Hail Krishna! Relax and enjoy! Chaturmas 2024 celebration begins with hands raised up, chants aloud, devotees dancing everywhere out. If you want to elevate your spiritual earnings then Hare Ram mantra sankirtan is the path to follow in Chaturmas 2024.

Chaturmas Celebration with Radha Krishna
Chaturmas Celebration with Radhe Krishna


Welcome to the world of divine readiings at www.onindianpath.com. Come let’s forget the world for a while and devote some time in the service of our beloved Hindu Gods. Let’s make the most of the best divine period Chaturmas months. In this article, I am going to uncover the wondrous benefits and significance of Chaturmas 2024 or Chaturmasya months.


As we know Hinduism is the oldest and strongest religion in the history of India. It contains numerous rituals and traditions which are beneficial for the upliftment of humans. Chaturmas 2024 is one of the many Hindu religious celebrations.

Chaturmas comprise the auspicious days in 2024 that are of great spiritual importance. Although these months are inauspicious for any family ritual, house-warming, wedding or starting a new venture. Still devotees around the globe wait for Chaturmas or Chaturmasya to take a bath in the holy rivers during divine duration.

What is Chaturmas?

You must be thinking why people are crazy for Chaturmas everywhere. Why the entire Hindu individual or Santani is rejoicing in Chaturmas? So, the answer lies in Chaturmas itself.

Chaturmas is simply related to “Chatur ” meaning four, and “mas” meaning month. So, Chaturmas is the combination of four pious months.

Chaturmas 2024 Start and End Date

We are going to have Chaturmas from July 17, 2024 and will end on November 12, 2024.

Thus, these four months are namely Shravan, Bhadrapad, Ashwin and Kartik of Hindu Panchang. Further, Chaturmas begins with Devshayani Ekadashi in Ashadha, Shukla Paksha and ends with Devuthani Ekadashi in Kartik mas, Shukla Paksha.

According to some followers, Chaturmas begins with Ashadha Guru Purnima and continues till Kartik Purnima. Overall, the entire period is immensely pure and perfect for a spiritual exaltation.

Moreover, Hinduism explains the importance of Chaturmas months in a special way. These four months are dedicated to Hindu Gods for spiritual enhancement. A particular form of Chaturmas Vrat is also observed. Infact, devotees enjoy celebrating Chaturmas by observing small restrictions in food, clothing, lifestyle and even basic actions.

Why Chaturmas is Important

Continuing further, we need to understand why Chaturmas is considered significant by our ancestors. There are many reasons related to the prominence of Chaturmas.

a) It is chosen for penance, austerity and divine bath to purify the soul.

b) As we all are extremely conscious about the purification of everything that we intake, food, water and even air. Hence, we can understand the value of purification, especially in Hinduism. Hence, it is of utmost importance for existence.

c) In fact, cleansing of all the cluttered dirt in the form of negative thoughts, vibes and bad deeds is a must for a peaceful survival.

d) Also, the Chaturmas 2024 is a worthy opportunity for gaining will power, mental, physical and even financial stability.

e) In addition to this, sages and scholars in early times could not travel far off places for the spread of bhakti and the value of god’s name. It was due to the rainy season during chaturmas, so they stood at one place for penance. They restricted themselves to the limited use of food, shelter and other necessities of life.

f) Even, Chaturmas has mention inGreat Epic Ramayana, where Lord Hanumana had other wait for Chaturmas to over to statr the searching process for Mata Sita.

Scientific facts related to Chaturmas

According to scientific facts and logic, it is observed that the sun shifts to south during Chaturmas. Also, the four seasons rainy, winter, monsoon and autumn falls in Chaturmas. During this period due to certain changes in weather, there are chances of increase in bacteria and diseases.

In fact, some food items are advised to be ignored. As some food items (curd, milk products, pulses and green vegetables) are extremely heavy and difficult to digest. These items spoil the digestion system. So, a little change in lifestyle can do wonders to stay healthy in Chaturmas. Therefore, these are some of the logical facts of Chaturmas celebration.

Why does Lord Vishnu sleep in Chaturmas

| Vasudev Sutam Devam Kamsa Charur Mardanam |

Devki Parmanand am Krishnam Vande Jagat Gurum ||

This sacred Krishna mantra is the key to unlock the pristine blessings of Hindu God Lord Krishna.

To begin with the story when Lord Krishna went for a Yog Nidra of four months. He slept continuously for four months. It happened when Lord Krishna took the form of Vamana. He asked Bali to do charity and give him the amount of land covered in three simple foot steps. Further, Bali was successful in proving himself as a great devotee. Bali asked Lord Krishna to stay with him in Patala lok.

Therefore, Lord Krishna had to stay in Patala for four months. However, this was the time when Lord Krishna went to “deep sleep” or say “Yog Nidra”. This is the reason why Chaturmas is considered inauspicious for many occasions. While Lord Krishna slept, Lord Shiva took the hold of the universe.


To sum up, I would say if you really want to feel the magic of penance then Chaturmas is the best time. Get drenched in spirituality and savor the fruits of austerity. If this article is beneficial for you then let us know. Will be back with more exciting updates.

Keep reading and growing.

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