Naag Panchami is a day of traditional worshipping Naag or snakes in India. Hinduism promotes the concept of loving and caring all the living beings on the Earth.

Naag Panchami
Naag Panchami


Welcome to our enthralling blog on Naag Panchami 2024. Have you ever wonder why Indians worship snakes (naag)? Why do Shivlinga always have a snake around it? Let’s find answers to all these queries in following write up.


Naag Panchami is a Hindu festival celebrated in India and other parts of South Asia with great enthusiasm and devotion.

Moreover, this festival is dedicated to the worship of snakes, cobras, other snake species which hold a special place in Hinduism.

As part of the festivities, a Naag or serpent deity made of silver, stone, wood, or a painting is given a reverential bath with milk and their blessings are sought for the welfare of the family.

Date of Naag Panchami 2024

Naag Panchami is celebrated on the fifth day of shukla paksha of Shrawan maas of Hindu Panchang. We are going to celebrate Naag Panchami on August 9, 2024.

Highlights of Naag Panchami

a) Generally, hindu people offer milk, flowers and prayers to snake idols or images, seeking protection from snake bites and to ensure prosperity and well-being.

b) This Indian festival is symbolic of the harmonious coexistence between humans and nature.

c) Also it’s a way to acknowledge and respect the role of snakes in the ecosystem. India has been an agricultural land and to protect grains and food from rodents, they use to adore naag.

d) Some Indian states, such as Karnataka, Rajasthan and Gujarat celebrate Naga Panchami on the Krishna Paksha of the sawaan mas.

Significance of Naag Panchami

Further, Naag Panchami holds cultural and religious significance at a higher level. Snakes, especially the cobra are considered sacred creatures. And these snakes are associated with various deities like Lord Shiva and Lord Krishna during Kalia naag episode.

Snakes play a crucial role in controlling rodent populations. Eventually they are important in maintaining ecological balance.

Story of Naag Panchami

As per Hindu text, Kalia was a venomous serpent who had made the Yamuna River his dwelling place, poisoning its waters and causing harm to the people and animals in Vrindavan.

One day, young Krishna and his friends were playing near river Yamuna with a ball. During their game, their ball fell into the river.

Suddenly, Krishna jumped into the river to retrieve the ball. This angered Kalia. The serpent coiled around Krishna and tried to subdue him. However, Krishna expanded his body, overpowering Kalia. He then danced on the serpent’s multiple hoods, eventually defeating him.

Seeing Kalia’s suffering, his wives pleaded to Lord Krishna to spare him. Shri Krishna agreed on the condition that Kalia and his family would leave the river Yamuna and never harm anyone again.

Hence, Kalia agreed, and Krishna’s victory over the serpent is celebrated on Naag Panchami.


Naag Panchami is a reminder of the power of divine intervention and the importance of respecting all creatures, including snakes.

Overall, Naag Panchami is celebrated all over the country highlighting the intricate connections between human beings and the well-being of ecology.

Have a happy and blessed time ahead.

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