Diwali is the most awaited and celebrated festival all across the world. It is not confined to India but also many countries declare it as a festival and public holiday.


Lets explore the amazing decor ideas and celebrations during the most happening festival of hindu community.


Welcome to the diwali series where we are going to discuss the festivals, tradition and rituals associated with this grand 5 day long festival.


Apparently we have discussed the legends, dates and muhurat of Diwali in our previous blog.

Human being is a social animal- truly said by Aristotle. Naturally, we are born to live and enjoy life with our family, friends and peers. Festivals are essential part of this living. So, is Diwali. Diwali is a grandest celebration for Hindus.

During this magnificient festivity, people engage in various activities and traditions to celebrate the festival.

Why do we light diya with Mustard oil on Diwali?

Have you any idea why we light a diya of ghee (clarified butter) and rest of the diyas with mustard oil? I will answer this question. Although diya with oil is lit for pleasing hindu goddess maa lakshmi, while the diya with ghee is lit to guide our ancestors to come and visit our house. On the night of amavasya in the month of kartik maas in Hindu panchang, our ancestors wants to see the progress and growth of their children.

Additionally, we had a previous blog on lighting a diya. Moreover, people do decorate their homes, streets and public spaces with oil diyas, candles and colorful electric lights.

Decor Ideas for Diwali 2024

Further, this illumination all around is believed to invite prosperity and happiness into homes and around us. Again, It wards off negativity.

Lets unveil the different ideas of making your home and office dazzle in gleaming decoration with following ideas.

a) Diya and candles lighting on Diwali

We all know that Diwali is called the Festival of Lights. Also, Diwali is the festival not only confined to Goddess Lakshmi but to our pitar (ancestors) too. These days, market is flooded with artificial diyas which can be lit with battery. Even the sailing of oil is no more a issue. You can light them with water. Even there are different candles available which are of different sweets shape like Laddu, Barri, Jalebi etc.

You can keep them at the center table of your living room. Also, you can keep them at doorstep of office to add that extra shine to Diwali decorations.

b) Rangoli on Diwali

Rangoli is a traditional art form designed with colorful patterns and designs. This word is derived from Sanskrit word rangavalli meaning rows of colour.

Traditionally, Rangoli are made on the floor using colored powders, rice, chalks, flours, flowers and other materials. Usually, Indians make rangolis on all the majorly auspicious and big events like Diwali, festivals, marriage or any other religious ceremonies. Similarly, names of this art of Rangoli designs change as per different geographical locations. Likewise, it is called kolam in Tamil Nadu and Kerala, where rice powder is majorly used to draw geometrical patterns.

Aipan is Rangoli designs made in Uttrakhand with depicting maa Lakshmi footprints in it. Generally, it is created to welcome the deities and guests into homes and are considered auspicious. Floral Rangoli, Alpana are other names given. Particularly, the designs of these rangoli are extraordinary and flamboyant, passed on from generation to generations. They are designed on main doors, courtyard and puja place.

Traditionally, only girls and women used to do the designs with home made stuff. But, now men are also in the line. Meanwhile, now a days stencils and different pattern are avaliable in the offline and online markets. Even, 2D and 3D Rangoli are latest trends. There are different professional artists who make Rangoli for big offices and Pandals at a higher level.

Lastly, to add a natural touch to your Rangoli, one can make it with flowers and keep the ambiance fresh with fragrance.

c) Cleaning and decorating homes with Bandarwaan

Indians start deep cleansing of their homes and work place before Diwali. Moreover, it is customary to thoroughly clean and decorate homes to welcome the goddess of wealth, hindu Goddess Lakshmi. We do adorn our homes and workplace with colorful decorations, bandanwaal, flowers and rangoli to create a festive ambiance. Indeed, Bandanwaal is a decorative item made up of marigolds, mango leaves, Ashoka leaves and peepal leaves. Certainly, the idea behind toran is to welcome maa lakshmi. Indians have this traditional decorative item tied at doors on festivals, marriage ceremonies and other auspicious events. These days, torans are available with colorful lights, metal hangings and even sparkling designs.

Infact, now a days, there are many agencies available to deep clean your home and offices at nominal charges with special discounts on Diwali.

d) Fireworks on Diwali

Fireworks are an integral part of Diwali celebrations. People burst fireworks and crackers on Diwali with glee and joy. To add to the festive atmosphere, people burst loud sound and creative display crackers to display lights and sounds, However, cracker burning is more enthusiastic action for children and adults.

I personally do not prefer burning firecrackers. As, it involves lots of wastage of money, increase in noise and air pollution. Apparently, one can have noise and pollution free crackers, easily available in the offline and online markets.

e) Exchanging gifts and sweets on Diwali

Thus, Diwali is a time for exchanging gifts and sweets with family, friends and neighbours. Exchanging gifts and sweets symbolizes love, appreciation and strengthening of relationships.

Traditionally speaking, Indian sweets like gujiya, ladoos, barfis, dryfruits and jalebis are prepared and shared as a gesture of love and respect.

However, the trend is shifting to contemporary needs of society and gen z. Now a days, people have started gifting membership of gym and health clubs on Diwali. Not only this, gift vouchers and coupons are in these days.

f) Using Sarees and Duppattas for Family gatherings and feasts on Diwali

Family get together and celebrating Diwali with each other is an old age practice. But, everyone wants to be unique and appreciations. Specifically, people often travel long distances to be with their loved ones during the festival. Diwali dinners, Diwali luncheon and Diwali feasting including traditional Indian dishes and sweets are major delicious delicacies to be enjoyed together.

Hence, to decor home and workplace in a unique and affordable way is a must to do list in these days. Try out mixing silk duppattas and sarees to decorate your ceilings in a unique way.

Nevertheless, one can try mixing gerogette and other sheer materials in duppattas and sarees to hang on the windows and doors to give decor a twist.

Silk saree used in decor ideas

So, Age old notion is that one should eat Jimikand (yam) on Diwali to please maa lakshmi.

Apart from these we can also have other decorative items.

I) Decorative Lanterns

One can also diisplay decorative lanterns or paper lanterns in different shapes and sizes to add an elegant touch to your decor at home.

II) Artwork and Wall Hangings

Moreover, you can also hang traditional Indian artwork, tapestries, or wall hangings depicting Diwali motifs such as diyas, elephants, or peacocks on walls and windows corners.

III) Table Settings

Meanwhile, you can also set your dining table with vibrant tablecloths, colorful napkins and decorative centerpieces to create a festive dining experience. These days stone statues and metal.statues are in.

IV) Themed Decor

Specially for newly wedded couple first Diwali and first Diwali of an infant us celebrated with great enthusiasm and fun. Certainly, one can choose a specific theme for your Diwali decor, such as traditional, modern or eco-friendly, and coordinate your decorations accordingly for a cohesive look.

For Puja (Prayer)

For all Hindus, Diwali is a religious festival and people perform puja (prayer) during this time. So, we offer prayers to Hindu gods such as Lord Ganesha (the remover of obstacles) and Goddess Lakshmi (the goddess of wealth and prosperity). Puja ceremony takes place in homes and temples with the placing of idols on stool, offering clothes, keeping kalash and Coconut, lighting of oil lamps, chanting of mantras and offering of flowers, fruits and sweets.

Diwali Puja
Diwali Puja

Here, for decor ideas, one can opt for using many household items like used coconut shells, old tin boxes as wall hangings to use as frame to keep diya.

Arrangement of paper rolls as a puja Backdrop

Thus, we can use motifs of old duppata or saree as backdrop and using strings of paper rolls in different colors as puja room backdrop. These are DIY can be created easily at home.

New trend in Charity

Diwali is for everyone. And, it is our moral responsibility to help less priviledged sections of society to celebrate Diwali. It is the time for acts of charity and giving back to the community.

Many people donate money, clothes, food, or other essentials to the less fortunate. This practice of generosity and compassion is an important aspect of the festival.

Although, gen z is ready to serve under privileged section. They are giving away books sets, clothes and mithai(sweets) as gift to these section of society. One can also help them by cleaning the environment and surroundings on Diwali. We can help them by gifting new clothes to our household helps. One can also offer medical insurance to the elderly section of needy people on Diwali.

Indeed, Diwali is for everyone. Let’s bring out unity and positivity in our society by doing small contributions.


Diwali is the brightest and joyful festival in Indian culture. It illuminates everyone’s life with its brilliance. Every ritual of the Diwali festival has a significance. Diwali symbolises the spiritual victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance.

So, to celebrate Diwali 2024, we should promise to ourselves to destroy all our dark desires and thoughts, eradicated dark shadows and evils. And, we should move with the strength and the zeal to carry on with our goodwill for the rest of the year.

Have a blessed time ahead.

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