Indian Kitchen is full of wonderful remedies for us.

Home Made Remedies
Home Made Remedies


Welcome back my lovely readers. Today I am sharing with you useful remedies for our tiny tots.


Family is the foundation of happiness and longevity. We all love our families very much. The younger generation at home is the most loved and adored. From infancy to teenage years, parents center their lives around them.

A small wound or any kind of physical problem can lead to stress. As a mother of two kids, I’ve experienced such anxiety and stress during late hours of the night when I was alone at home with no possible help around. That’s when the age-old remedies passed down by my Dadi (paternal grandmother) and Nani (maternal grandmother) came to the rescue. So let’s start with infants.

Easy Remedies for Infants

A Happy Baby
A Happy Baby

Ubtan of Red Lentil

Lets start with the first DIY for the super charming and pinkish skin of your tiny tot.

a) Avoid using harsh soaps, baby skin is gentle.

b) So, make a paste of Besan (chickpea flour), grinded red masoor Dal (red lentil) and honey.

c) Mix them with raw milk and leave it for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, apply this ubtan on your tiny tot.

d) Be careful to not to use near eyes and lips area.

To keep the skin of baby soft and subtle, always have bathing ritual of baby with lukewarm water.

Remedy for Improving Texture and Complexion

Every human is blessed with lovely skin colour by God. I never advocate the colour prejudice. But, I believe in taking care of the skin and the texture. As babies are blessed with softness and tendered skin in abundance.

To improve the texture and complexion, there is secret to it. If you are a feeding mother apply that feed to your child skin (once a day). Trust me, you will see amazing transformation after 15 days only.

Remedy for Supple Hair

When my daughter was born. She hardly had any hair on the top of her skull. Although, there were good hair all around the skull, only top of scalp was hairless.

I started worrying about it. Gradually, rest of her hair took length but there were no hair at the top. Thus, I asked my mother for it. So, she told me a magical remedy that resulted astonishing effect. Let me share that magical remedy with you.

a) Firstly take equal quantities of castor oil, coconut oil and seasme oil (dhuli til ki tel).

b) Mix them well with help of spoon.

c) Put it in a glass bowl and keep it over the heat by double heating process. Let me tell you how to do double heating process.

d) For double heating, on the gas stove, put a container of water over it. Once, the water starts boiling keep the flame low.

e) Now, put the same glass bowl over the water so that it float. Switch off the flame. Now take out the oil.

f) Your oil is ready to apply to the top of the skull of baby.

g) Please do patch test first. As baby skin is too soft to bear any kind of heat or harshness.

h) Now apply the oil in circular motion with tips of your finger.

i) You can also apply cows Ghee (clarified butter) on the scalp of child to remove dandruff and dead skins on scalp.

Believe me, you will be amazed to see the improvements.

Baby Skin Whitening Tips

Although, babies are god gift to us. Every parent wants that his or her child should look attractive. By performing following DIY and tips, one can achieve the best results.

a) To remove unwanted hair, use wheat flour. As we known that wheat flour is full of fiber, it will make the infant rid of unwanted hair. To make this paste, take small quantity of wheat flour and mix honey and raw milk in it. Now, the thick paste is ready. Apply it on the skin. After 10 minutes, use a dry towel and rub gently over the skin. Eventually use of this remedy will make baby’s unwanted hair vanish away.

b) Make a Ubtan of besan, Curd, haldi (curcumin) and milk. This remedy is passed on to my mother by her grandmother. Indeed, she applied this ubtan on me and my brother in our infancy days. Similarly, I applied this ubtan on my kids when they were young.

c) Lastly, this one is very effective remedy. Mix a very small quantity of camphor with virgin coconut oil. Before the nap time, apply this concoction to the skin of baby by massaging. Let this oil seep into his skin.

You’ll be utterly amazed when you see the results.


So, dear mothers and fathers, stop worrying for your babies’ skin now. Try out these effective yet handy tips and remedies to add sparkle to the appearance of your tiny tots. We will come with remedies on fever, cold and cough soon in our next blog. Till then, take care.

Keep growing with us.

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