Happiness is a wide term can not be measured on any scale.



Welcome to the oasis of divine readings at www.onindianpath.com. Let’s delve deeper into the concept of Happiness and its dependency on money and wealth.


What is Happiness? A feeling which brings a smile on your face, gives you utter satisfaction, make you melt in the moment and makes you grateful. For many people, it is the moment of joy where you feel the fulfillment of your desires. And for many it is getting internal peace and spiritually inclined to the divine.

Can we assess Happiness?

Apparently, Happiness can be termed as long term and short term happiness.

However, people define happiness as per their confort and experience. I have come across few key signs of measuring happiness that include:

a) Happiness is when one is living the life he always wanted.

b) When one enjoy positive, healthy relationships with family and other people.

c) Person is happy because he has achieved/ accomplished his goals and aims.

Eventually, All the above mentioned signs are short lived. But, for a longer run, one need to have the satisfaction and elation for following reasons :

d) One is feeling gratitude for every comfort, blessings, opportunity and people around.

e) Also, person feels positive rather than negative in most of the situations of his life.

f) Infact, person is clear in his mind and accept the challenges and difficulties of life open heartedly.

g) Indeed, the person is now into self care where, he treats himself with kindness and compassion.

h) There is a purpose of living life.

What is Happiness to me?

Besides, my definition of Happines is totally different. Lets start from my childhood. When, I was a kid of 8 years, I used to travel to local areas with my mother in a Bus. And, in the bus, conductor use to give us ticket to ride the bus for the defined route.

That time, I used to think he was the happiest person because he had so many coins and could buy many candies, filling his bag again with coins. However, I could not understand his duties, responsibilities and diligence to his job.

Apparently, as I grew up to my teenage years, I thought that being the head of the organization was the happiest moment. At that time, the principal of my school was the happiest person. She used to boss around, and everyone used to listen to her and obey her, even if they didn’t want to. Consequently, I could not grasp the degree of responsibilities, burden and duties on her shoulders. And, in the outside world, there were more people bossing over her.

Likewise, I entered college and came out of my comfort zone, and worked hard during evening hours of college internship. Certainly, that time politicans of the country were happiest people for me. As they can change the rule, can ban, can judge and can also regulate things according to their perspective. I was unaware of the system amd processes involved.

Now in my late 30s, I realised that all of these were short termed and seems happy to me were actually circumambulate around money and they were working and duty-bound people performing the jobs.

Balance of happiness and sadness

Thus, gradually the scale and concept of happiness was changed totally for me. There is a true balance of sad and happy moment in the world. There is happiness in every sadness and sadness in every happiness. Before, our birth, our destiny is defined by the supreme power. We are bound by our karma. We have to face the sufferings and hurdles, pre decided by our fate for us. And, in the hustle bustle of being happy and sad, we strive to live in the bestest possible way.

Divine interventions

Do you know what hindu god Shri Krishna has said about happiness? He told us about dual existence of everything in this universe. As per Bhagavad Gita, we lie below and above the ground. Above the ground is all Maya( wealth,money and worldly possessions) while below the ground is jiva (consciousness).

this principle of duality takes us to parallel world of existence. We are happy and elated by accumulation of money, position, power, wealth, big house a d gold and silver. That is all maya. But are we really happy?

Lord Krishna says we are bound by the circle of sukh(happiness)and dukh(sorrows). This cycle is defined before our birth and everyone has to go through this. There are 84 yoni (categories) of living beings and human is the last in it. We are blessed to come to Earth after surviving all these 84 yoni. He has sent us to know the true meaning of life and the path of enlightenment. The moments of happiness like position, power, money and worldly possessions are all may sound like rewards. But, spiritually speaking, getting through all the tests and examinations set by him for us is the biggest reward. A loss, theft, death, and loss of a precious property, all are our examinations by divinity to check our patience, compassion and courage.

Now, the question arises how do I see happiness? Till now, I have learnt that one should remain calm and serene from inside out, so that sorrows will not affect you and every situation will be happy for you.

What brings you happiness?

Moreover, many of my readers would emphasis on a sense of security in terms of fulfilling basic needs and enjoying comforts can contribute to satisfaction. They consider it as happiness. For them raise in income or money, or additional income beyond a certain point, may significantly increase happiness.

Although, happiness in true sense comes from meaningful relationships with friends and family, pursuing personal passions and interests, experiencing moments of joy and fulfillment and contributing to the well-being of others.

Money can give you pleasure and sensual fullfilment but it can not buy you contentment,

Further, excessive attention on accumulating money and wealth can eventually leads to stress, anxiety, and a lack of work-life balance, which can detract from overall happiness. Therefore, Money is not the sole determinant, and other factors are equally important in fostering a fulfilling and satisfying life.

How do we achieve happiness?

Scienctifc studies have proved many aspets of achieivein g the happiness. Few of them I am mnetioning hre :

  • Gratitude : Always be grateful to your guardians, soul siblings, elders , surroundings and supreme dvinity.
  • Sound sleep : in contemporary times, sleep is the most costlly thing for a busy person, First thing he sacrifce is his sleep. Always opt for suond sleep of 7-8 hours to feel comfortable and reaxed,
  • Mindfulness : Practicing mindfulness will fil your thoughs and opinion with simple
  • Stay active : Excericising in form of yoga, walk or gym makes our body release happy harmones.


At the end, I would like to recommend my readers to change your attitude towards life. Try to embrace the pains, sorrows and hurdles of life as pretest for you. Always build up your courage and compassion so that you can feel that the degree of your sadness is lesser than others.

Keep growing with us.

Radhe Radhe

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