Mangla Gauri is another name of Goddess Parvati.

Mangla Gauri Devi
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Welcome our enthusiastic readers! Today we are going to talk about Mangla Gauri Vrat. We are celebrating Shravan maas from 23rd July in the year 2024.


Goddess Mangla Gauri is adored widely in India and other parts of globe. Further, Mangla Gauri Puja is mainly celebrated in Rajasthan, Gujrat, Uttar Pradesh and Maharastra. Besides, Mangla Gauri holds immense significance as she is associated with auspiciousness, fertility, and well-being.

In Hinduism, she is considered an incarnation of Goddess Parvati, wife of Lord Shiva.

Sawan Mas for Mangla Gauri Puja

Shravan mas is reserved for auspicious Mangla Gauri puja. Promptly , every Tuesday married women perform this puja and observe fast to impress goddess Mangla Gauri.

Eventually, we are blessed with 4 Tuesdays this year for celebrating the endeavour of goddess Mangla Gauri.


Thus, following are the dates on which one can observe Mangla Gauri Vrat.

  • First Tuesday – 23 July 2024
  • Second Tuesday – 30 July 2024
  • Third Tuesday – 6 August 2024
  • Fourth Tuesday – 13 August 2024

Who all perform this puja?

The devotees (women) seeking blessings of Mangla Gauri devi to have prosperity and bliss in their marital life perform this pious puja. Even so, childless women also perform this puja to have blessings of a child. However, it is believed that unmarried girls also perform this puja and observe fast for getting a suitable match just like Lord Shiva.

What is the method of worshipping Mangla Gauri Vrat 2024?

As per popular belief, women who perform Mangla Gauri’s Puja, blessed with a prosperous and happy life. And, they attain happiness in every aspect of life.

Infact, they will get the fruits of this puja in form of wealth, happy married life and good children. Here are the given dos for this reverent puja:

  • Firstly, women should take bath early morning.
  • Secondly, women should take resolution to perform puja and observe fasts on every Tuesday of shravan maas with great devotion and dedication.
  • Then after, the image or idol of Mangla Gauri’s devi is placed on a clean table with red cloth.
  • Later, a Kalash filled with clean water is established and filled with few akshat (fully grown rice) and flowers in it.
  • After, this a lamp with wheat flour is made with four corners. In this diya, four sticks of 16 strings are made and lit.
  • Now, anointing of Idol is done with water, curd, honey and milk.
  • Then after, devotee put roli, sandalwood, kajal, henna, vermillion on the idol.
  • Likewise, given items is offered to the idol
    • Vermillion
    • Betel nuts
    • Betel leaf
    • Cardamom
    • Dry fruits
    • Laddus
    • Cloves
    • Henna
    • Garlands
    • Saree
    • Seven types of cereals
  • Lastly, then after listening the Mangla Gauri Vrat Katha, devotee offer laddo to the goddess. In many regions, 16 laddos are donated to mother in law also, as part of ritual.
  • Indeed, women should eat only once a day. Also, they should eat only satwik food No alcohol and non- veg food is allowed.


Hence, after reading this blog you must be aware of transformative power of Mangla Gauri devi. This puja is a sacred ritual that invokes divine blessings and brings forth abundance. One can not deny the spiritual significance of Mangla Gauri Vrat in 2024. Lets dive into the joy, devotion and fulfillment as we embark on this sacred journey towards blessings and prosperity from 23rd July 2024. Have a blessed day ahead.

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