Dev Diwali is one of the prime celebrations in the month of Kartik in Hindu Panchang.

Floating Prayers: Diyas on the Sacred Ganga River


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Dev Diwali or Dev Deepawali means Diwali of Gods. Apparently it is a Hindu festival celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm in the city of Varanasi(Kashi), India.

Why do we have Dev Diwali in Hinduism?

Hinduism is a way of living for millions of people. Here, every day is filled with celebrations, devotion, empathy and trust. Additionally, gods also have reason to celebrate and enjoy the victory. Dev diwali is one of them.

Meanwhile it is believed that all the gods of santana dharma comes to the Earth to celebrate Diwali on ghats of holy river Ganga.

Date of Dev Diwali

Usually Dev Diwali falls after 15 days of Diwali. As per panchang, it falls on Purnima of Kartik Maas. Although, in 2024, we will have Dev Diwali on November 15, 2024. And, the purnima titthi will start from November 15, 2024 at 6:16 AM and will end at 02:58 AM on 16 November 2024.

Significance of Dev Diwali

a) Indeed there are many stories behind Dev Diwali. Specifically, Dev Diwali embarks the victory of Lord Shiva over the demons known as Tripurasuras. These demons were Vidyunmali, Tarakaksha and Viryavana. They performed hard penance to impress Lord Brahma to get blessed with immortality. Contrarily, Lord Brahma blessed them with a boon that they would die only by a shot of a single arrow to all three of them.

b) Also they are called Tripurasura. After hearing prayers of God’s from heaven Lord Shiva attained the form of Tripurari to end the havoc created by them. Infact, Lord Shiva killed them with a single arrow. Hence this festival also called Tripotsav.

c) In other parts of the country, Dev Diwali is also celebrated as the birth anniversary of Lord Kartik, eldest son of Lord Shiva.

d) Although, legends say that on this auspicious day Lord Vishnu took his first incarnation as Matsya(fish).

e) Besides the religious importance, we can not miss the other aspects of Dev Diwali in Varanasi. It is patriotism. Particulalry on Dashashwamedh ghat and Rajendra Ghat of river Ganga, police, army officials and NCC cadets of universities come together to light diyas in fond memories of martyrs who fought for our country.

River Ganga at Kashi ; image : Bhavana Singh

Why do we call River Ganga maiya(mother)?

Do you know why we call it maiya? As maiya is the Hindi word for mother. And we consider mother our janani(one who produced us), foremost and above all entity who deserves respect for bearing us and giving us life with purest and unconditional love. River Ganga is pious and life giving entity to many farmers and Hindu followers. We, Indians, offer Ganga Jal to the deceased family member at the time of cremation. Do you know why? I tell you, the reason is the purity and strength of this holy water to wash away our sins. Even, at the time of birth, this Gangajal (holy water of River Ganga) is sprinkled over the infant and new mother to purify them. Meanwhile, science has seen the cleansing and healing properties of Ganga Maiya.

Key highlights of Dev Diwali

Certainly, hindus light thousands of earthen lamps (diyas) along the ghats of the holy river, Ganga in Varanasi. For a viewer it is a mesmerising experience.

Moreover lighting the diya is a way to show the gratitude to the holy river, Ganga Maiya.

Moreover, there are celebration of tulsi vivah at many places on this day.

Tulsi vivah

Further, Hindus also perform Deepdan on this day. They may light 11, 21, 51 or 108 diyas in their home temple or at the bank of any river nearby. Since my childhood, I have been watching my grandmother lighting 51 diyas at the temple on this sacred day.

However, at various temples, cultural events and religious gatherings, devotees are encouraged to perform deepdan and offer prayers to celebrate the occasion.


Being in India and witnessing its rich culture and heritage in forms of festivals and celebrations, is truly a bliss. We at, always try to showcase the diverse and magnificent cultural and religious aspects of India in a significantly spiritual way. Have a blessed time ahead.

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