Lord Hanuman is worshipped in form of a squirrel at this world famous temple.

Gilahraj Ji Mandir, Aligarh — Source: Google Maps


Welcome to the ardent readers of www.onindianpath.com. Let’s unwind the unique temple of Lord Hanuman where he is worshipped as squirrel.


Lord Hanumana is called Atulit Baldheham means a Lord with infinite power, strength and a valorous personality. He has many temples in India and abroad, where lakhs of devotees come to pay homage. You can check out my previous blog on top 10 temples of Lord Hanumana.

Who is Hanuman in Ramayana?

Lord Hanumana was born as half human and half monkey on the Earth. He was born to King Kesari and queen Anjana. Do you know he is rudra Awatar of Lord Shiva?

Yes, Lord Hanuman is known as bhakt Shiromani who is always ready to serve Hindu god Shri Ram. Popularly, he is known as bhakt Shiromani Hanuman. Specifically speaking, Bhakt Shiromani means Devtion and serving skills are beyond excellence.

Additionally, Hanuman ji has devoted his life to Lord Rama. Apparently, it is believed that where ever there is Ramkatha ( storytelling of Ramayana in areligious way) happens, Lord Hanumana surely come to pay homage to his god Shri Ram.


Lord Hanuman holds profound significance in Hinduism. He has been asaviour, devotee and a powerful Lord in the epic who helps the protagonist in finding out his wife and stays with him after rescure forever.

Great epic, Ramayana has a proper chapter named Sunderkand dedicated to him telling us about his meeting with Mata Sita at Ashok Vatika in Lanka.

What is Gilaharaj Maharaj Temple?

During my recent visit to Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh leads me awestuck with such an amazing temple dedicated to Lord Hanumana. You will be surprised to learn that this temple is the only temple in the world where Hanuman ji is worshipped as squirrel. Moreover, he is called Achal taal ke Raja at Aligarh.

Further, this divine temple aka Shri gilaharaj ji Maharaj Mandir is located near Achal pond at Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. And it is also called Graharaj Maharaj temple. As Hanuman ji is called the Lord who has defeated the planets (Grah-hara-raj).

Story Behind Hanuman Ji as Squirrel

As per Ram Charit Manas, Lord Rama, Lord Hanumana and his army were preparing to cross the Indian ocean to reach Lanka to get back Goddess Sita. That time, Nal and Neil of Vanar Sena were privileged to make floating stones bridge in the water. Hence, Hanuman ji was getting big rocks to throw in the ocean to make a foot bridge over the water. As he was continuously working, Lord Rama asked him to take some rest.

But, as we all know, Lord Hanumana was restless until he gets Mata Sita back to Hindu God Shri Ram. He took the form of squirrel and came to construction site back. He started writing Ram over the stones.

Certainly, there is great value of Ram naam. It is believed that name of Shri Ram is bigger than Ram himself. I will soon write a blog on it.

However, Shri Ram got to know that he was Hanuman, thus blessed the squirrel with fingers run over his back. Hence forth, all the squirrels have 3 lines over their back.

How Gilahraj Idol was Found?

Once, Mahant Mahendra Nath Yogi (follower of Nath community) saw a dream in the night, where Lord Hanumana came to his dream in the night and asked him to search the location and discover the idol.

Next day morning, he asked his disciples to search the area of the temple and idol. Thus after a lot of hunt and search, they removed a pile of soil where many squirrels were found. They discovered the idol of Hanuman ji in the form of a squirrel buried deep down. Since then, the temple was constructed at the same site. Hence, it is the place of great reverence.

Key Highlights of Temple

  • Gilahraj Hanuman Mandir is believed to be 5000 years old.
  • Here, the main deity keeps on changing his attire after every 25 minutes. And aarti is done every 25 minutes which means every devotee gets a chance to be a part of Aarti Darshana.
  • It is believed that there are nine planets beneath the foot of deity. So, if you are suffering from any kind of astrological problem in your horoscope, one must offer Chola to Lord so that you can get rid of them.
  • It is believed that it was built during Mahabharata times, and Balrama (brother of Shri Krishna) did worship the deity here.
  • Moreover, it is believed that by worshipping hanuman ji here for Chaliya (41 days) makes the devotee rid of his problems and worries.
  • Infact, devotees offer 40- 50 chola per day to the deity.
  • Mangi Laddu is offered to deity to get the blessings.
  • As, I have been to many Hanuman temples, but here only one eye of the deity is visible to the devotees.
  • Despite its architectural shortcomings, the temple exudes a profound spiritual ambiance that captivates all who enter.
  • Although, there numerous devotees on Hanuman Jayanti , Ram Navami and other hindu festivals.


Morning : 5 AM to 1 PM

Evening : 4 PM to 10 PM

How to Reach

However, Aligarh is majorly connected to all the major cities. For more information on commute, one can refer

  • By Air: Nearest Airport is Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi. It is 150 kms away from Aligarh.
  • By Train: Aligarh junction is the main railway station majorly connected to all the metros cities. One can easily book a taxi from here to the temple.
  • By Road: This magnificent city of locks is well connected to NH8 and Yamuna Express Highway. From then on, one can drive into the streets of the city to reach the divine temple.


At the end, I would like to say that all my avid readers must have come to know the specialities and uniqueness of this divine temple. So, do not wait for any major event to happen, just pack your bag and do come to Aligarh for divine darshana of Gilahraj jiMaharaj Mandir.

Keep growing with us.

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