lets transform your space into a festive wonderland with our creative suggestions for Holi 2024.

Holi Decoration Amazing Ideas for home


Welcome to the world of resolute readings at www.onindianpath.com. Today I am going to share information and DIY on amazing ideas for home amd space decoration on occasion of Holi.


We all know how vibrant and splendid the festival of colours, Holi, is. Particularly, this renowned Hindu festival brings forth a spectacle where colors dance in the air and joy knows no bounds.

Moreover, we have dedicated two days to Holi. Specifically choti Holi or Holika Dahan is on March 24th, 2024 while Dulhandi or playful Holi is on March 25th, 2024.

Apparently, in this blog, I am going to embark on a journey of fantastic decorative ideas that will elevate your Holi celebrations to a whole new level.

Floral theme Holi decors

As we all know Holi is the festival to welcome the change of season from winters to summers. Additionally, it brings up the freshness and lively spirit of spring into the air. I am unveiling few of the decor Ideas based on flowers on Holi. Lets make this Holi- Fulon ki Holi.

So, in 2024, let’s embrace the beauty of nature by incorporating fresh flowers into your decor. In fact, using fresh flowers and leaves provides a mesmerizing aroma for the festivity, adding to the warmth of the festival. In addition to this, you can relish the non-digital existence of human beings in such decor.

1.Flower curtains

DIY flower curtains ; source: marryme.cz

Firstly, above shown flower curtains are easy to make. Furthermore, you can create them effortlessly using roses, marigold, turnip, pearls and plastic thread at home. Additionally, consider adding items like mango leaves and Ashoka leaves in between for an extra touch.

2. Flower backdrop on walls for Holi

Using flowers at backdrop ; source : thespruce.com

Secondly, you can enhance the festive mood in your home by pasting different flowers of your choice on the wall, either in a horizontal or vertical manner. All you need is a plastic adhesive tape, a pair of scissors and flowers of your choice. Meanwhile, consider adding leaves and climbers (like money plant) alternatively placed in rows for an added decorative touch.

3.Flowers vessels at Holi doorsteps

Vessels filled with flowers ; source : Pinterest

Certainly, you can create a floral entrance for your guests by placing everyday use vessels filled with various kinds of flowers in water. Further, enhance the ambiance by adding an aromatic floating candle in the middle.


In the same way, you can create flower rangolis, hang flower garlands at doors and scatter petals for an enchanting touch that captures the essence of flower themed Holi.

4. Color blocking on Holi

Colourful standee for Holi

Let’s think beyond the traditional standee and create a creative and innovative one with easily available items at home. Subsequently, your creativity run wild by adding ribbons of colorful craft papers in horizontal and vertical rows, along with a plain dupatta or a bandhani dupatta as a backdrop. Indeed, you can add an Indian touch by writing “Holi hai” in Hindi language with colorful chart papers. Also unleash your inner artist by crafting colorful banners, paint custom signs, or make your own Holi-themed artwork.

Although, you may add pichkari as hanging on the sides of the standee.

5. Using old dupatta/saree for Holi decor

Holi decor at home; Source : Pinterest

Generally, we Indians often have plenty of dupatta and sarees at home. You can easily try this at home by taking any of your wall or experiment on curtain pipe of your favourite wall. Plus, as shown above, hang the vessels slanting on the curtain pipe and add dupatta or sarees of vibrant combinations with clip. Moreover, your selfie corner is ready to impress the guests and give you the festive buzz feeling.

Using Bandhani sarees at doors ; source : Pinterest

However, it could be fun filled activity for you and other family members to reuse the sarees at the doorstep for Holi Decor.

Holi Decor idea ; source : ahousetomyhouse

Besides hanging dupattas and sarees, along with placing few cushions and a low-setting bed, to make it a fantastic idea.

6. Using umbrellas

Using Umbrellas as holi decor

Wondering how umbrellas can be used in a reverse form? Get hands-on with your decor by indulging in hanging the umbrellas at your space. Infact, you can enhance the ambiance by adding Diwali lights in between.

Colorful lit Holi decor ; source : Pinterest

Furthermore, try considering using eco-friendly LED candles for a warm and inviting ambiance.

7. Balloons filled Holi decor

Adding balloons to the standee
Ballons are hanged on artificial roof made of strings source : Pinterest

Likewise, incorporate colorful balloons into your decor for a playful and artsy atmosphere. Besides, you can use also use air filled balloons tied on a string, tie as an artificial roof over an open area as shown above in image.

Vibrancy of colors ; source : hitched & clicked

Plus, you can ask for a DJ floor with a funky backdrop to add spice. Apparently, if your guests and family members are fond of Indian classical music, you can set up a corner filled with Indian musical instruments like harmonium, tabla and dholak to incorporate cultural elements.

DIY Doodle T-Shirt/Dupatta for guests

HOLI DIY t shirt ; source: etsy

Additionally, one can set up a corner with a table and fabric colors on it. Like this, the doodling artist inside of a guest will play with colours on canvas of his T-shirt or Dupatta.

You need to have a watercolor station for guests to express their creativity. Here, a DIY t-shirt station could be introduced, where a guest designs his own Holi T-shirt or Dupatta with his or her own creativity. Isn’t it mind-blowing? Its a unique idea to make Holi celebration memorable in 2024.


Thus, get ready for Holi 2024, with these decorative ideas for visually stunning Holi celebration filled with the spirit of joy and togetherness.

Infact, infuse the spirit of Holi into your decor by incorporating traditional Indian textiles, handicrafts and artwork that celebrate the rich heritage of this festival. Although, the best part is, all the above mentioned ideas are made of effortlessly available items at home at reasonable price.

Happy Holi! Have a blessed time ahead.

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