Gratitude is often considered one of the biggest spiritual gifts to oneself.



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Gratitude word comes from Latin word Gratia which means grace, greatfulness and thanks giving. It is a thankful appreciation for the substantial and insubstantial forces around us.

Eventually Gratitude helps shift our perspective from focusing on what we lack to appreciating what we have. We start acknowledging goodness with gratitude thus results in greater happiness.

How Gratitude Invoke Contentment?

Apparently it allows us to see positivity in our life. It enriches, energise and elevate our life to a higher level of satisfaction. With gratitude in our mind and actions, the endless urge to have more and need more cease to exist. Hence, a feeling of mindfulness and contentment arises.You know gratitude puts an end to the constant pursuit of more. It helps you find happiness in the present moment, rather than constantly seeking external sources of fulfillment.

How Gratitude brings you closer to a divine experience?

As we all know there is a supreme power in this universe who runs this whole system of tine and life peacefully and perfectly. That supreme power is our divine light of hope. We may name it as Bhagwan in Hinduism, Allah in Islam and Jesus is Christianity, but the essence is same. God is one. So is his love and affection for us.

To get closer to him or to have the feeling of divine experience, we must express gratitude towards him for our beautiful memories of past, helpful surrounding of present and amazing aspirations of future.

Why Gratitude is the way to Spiritual Growth?

Although spiritual traditions and practices like reiki, alternative healing, yoga, meditations etc emphasize gratitude so that it becoems a way to connect with the divine or the universe.

However thanks giving or being grateful is a process to recognize the blessings we have received to a more spiritually fulfilling life.

Specifically, gratitude is a powerful tool that lead to greater happiness, contentment and a deeper sense of connection to ourself and the world around us.

Also it makes us resilient and generous towards others by recognising the physical blessings of home, family, education, food and clothing. Actually being grateful or showing gratitude is a valuable spiritual gift to oneself.

What are the benefits of Gratitude?

  • Firstly, practice gratitude makes us more delightful and a happier human. The feeling of content and happiness makes us more stronger and lively. Apart from this, people also report fewer feelings of depression and anxiety with practicing gratitude.
  • Secondly, gratitude helps in lowering the stress levels. It encourages mindfulness and living in the present, reducing anxiety about the future or regrets about the past.
  • Thirdly, it is scientifically proven that showing gratitude strengthen relationships. When we acknowledge and appreciate the people in our life, it fosters deeper connections and trust with them. And, in today’s competitive modern world, we have lost the essence of social and family life in the hustle bustle of daily life. Gratitude revives our personal and professional relationships.
  • Fourthly, we find ourself with increased empathy towards others. Additionally, those who actively express their appreciation tend to be more resilient when faced with difficult situations and develop stronger relationships with others.
  • People who practice gratitude experience greater levels of overall happiness, joy, optimism and enthusiasm. It improves self confidence and overall growth and performance of an individual.
  • Eventually those who practice gratefulness daily are more likely to experience higher levels of self-esteem and optimism than those without this habit in their lives.
  • Scientific research reveals that gratitude can lead to increased determination, energy, confidence and academic achievement. It not only affects us emotionally but also physically. It reduces risk of panic attacks, improves sleep and boosts immunity.

How to practice Gratitude?

However, now we know how beneficial Gratitude is to us in many ways. Let’s make a list of points on how to practice gratitude.

First of all inculcate the habit of writing a thank you note to the visible energies around. They could be the supreme divine, your parents, family and friends, your peers and your subordinates, etc. Your love and gratefulness will make you and them more happier. Always remember their existence affects you.

Secondly, start writing a journal daily. You could write it in early morning or at the end of the day. Indeed, it will declutter your mind.

Thirdly, start counting your blessings. There are many people in the world who are not fortunate enough to get what you have. So be thankful for what you have achieved and got till now. Many people are still struggling to be at position you are in right now. This world is immortal, nothing is permanent. Thus, enjoy every bit of life while giving thanks to it.

I always start my day with prayers. I believe in God and thanks him for everything he has done for me. I pray for others too. Infact it develops sense of empathy and compassion in an individual.

Particularly, meditation is a way to move higher in attaining your spiritual growth. You know, mindfulness is a one thing that has changed me completely in last 7 years. Trust me, practicing meditation will harness positivity into you which will makes your aura more clear and defined.


On the whole, now we know how significant gratitude is. We are better person while practicing gratitude. It makes us more happier, relishing good experiences, feel more emotions, feeling empathy and compassion and teaches us to deal will adversity.

Have a blessed time ahead. Do not forget to share your experience of gratitude in the feedback below.

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