Cow ghee is used in lighting diyas (lamps) for cultural and traditional reasons in Indian culture.

Lighting cow ghee filled diya
Lighting diya with Cow ghee


Welcome to the world of resolute readings and spiritually inclined world of insightful blogs. Today, I’m going to share a few important aspects of lighting a diya with cow ghee in Indian culture.


Particularly in India, the cow is considered sacred. The byproducts of cow like milk and cowdung is considered very pure and auspicious in Hinduism. Cow ghee (clarified butter) is obtained from boiling of milk till it becomes thick cream. After that the cream is burnt in a pot to take out the clarified substance called cow ghee also called Desi ghee.

Apparently cow ghee has a special significance in cultural, religious and spiritual practices in Hinduism.

Why cow ghee is considered as elixir of life?

Moreover cow ghee is explained as nirdosh food by Ayurveda- ancient science of medication, curing and healing. You must be amazed to know the nutritional value of pure cow ghee. It has been well researched by modern science to prove its worth.

Preciously, it has been placed in the list of super food. Our ancient scriptures and Vedas tells us the cow ghee’s significance by calling it a super food which increases body vigour and vitality.

Further, Atharva Veda suggests that cow ghee is used to strengthens the body and enhances life span.

Cow ghee – sattvic food

Additionally, ancient Yoga Sutra declares cow ghee as sattvic foods. Tamasic and rajasic food (prohibited foods like garlic, chillies, meat and coffee) are considered irritating and stimulating, thus interfering with the subtle effects of Yoga.

While cow ghee takes care of the nervous system and improves immunity. Many Yogis use ghee to increase the purifying heat in both body and mind.

Why do we use cow ghee in yagna?

Do you know why ghee is offered in fire ceremonies? The answer is because of its nature to purify and elevates the fire. Cow ghee when burnt with agni, mixes in air and kills bacteria and gives a soothing aroma.

What is nutritional value of Cow ghee?

Generally cow ghee has vitamin A, E and D.Apparently, it also has omega-3 fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid. 100 ml of cow ghee can give you 883 calories soft energy. It is rich in anti oxidants.

What are the benefits of lighting diya with Cow ghee?

Following are the few benefits of lighting diya with cow ghee, we can not ignore.

a) Symbolise purity

Lighting a diya with cow ghee is believed to symbolize purity and is considered an auspicious practice during various religious ceremonies and festivals. Additionally, cow ghee has a high smoke point and burns cleanly, making it a practical choice for lighting lamps.

b) Brings positivity

Particularly to evad negativity from your house, you should light a diya with cow ghee daily at your temple of home. It creates an atmosphere of positivity and happiness.

c) Beneficial to skin

Also, it is believed that lighting a diya with cow ghee is auspicious at home and at temple. Not only this, it is an inseperable part of our religious and cultutral activities. But also it gives immense benefit to our health and skin. Expert suggests that cow ghee has the ability to produce electromagnetic Force. That helps in building up the cells of skin, thus results in eradicating any kind of skin disease.

d) Remedy of Vaastu

Infact as per Vasstu (Indian science on archituecture and placements) lighting a diya with cow ghee is a useful remedy to get rid of any kind of Vastu dosh.

According to Shiv Purana, lighting a diya with Cow Ghee is very good for peace, happiness and prosperity of the family.

e) Improves concentration power

Scholars and sages believe that lighting a diya with cow ghee cleanses the air around it. To boost the memory, increasing concentration skills, it is advised to sit in Padmasan and light a diya with cow ghee. Daily practice to sit in front of lit diya to get focused.

f) Presence of divine energy

Inded cow ghee diya offers happiness and fosters tranquility. But it also drive away evil spirits and promote mental clarity. Ghee diya is a form of praying and asking for blessings that represents the divine’s presence.

g) Pleasant smell

From childhood till now, I love the smell of burning of diya bati in ghee. The ghee diya gives off a pleasant smell that dispels unpleasant odours and creates a calm environment.


Hence, lighting a diya with cow ghee has important cultural significance. However, it is used in many religious and important rituals of Hinduism, but also Buddhism and Jainism. Grandeur like Diwali, marriages and festivals are not done with out Ghee diya. The ghee diya’s gentle, warm glow enhances its attractiveness and promotes a festive mood.

It also serves as a symbol of hope and harmony. Regularly lighting a ghee diya at home/temple/ tulsi will bring you health, money, and prosperity. It has a unique position in Indian households because of its cultural significance, spiritual boost, and enhanced air quality.

Have a blessed day ahead.

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