Goga Navami is celebrated to bring happiness and prosperity in the family.

Goga Ji is worshipped on Goga Navami


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What is Goga Navami?

Goga Navami also populaly called Guga Navami, a hindu festival, celebrated with immense fanfare and enthusiasm in the northern regions of India, mostly in Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana and Punjab.

Generally devotees offer prayers, perform rituals and visit temples dedicated to Goga Ji on this day. At many palces, many devotees observe fasts and worship Goga, the snake god with utmost devotion.

However, the main aim is to get the blessings for the prosperity and well being of children of the family. Additionally, it is believed that by performing this vrat and puja, childless couples get blessed with progenies.

In Rajasthan (Hanumangarh) and Himachal Pradesh (Hamirpur), grand fairs are held on this day and the festivities last for three days with fun and glee.

Date and Tithi of Goga Navami 2024

As per Hindu Panchang, Goga Navami is celebrated on Navami of Krishna Paksha of Bhadrpada mas. In simple terms, it is celebrated after Krishna Janamashtami.

Apparently, the tithi will start at 2:20 AM on August 27 and will end at 1:33 AM on August 28, 2024.

Significance of Goga Navami

Certainly, Goga Navami holds profound significance in Hindu culture. Although, Guga Panchami (fifth day) is celebrated at many ethnicity to pay homage to Gogaji.

As per legends, Guga was a powerful Rajput prince (Rajasthan) who had supernatural powers to control venomous snakes. As per common belief, his life story, his death and his family life has given us meaningful lessons to be generous and humble.

And, it is told in the stories, how his healing powers have revived the lives of many people. He is worshipped for his incredible art of healing snake bites and his disappearance from the Earth. Goga Ji is highly venerated for his legendary prowess and protective qualities.

Infact, people believe that by worshipping him on this day will surely safe them from snakes and other evils.

Me and my marwari family on this day

Moreover, in Marwari community, devotees worship Lord Guga as his blessings will protect children from all the harm. Hence, married women perform pujas on Goga Navami and worship for the well-being and long life of their children.

Indeed, we create representations of Guga Dev at our homes using paint and clay. We also offer Durva grass, milk, curd, moong beans, and chana to the lord. We also keep Chad (wooden stcks decorated with ashoka leaves and flowers) at our puja room to offer homage to the snake god.

Eventually, in my first year after marriage, my mother-in-law asked me to draw snakes out of clay and worship them. Initially, I was skeptical, but later I came to understand the significance. As we are often called a country of snake charmers, I now relate to the concept. Hinduism teaches us to be compassionate towards each and every living being, regardless of their size and nature. Snake worship is a symbolic representation of giving equal space to all living beings.


  • Firslty, wake up early in the morning and have bathing rituals on time.
  • Place idol of Gugaji on clean stool. The idol of Gugaji depicts him riding a blue colored horse and also holding yellow and blue flags.
  • Further, devotees recite Gogaji katha at the end. They also sing songs to praise divine healing powers of Guga Dev. After completion of puja ceremonies, rice and chapatti are distributed as Prasad among the devotees.
  • Various pujas and processions are organised on this day in Guga Mari temples (Rajasthan).
  • Infact, at many places, Hindus also tie Rakhi or Raksha stotra to Lord Goga as an assurance of protection from any injury or harm.
  • Also during the time of Goga Navami elaborate fairs are held at various places in the rural regions of Northern and north-western India.


At the end, I would like to conclude that Hindu culture is a diverse amalgamation of love, harmony and brotherhood. Goga Navami is one of the festival that respects all living beings on Earth.

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