Hindu God Shri Shyam at Chulkana Dham is considered as the god of Kaliyuga also known as Barbarika in ancient history of Mahabharata.

Chuklana Dham,  Haryana
Shri Shyam Baba at Chuklana Dham, Haryana — Source: Google Maps


Welcome to the world of divine readings at www.onindianpath.com. Today, I am going to embark on the journey to a lesser explored divine pilgrimage site- Chuklana Dham at Haryana, India.

||Hare ka Sahara, Baba Shyam Humara||

You might have encountered these lines amidst crowds or within the confines of cars. They are fervently spoken salutations, praising Lord Shyam.


Shri Shyam, also known as Shaam Baba or Khatu Naresh, is another name for Lord Shyam. However, Shri Shyam is the manifestation of Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna gave him name Shyam after watching his kindness and fearless nature and blessed him to be worshipped in Kaliyuga as Shyam Baba.

Story of Barbarika/Shri Shyam Baba

As per Skand Purana and Mahabharata, Shri Shyam’s original name is Barbarika. Barbarika was the son of Ghatotkacha. Firstly, he was a grandson of the brave prince, Bhima, second of the Pandava brothers. He was born in Rakshash clan and was a son of Ghatotkacha and Maurvi (Ahilawati). From the childhood, Barbarika was a very courageous warrior, also known as Sheesh ka daani.

Why Shyama Baba called Hare ka Sahara ?

Infact, he was always influenced by his mother Maurvi, who taught him the art of warfare. Consequently, his mother gave him a lesson to be with lesser strong side of humanity in a war. That’s why he is also called Hare ka Sahara.

Pleased with his skills, Lord Shiva gave him three infallible arrows. Later, Agni, the god of Fire, presented him the bow that would make him victorious in the three worlds.

3 arrows symbol

3 arrows symbol

Shri Shyam possessed a divine boon granted by Maa Adishakti and Lord Shiva to Barbarika, ensuring that he could never miss his target when using his three arrows. The boon included the gift of three bows, and his symbol prominently featured three arrows with a bow.

Why Chulkana Dham is famous for Sheesh ka daan?

Indeed, Chulkana Dham is a place where Barbarika gave away his head in charity to Lord Krishna. Also, Chulkana Dham is famous as place of sheesh ka daan. The story goes like this, while going for battle of Mahabharata, Barbarika met a brahmin on the way. He asked him to make hole in every leave of the peepal tree.

Meanwhile, when Barbarika was preparing for the order, Brahmin hid one of the leaf under his foot. Further, Barbarika shoot his arrow to make hole in every leaf. The arrow made holes in every leaf of the tree and at the end, it circumambulate around the foot of brahmin. Do you know who the brahmin was?

Yes, you got it right.This brahmin was Lord Krishna. Consequently, Lord Krishna understood everything and on seeing his bravery, he asked for his head as daan. Here, the name Sheesh ka daanu was given to Shyam Baba.

Hence, Lord Krishna blessed Barbarika to be the God in Kaliyuga. He gave him his own name. He said that Barbarika, you will be worshipped as Shyam baba or Shri Shyam in Kaliyuga.

Although, it is believed that head of Barbarika lies at Khatu, Rajasthan and lower body lies at Chulkana Dham, Haryana.

My Majestic experience at Chulkana Dham

Peepal Tree at Chulkana Dham
Peepal Tree at Chulkana Dham

Apparently, I recently visited this holy place. I witnessed the enthralled charisma of reverved arena and divine deity. Also the histroical Peepal tree attracted me a lot. However, when I saw this peepal tree with my eyes I could not believe. Its true that all the leaves are still have holes. My journey to Chulkana Dham gives me goose bumps till date. How beautifully and majestically, history is revolving around us. You must visit this pilgrimage site.

Timings of Chulkana Dham

Divine temple of Shayam Baba is open


EVENING : 2 PM to 8 PM

on all weekdays and weekends.

How to Reach

By Road: Chulkana Dham is 67 kilometers away from Delhi. Its easiest way to commute is by road. You can travel this place either by your own vehicle or by public and private buses.

By Train: Chulkana Dham has the nearest railway station being Samlakha in Panipat, Haryana. Furthermore, several bus services operate along the route to Chulkana Dham, providing additional transportation options.

By Air: Nearest Airport is Indira Gandhi International Airport at Delhi.


Being a Sanatani, I had an amazing and majestic experience at this place. A Krishna lover or Khatu follower, must visit this place to feel the divine aura of Shri Shayam Baba.

Have a blessed day ahead. Keep growing with us.

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