We are going to witness the first Lunar eclipse of 2023 on May 5, 2023.

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2023 will observe four eclipses. We witnessed first solar eclipse of 2023 on 20th April. Second Solar eclipse will fall on 14th October. In addition to this, first Lunar eclipse of 2023 will fall on 5th May while second will fall on 28th October.


Lunar eclipse is a big astronomical event. When the Earth passes between the Sun and the Moon, it cast the shadow. It is a celestial process. Rather, this year it is going to be penumbral lunar eclipse. However, stargazers should not miss this opportunity as it will occur only after 19 years.

Since, Lunar eclipse 2023 would be visible to Africa, Europe, Asia, Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean. In India, sky gazers can see the charisma from 8.44 PM till 1.02 AM.

Surprisingly, Buddha Purnima and Vaisakh Purnima falls on same day. We will witness this conjunction of lunar eclipse on this tithi after 139 years. On May 5, its going to be Purnima ( full moon) of Vaisakh Mass of Hindu panchang.

Hinduism and lunar eclipse

In Sanskrit, it is called Grahan. Chandra Grahan (lunar eclipse) is ill-fated. Vedas and Rigveda have mentioned eclipses. People used to calculate the timings of their occurrence in vedic times too.

According to Puranas, once, there was churning of ocean. To get the wealth and elixir (amrit) distribution amongst gods and devils. Two devils (Rahu and Ketu) conned and swallowed a drop of elixir. As a result, demons were punished by Lord Vishnu. They were cursed and transformed into serpent bodies.

Even so, two demons became immortal. Owing to the curse they announced that they will take revenge every year in form of eclipse. Eventually, the Rahu swallows the Sun and the Ketu swallows the Moon.

In fact, Mahabharata and Ramayana have mentioned eclipses as inauspicious. Hinduism refer eclipse as an event of negative energy. There are many restrictions to be followed on Grahan.

Astrology and eclipse

Moon holds great significance in astrology. This year Lunar eclipse 2023 falls on swati nakshatra (constellation) and makar rashi ( scorpio zodiac sign). Astrologically, Moon is the factor of emotions and feelings.

Apparently, if you have any planet is retro grade with Moon in same house of your horoscope, you will surely feel the emotions on the day.

Don’t do these unless permitted

Nevertheless, there are many don’ts specified in our culture.

  • Do not look at the moon naked eyes. It is consideredd inauspicious.
  • Do not eat anything during the eclipse.
  • Put holy basil (Tulsi) in kitchen. Cover all the kitchen wares and utensils.
  • Close the doors of temples in your home.
  • Do not indulge in leisure activities like Sex, gambling, alcohol etc.
  • Pregnant women should stay indoors. In order to stay safe, they should refrain from sharp objects like knife and scissors.
  • Do not sleep during lunar eclipse.

DOs for the day

  1. Keep yourself calm and positive during the lunar eclipse.
  2. Chant mantras to nullify the effect of eclipse.
  3. Sprinkle Ganagajal (holy water of River Ganga) all over the house and temple.
  4. People must do meditation. Although, one can practice So-hum Meditation, sound meditation, chanting meditation and many more.
  5. Must take a bath to cleanse your body and soul.
  6. If possible try to take holy bath in holy rivers like Ganga after Lunar eclipse.
  7. One should donate white eatables like sugar, salt and rice to needy and poor people.
  8. Indulge in spritual and religious activities like chanting 108 names of of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva.

At the end, I would conclude my blog on a positive note. let’s celebrate this amazing celestial event with few handy tips to make our life prosperous and happy. Keep counting on us. Have a happy time ahead.

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