Maun Vrat is something you can not deny in your life.

Maun Vrat
Maun Vrat


Welcome to another engaging blog of on maun vrat. Maun is Hindi word which means silence and Maun vrat means the practice of “vow of silence”.

What is Maun Vrat?

You must have seen elders in the Hindu house and even the ladies observing maun vrat for a specific period of time. Hindu followers do observe maun vrat during prayers and religious assemblies. I was a talkative child of the family, my grand parents used to tell me the importance of keeping silence and importance of keeping your monkey mind free through silence a lot.

However, being notorious, I could hardly relate to them that time. Gradually, with age and time, I gained the power of Yoga and maun so much that now I can easily handle the mental blocks and day to day stress with practicing Maun.

Its benefits yield endless benefits to the physical, mental and spiritual growth. One can not ignore it. It is a small word which means nothing to hear or no noise at all. But, in reality, practicing silence holds a great importance.

Maun Vrat and Hinduism

Specifically maun vrat is a ritual of meditative silence. Since ages, it is integral part of Hindu Religion. Hinduism has shown respect to this ritual since its inception. In obituary meeting, keeping silence or observing maun vrat for few minutes is a part of showing respect to the deceased.

Apparently, in Hindu culture, maun vrat is observed during havans and puja to focus on mantras and chants.

Even in western parts of global cultures, practicing silence is an immensely followed ritual. An ancient proverb proves it right “speech is silver, silence is gold.”

What Legends Say about Maun Vrat?

Especially, Maun Vrat has mentions in Puranas and other Hindu texts. Great Hindu epic, Mahabharata refers that the sage Ved Vyasa dictated whole epic to Lord Ganesha to pen down. Sage Ved Vyasa spoke continuously for three years without a break.

And, Lord Ganesha wrote it without uttering a single word. During the writing process, Lord Ganesha got his pen broken. Hence, he broke his one tooth to continue writing the epic without a stop. He was given the name Ekdant from then only.

At the end, sage appreciated maun vrat observed by Lord. The power of silence made Lord Ganesha a good listener throughout the course.

Significance of maun vrat has mentions in Bhagwad Geeta too.

Legends suggests that maun vrat should be observed by every Hindu follower for 16 days in Bhado mass of Hindu panchang. Although, as per Shiv Purana, a devotee can reach to the abode of lord Shiva by practicing maun vrat.

Date of Mauni Amawasya

In 2025, we have Mauni amawasya on January 29, 2025.

In 2024, we had Mauni Amavasya on February 9.

Significance of Maun Vrat

Our mind is a factory of endless thoughts. We always have one or another thought hustling in our mind. Do you know how to control it ? Why our sages and saints have so much charismatic personality and composure on their face ?

Answer is maun vrat. A native must practice silence regularly for longer time. Of course, you must have seen many biggies in business and stardom spectrum and celebrities have serenity on their face. All of them know the art of silence. Consequently, they know how to control their state of mind and their words too.

Even though, contemporary practice of yoga and other mystical practices lobbying Maun vrat a lot.

How to Practice Maun Vrat?

However, observing maun vrat for one day would not make any changes in your life. To observe maun vrat, one need to be regular and disciplined for longer periods.

I would recommend you a 21-day cycle to start off.

Actually, 21-day cycle is a practice, where one need to follow a pattern consistently for 21 days without a fail. Gradually, it will become a part of your routine.

What do you need to Practice Silence?

Promptly speaking you need not to have fancy equipment’s and setting to practice maun vrat. And, you need not to slot it on any specific time period. Same ways, there are few points you need to keep in mind while starting the practice of maun vrat.

Steps to Perform Maun Vrat

a) Firstly, you can start off it any day and at any time of the day.

b) Secondly, try to concentrate on your willpower to stay silent for a specific period of time.

c) Thirdly, it is all your brain game. No physical movement required.

Magical Benefits of Keeping Silence

Indeed practicing Maun vrat yields magical benefits for our spiritual and physical growth. Lets read on.

  • Eventually, it is believed that abstaining oneself from talking for a set period of time makes his mind calm and peaceful.
  • Second to above point, It makes you a good listener. Your power of listening is more clear and vivid. Habit of responding immediately vanishes with time.
  • Thirdly, you start learning and unlearning many concepts of life. As per my experience, I have learned the art of controlling my monkey mind thoroughly. Particularly, I have mentioned monkey mind in my previous blog on meditation.
  • Meanwhile, maun vrat helps you to declutter your thought process. Yet, it channelizes your energies for betterment and growth. Among all, one of the best result is it enhances our creativity. In other words, it leads to more clarity and more accountability towards our work.
  • Likewise, silence takes you to the higher level of spiritual growth. You start witnessing a connection with your almighty. Therefore, it leads to higher spiritual dimension.
  • Moreover, it gives you time to think what are you feeling? Thus, you can evaluate your feelings and emotions. In fact, this practice helps in management of emotions like anger, sadness, happiness or any other emotional impulse.
  • These days, many physician’s and doctors suggest maun vrat or practice silence. Eventually, it is one of the powerful tool to tackle and control anger. Hence, maun vrat is like an energy conserve to us.


I would end up my write up by saying that practicing silence is an investment for you. On the whole, Maun vrat will yield higher benefits to your mental, spiritual and physical growth. You will start beholding the introspection of yourself. Uniform practice of maun vrat will surely strengthen the inner speech. Surely, maun vrat is going to be an intrinsic part of your life style.

Keep reading and counting us. Have a blessed time ahead.

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