आज बिरज में होरी रे रसिया होरी रे रसिया बरजोरी रे रसिया, कौन के हाथ कनक पिचकारी, कौन के हाथ कमोरी रे रसिया’। ‘होरी खेलन आयौ श्याम, आज याहि रंग में बोरौ री, कोरे-कोरे कलश मंगाओ, रंग केसर घोरौ री’।

‘नैनन में पिचकारी दई, मोय गारी दई, होरी खेली न जाय, होरी खेली न जाय’। ‘होली खेलन आयो श्याम आज याको रंग में बोरो रे, कोरे कोरे कलश मंगाय सखी री उसमें केसर घोरी।

Braj ki Holi

None of the Indians is there who has not heard this song on the most colorful and eventful festival, Holi. These lines beautifully depict the theme and essence of Holi, where the lyrics talk about Lord Krishna coming to play Holi with colors and a pichkari.


Hinduism is well-known for its colourful and vibrant culture of celebrations and festivity. Diwali and Holi are major festivals of Hinduism, celebrating humanity and love worldwide. Notably, Brij Holi stands as the flagship event of the Holi festival.

Significance of Holi in Braj

Braj Holi, is a unique and exuberant celebration of Holi festival held in the Brij region of India, especially in towns like Mathura and Vrindavan. These celebrations span for 10 days long period. Apparently, such prolonged celebrations bear great significance in Hinduism, as they uphold the timeless history of love and joy between Radha and Krishna, keeping their spirit alive among us.

Hence, to explore the cultural richness and spiritual significance of Brij Holi, let’s read on further in this blog. Moreover, Brij Holi is a celebration that transcends boundaries and embraces the joyous essence of springtime in India.

However, this traditional festival is renowned for its lively and colorful festivities that attract thousands of people from all over the world, to experience various patterns and styles of celebrations.


Indeed, Holi in Braj is scheduled to commence in mid-March 2024. Here is the list of dates and descriptions for this exciting endeavor:

March 17,2024 : Laddo Ki Holi

Laddu ready for laddo holi at Brij ; source : 40kmph.com

Loddo ki Holi is the event where the preists of the temple throw moticur and besan laddo over the devotees.Additionally, the laddo is an Indian delicacy cherished by Lord Krishna and his beloved Radha.

Firstly, this grand celebrations of Holi takes place at Shriji Temple and Radharani Temple, Barsana. This place is 45 kms away from Mathura.

March 18,2024 : Lathmar Holi in Barsana

During the celebration of Holi festival in India also celebrated with Lathi at Nandgao in Brindaban, UP.India.

Moreover, the joy of Brij Ki Holi does not limit to laddo ki Holi only. You can not afford to miss the renowned Lathmar Holi of Brij.

Firstly, men from Nandgaon come to Barsana to play Lathmar Holi with women lore of Barsana. To know more about Lathmar holi, you can read my blog on Lathmar Holi.

March 19,2024 : Nandgaon Lathmar Holi

Further, now is the turn for Barsana men. In Nandgaon, men from Barsana come to Nandgaon to play Holi with the women lore of Nandgaon. And, Nandgaon is situated 52 km away from Mathura.

March 20,2024 : Fulon Ki Holi, Mathura

Fulo ki Holi at Vrindavan ; source: wikimedia commons

Meanwhile, Holi extends beyond just throwing gulal in the air. The Banke Bihari Temple in Vrindavan is a must-visit spot. Furthermore, locals and visitors alike come together to revel in the spirit of Lord Krishna, smearing each other with vibrant colored powders and flowers.

Source : author

Eventually, the whole atmosphere blooms with the mesmerizing fragrance of fresh marigold, roses, turnip, and jasmine flowers. One can also experience the divine Fulo ki Holi of Radha Krishna at the Janambhoomi Temple in Mathura.

March 21,2024 : Chadimar Holi, Gokul

In addition to singing traditional folk songs, engaging in energetic dance performances, and celebrating Radha Krishna, people also participate in Chadimar Holi, which bears a resemblance to Lathmar Holi. Further, Chadimar Holi involves the use of Chadi, a thinner and smaller version of the Lath. Gokul, known as the divine place of all mischievous activities of Young Krishna, is situated 9 km away from Mathura. Devotion and fun define this Holi celebration, where Gopis used to play Chadimar Holi with the younger Kanha. The Huriyani or Gopis of Gokul revive the spirit of Holi by playing with Chadi.

March 23,2024 : Widow Holi, Vrindavan

Widow Holi; source : wikimedia commons

Do you know that Vrindavan is home to thousands of widows from all over the country? These widows wear only white colour and considered inauspicious and thus sent to Vrindavan and Varanasi ashram by their families.

Although, these widows live in ashrams of Vrindavan and Kashi and other pilgrimages. Widow Holi is the fortunate moment of celebration for widows. This unique celebration in Vrindavan is free from prejudice and judgments. It was started by Sulabh International organisation about 8 years ago.

Meanwhile, to praise their presence and moments of happiness, this NGO started celebrating Holi with these under privileged section of women. Infact, it ensue at Gopinath Bajar with flowers and gulal. These widows enjoy Holi and smear themselves in gulal and colours by imaging themselves playing Holi with Radha and Krishna.

My perspective on widows

Humanity displays its own colors and variance, and I’m referring to one of the boons and banes of our Indian society. Banished by families and abandoned by societies, widows come from their homes and live in Vrindavan, Goverdhan and other Brij areas. Unfortunately, this age old practice is still there in rural areas of India.

Although, I would like to say that there is no country or society which is 100% free from social stigmas and unacceptable customs. I truly condemn the practice of banishing widows from their homes. For me, Humanity is bigger than social taboos. Additionally, widows also have right to live freely and happily like us.

March 24,2024 : Holika Dahan, Mathura

Nonetheless, Holika Dahan is the most talked event of this grandeur. At Mathura, a grand procession takes place every year, all youngsters dress up as Radha and Krishna. Additionally, this procession starts from Vishram Ghat and ends at Holi Gate in Mathura. Subsequently, they throw gulaal in air. At the end, a grand bonfire is there depicting Holika Dahan.

March 25,2024 : Dhulendi, Mathura

Certainly, we all know how vibrant and exuberant it is to play Dulhendi and leaving behind all the anger, frustration, anxiety, stress and opinions. It’s the day to celebrate serene radiance of colours and happiness. Dulhendi is the day of smearing the sky with colours a d gulal of love, brotherhood a d happiness in Mathura and all over the country.

March 26,2024 : Huranga Holi, Baldeo

Apparently, in Baldeo, it is called Huranga Holi. It is celebrated on a day after Dulhendi. Meanwhile, in this kind, men are beaten with sticks by women lore and then also stirpped. Thenafter, these men are given a push in a big holi talab(pond) filled with coloured powder.


Thus, Brij Ki Holi stands not only a celebration of colors and traditions but also a living testament to the rich tapestry of love, joy and cultural vibrancy woven into the fabric of Hindu heritage.

This extravaganza transports us to the the echoes of Radha and Krishna’s timeless love resonate, leaving an indelible mark on our hearts. Brij Ki Holi, opens the doors to an arena of ageless tales and gives us a spirited reminder of the enduring bonds that connects us to our roots and the joy that transcends generations. Join us in Brij for Holi 2024 to partake in this extraordinary celebration.

Have a blessed day ahead. Keep growing with us.

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