Indira Ekadashi is a day to observe a fast and perform rituals to show devotion to hindu god Vishnu.

Lord Vishnu is worshipped along with Lakshmi ji on Indira Ekadashi
Lord Vishnu Indira Ekadashi


Welcome to the world of resolute readings at Today I am going to share few insights about Indira Ekadashi. It is the Ekadashi (eleventh day) of Ashwin maas of Hindu panchang.


All Vaishnavites know the relevance of Indira Ekadashi. Many religious text refer it as Ekadashi Shradh because, on this day, people perform the Ekadashi Shradh of the Pitru Paksha period to pay obeisance to their dead ancestors.

Date and tithi of Indira Ekadashi

Ekadashi of Krishna Paksha of Ashwin month is known as Indira Ekadashi.

This year we have Indira Ekadashi will fall on 28 September 2024.The Ekadashi titthi will start on September 27, 2024 at 1:20 pm and will end on September 28, 2024 at 2:49 pm. According to Udayatithi, the fast of Indira Ekadashi will be observed on 28 September only.

Apparently, the Prana time of Indira Ekadashi on next day on September 29, 2024 between 06:13 am to 08:36 am.

What is the significance of Indira Ekadashi

Ekadashi during Pitru Paksha has great importance. It is mentioned in Hindu ancient texts that by observing fast on this day, the souls of ancestors attain salvation. On this Ekadashi, Shaligram, the form of Lord Vishnu, is worshipped. Devotees observing the fast attains heaven and the person becomes free from the bondage of birth and death.

Moreover, the person observing the Ekadashi fast keeps the fast to help his Pitru( late ancestors) to get rid of the sins he/she may have committed during their lifetime. Although, it is believed that during Pitru Paksha, the Pitras visit the earth from the Pitru Loka, a realm between the planet Earth and the heaven. Therefore, their vanshaj or sons and daughters perform the Shradh rituals and offer water and food to them. Devotees also offer pind daan to their deceased family members on this Ekadashi.


Devotees observe a fast and perform puja rituals as follows :

a) Devotees take a holy bath early in the morning.

b) They cleansing rituals like cleaning the house and temple.

c) Also, they also offer garlands and sweets to the idols or image of Lord Vishnu kept at home or temple.

d) Further, they also recite Bhagavad Gita Path and seek blessings from Lord Vishnu.

However, the eleventh day of every month is considered ideal for worshipping Lord Vishnu. Hence, devotees keep a day-long fast and spend the day chanting the name of Lord Vishnu and reciting Mantras and slokas dedicated to him.

Legends of Indira Ekadashi

According to Bhagwad Purana, Lord Krishna told Pandavas the katha of Indira Ekadashi vrat as follows

In Satyuga, there was a king named Indrasena. He ruled a kingdom called Mahishmati. He was a benevolent king, and his praja (people under his rule) were happy and content under his leadership. Once, sage Narada Muni visited Indrasena’s court to convey his father’s message. Additionally Devarishi said that Indrasena’s father is in the Yama Loka and hasn’t been able to attain Moksha owing to few sins committed by him during his lifetime. Therefore, Narada Muni suggested king Indrasena to observe a vrat on the Ekadashi Tithi of Ashwin Krishna Paksha and pray to Lord Vishnu for liberating his father’s soul. Infact Narada Muni said that the King must pray to Lord Vishnu on the Dashami Tithi and pay obeisance to his dead ancestors in the afternoon. Indeed these prayers must be followed by a vrat on Ekadashi. Also, Narada Muni insisted that the King must appeal to Lord Vishnu to relieve his dead father from the Yama Loka on IndiraEkadashi.

Thus, by performing the Indira Ekadashi Vrat, one can help their dead ancestors attain Moksha.


Here we know how auspicious and fruitful Indira Ekadashi is. We should pledge to make our ancestors free from their karma cycle by observing fast on Indira Ekadashi.

Have a blessed read. Keep growing with us.

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