition to this, the very important fact about the distance between the Earth and Sun is 108 times the diameter of Sun, that is also 108. Similarly, the distance between the Earth and Moon is 108 times the diameter of Moon, that is also 108.

Hence, number 108 holds great significance in the formation and sustainability of the life and universe.

Facts About Number 108

Additionally, here are some features highlighted based on facts and figures discovered. 

  • Japa Mala contains 108 beads with a main bead (sumeru) in the middle.
  • Divya desam of Lord Vishnu are 108 in number.
  • Also, Shiva Ganas or devotees of Lord Shiva are 108 in number.
  • In addition to this, Shiva Tandava has a mystic connection with number 108 which represents movements of hands and feet according to Shiva Puranas.
  • Number 108 is also connected to Char Dham in Indian mythology. (We will cover this in upcoming blogs)
  • As per known facts, a healthy person breathes around 10,800 times. So, if we calculate 1 percentage of this big figure it comes to be number 108.
  • On top of that when we recite a mantra or shloka in one breath, it is equivalent to 108.
  • The human body contains Chakras which balances the entire body system. Total 114 chakras are there but only 108 can be worked upon by a person.
  • In Hindu mythology, if we chant Ram twice, it indicates the completion of one Japa Mala. Depending on the placement of “R, “A” and “M” in Hindi alphabets, that is, “र”, “आ”, and “म” we get numbers 27, 25 and 2. After adding these numbers we get the divine number 108.

Mathematical Angle for Number 108 

Here are some surprising calculations for number 108. 

Multiply digits 9 and 12 it becomes the number 108.

Furthermore, if we multiply the first three digits in a particular sequence of (1*1 * 2*2 * 3*3*3), the result is number 108.

Likewise, the twice of 54 is 108.


To sum up, I would like to end my blog by saying the secret of all cosmic energy floating in the universe lies in number 108. 108 is a pious number in Hinduism/Sanatan dharma. It has a special connection with Spirituality, Hinduism and Sanatan Dharma. For more interesting updates, keep reading and keep growing with us.

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