ISKCON temple at Vrindavan is the most revered temple after Shri Bankey Bihari Temple at the vicinity of divine braj area of India.

Shri Shri Krishna Balaram Iskcon Temple, Vrindavan
Shri Shri Krishna Balaram Iskcon Temple, Vrindavan


Welcome to the world of insightful blogs at Today, we are taking you to the serene and divine tour to Shri Shri Krishna Balarama Temple aka Angrezo ka mandir aka ISKCON temple of Vrindavan.


Shri Krishna is nestled in my heart and life so deeply that it give me goose bumps to share this exciting and timeless journey to divine abode of Shri Krishna and his elder brother Balrama.

Yes, I am sharing information on ISKCON temple, a revered pilgrimage destination for devotees and Krishna Lovers. Apparently, Shri Shri Krishna Balarama Temple popularly called ISKCON temple, Vrindavan, inspires millions of souls to connect with the divine beauty of Hindu God Shri Krishna and learn the message of love, devotion and spiritual wisdom imparted by Lord Krishna.

Architectural Details

However, it has mesmerising architectural details. Also, the Shri Shri Krishna Balarama Temple is stunning and spiritually uplifting beauty designed with intricate carvings, vibrant paintings, artistic staircase and majestic domes. Certainly, one can not miss the rich heritage of Vedic culture as reflected in its design. The impressive artwork and craftmanship of the temple in white marble will enslranded your sense.

Meanwhile, the main shrine has beautifully adorned deities of Lord Krishna and Balarama, along with Radha and other gopis.

Likewise temple complex has three shrines ; one dedicated to Lord Krishna and his brother Lord Balarama, second dedicated to Sri Gaura – Nitai (Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and Nityananada) and the third to Sri Shyama Sundar (Lord Krishna and Radha).

Activities and Centers

Not only this, the temple complex also has serene gardens, meditation halls and a vibrant cultural center where visitors can immerse themselves in other spiritual and cultural activities. Consequently, it houses

1. Guest house

2. Residential brahmachari ashram

3. Adeity department

4. Restaurant

5. Bakery

6. Souvenir shop

7. Srila Prabhupada ji’s samadhi.

Nevertheless, there are continuous events and learning workshops about the teachings of Bhagavad Gita, devotional chanting (kirtan) and spiritual discourses by gurus. Likewise, they have splendid celebrations of many festivals like



Krishna Janamashtami and

Radha Ashtami etc throughout the year.

Location of ISKCON Temple, Vrindavan

In addition to, Shri Shri Krishna Balarama Temple is popularly known as ISKCON temple situated at Ramanreti area of Vrindavan. If you are in Vrindavan, and navigating to the temple, then it is straightforward, as it is a prominent landmark at the vicinity of town.

Either visitors can ask locals for directions or they can use GPS navigation services to reach the temple complex, located on the Parikrama Marg Road in Vrindavan.

I am sure that this visit to the Shri Shri Krishna Balarama Temple will be a memorable and spiritually enriching experience for all my readers offering an opportunity to connect with the divine and immerse in the sacred atmosphere of Vrindavan.

How to Reach

Furthermore, to reach the Shri Shri Krishna Balarama Temple in Vrindavan, one can go for various modes of transportation depending upon his location and preferences. Majorly, this place is well connected with all the means of transport. One can visit it along with Shri Bankey Bihari temple enroute.

  1. Travel by Air : If you are planning your visit by Air, the nearest airport is the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi, approximately 150 kilometers away from Vrindavan. From there, visitors can hire a cab or use other public transportation options like buses to reach Vrindavan.
  2. Travel by train : Moreover, the closest railway station to Vrindavan is the Mathura Junction Railway Station. This station is well-connected to major cities across India. From Mathura, visitors can take a short taxi ride or avail of local buses and pool tempo services to reach Vrindavan.
  3. Travel by road: If you are planning a short trip to Vrindavan by roadtrip, here is the guide.Vrindavan is well connected to national highways and state highways. There are landmarks on Yamuna expressway, National Highway2 to reach the Shri Shri Krishna Balarama Temple by car, bus, or private taxi from nearby cities like Mathura, Agra, and Delhi.

History of ISKCON temple

Moreover, this was built in 1975 by International society for Krishna Conciousness (ISKCON). It is the first temple of ISKCON in India.

History of ISKCON

Specifically, A.C. Bhaktvedanta Swami Prabhupada, the founder of ISKCON, inaugurated the temple and idols of Shri Krishna and Balarama. He established ISKCON in 1966 in New York.

Although, ISKCON is based on the practices and principles of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu (1486-1532). Besides, there are other great personality like Nityananada Prabhu have made the opinions of ISKCON.


The divine darshana of Lord Krishna and His consort Radha are open all 365 days a year. However, one need to notice the opening and closing time before planning a trip to ISKCON temple, Vrindavan.

Iskon temple
Shyama shyam at ISKCON temple

Opening Hours – 4:10am to 8:30 pm (all seven days)

Samadhi Arati – 04:10AM

Mangala Arati – 04:30AM

Tulsi-Puja – 05:00AM

Sringar Darshan – 07:15AM

Guru Puja – 07:25AM

Bhagavatam Class – 08:00AM

Raj Bhog Aarti -12:00 PM

Temple Close – 12:00 to 4:00 PM

Uthayapan Aarti – 4.30 PM (summers) and 4:00 PM (winters)

Sandhya Aarti – 7:00 PM (summers) and 6: 30 PM (winters)

Shayan Aarti – 8.30 PM (summers) and 8:00 PM (winters)

Closing Timings – 8:45 PM (summers) and 8:15 PM (winters).

You Can Not Miss Sewa

Infact, ISKCON believes in the most basic and yet important principle of life which is simple living, high thinking. Indeed, they believe in sustainable lifestyle with minimum possible resources and growing up your own food. Also, they believe in vedic farming and cow protection. Vedic farming means to live peacefully and growing our own food, drinking clean natural water and weaving our own cloth.

Apart from this, ISKCON also gives devotee a chance to be mentor and mentor in the course of seminars, discourse and discussions about God and life, important teachings of bhgwad Geeta and much more. Thus, Sewa is the main motto of this sacred journey.

Additionally, Gau sewa is a prime objective of simple living and high thinking. Meanwhile, there are lakhs of devotees indulge in caring and protecting this inncoent creature of god- Cow. Laslty, Cow has been an integral part of life of Shri Krishna.


Hence, we all know how vastly and widely the tide of devotion called ISKCON is beautifully intricate in our blood and soul all over the world. Particularly, it is not all about Hinduism or spreading Hindu culture all over the world. It is more than this. Furthermore, Shri Krishna always spread the message of love, harmony, peace and brotherhood. You can smell the pleasant fragrance of his love and wandering in his divine love at ISKCON, Vrindavan.

Keep growing with us.

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