Welcome to the world of engrossed readings at Have your heard the mesmerising universal sound of “Aaaa-oooo-mmmm?” Have you ever wondered why every chant and mantra in Hinduism has AUM at the beginning?

the magic of AUM
The magic of AUM

You got me right. Here, I am talking about the sacred and pious sound of Hinduism, which is Aum.

What is the significance of AUM ?

It is one of the most important Hindu symbols. The sound of Aum is revered in India and recognised worldwide. The sound effect and the waves generated while making the sacred sound of Aum make all our chakras heal.

Additionally, it has been scientifically proven in many studies that it calms down an anxious mind and sends signals to the mind and soul. Continuous chanting of Aum helps rejuvenate the dead cells of our body. Consequently, the vibrations generated from chanting Aum affect one’s mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

Infact, Hindus believe that the sound of Aum is eternal and can be heard anywhere in the universe.

What is the untold truth of AUM ?

AUM is the highly sanctified entity in Hinduism. Many sages and scholars have defined Aum as the beginning and end of everything in the mortal and immortal worlds. It is considered the true basis of creation and emptiness. Some of the holy texts of Hinduism explain Aum as the trinity. They say A as Brahma (God of Creation) , U as Vishnu (God of Preservation) and M as Shiva (God of Destruction and Transformation).

What our ancient text says about AUM ?

a) According to the Traitikiya Upanishads, Aum is not just a sound; it is the sound of divinity and finding the god within.

b) Mundakaya Upnishad defines Aum as omnipresent and omnipotent; there is no past, no present, and no future; only Aum is there.

c) According to the Bhagvat Gita, Lord Krishna has said in chapters 7, 9, and 10 that Aum is the purest sound of me (Lord Krishna himself). A person who chants Aum in his final years will attain Nirvana.
d) Moreover, many sacred texts have mentioned Pranava as the origin of Hinduism and human life.

e) Aum has all three gunas of life. The satva (harmony), the rajas (movement) and the tamas (inertia) are the guna.

f) Moreover, Vedas have explained Aum as the journey of a person from Atman (self) to Brahm (greater self). It’s like finding the supreme God within ourselves. According to the Purana, Aum is the prime mover. Foremost is Aum, then is rest.

Views of sacred sects

Additionally, different sects in Hinduism define Aum differently.

Shaivism defines Aum as linga, and Aum is the only representation of God Shiva.

Vaishnavism defines Aum as joining the energy of a bhakt (devotee) to his almighty Shri Hari (Lord Vishnu).

Shaktism believes that the aura of Aum is as profound and energetic as that of Shakti (the goddess Durga).

The yoga perspective of AUM

I have been associated with Yoga for last 20 years. There is no single day when I end up my day without Yoga. And believe me, Aum is an integral part of Yoga.

Patanjali Sutra explains Aum as immortal and evergreen. It explains pranava (source of Prana) as the source of prana (life force). Prana comes from Omkara (earliest sound), and Omkara is Ek Akshara (Aum in Devanagari script), which is the sound of divinity.

It defines all beings as part of one supreme God. Different ideologies have defined Aum differently. The idea of shape, form and name is different in different religions.

Ek aumkaara in Sikhism, Panch parmeshthi in Jainism and lotus sutra in Buddhism have the same evolving ideology. Finally every school of thought believes that the process of creation of the universe is in the greater Pranava, which is Aum.

Sounds of Aum

Although, Aum is described in four sounds and states. A (sound of aaa) is the waking state of consciousness. U (the sound of OOO) is the state of the dream; M (the humming sound of mmm) is the state of deep sleep, and silence at the end is the state beyond all the definitions of consciousness.

Why is the shape of AUM is so special?

Aum is a Sanskrit word. It has four syllables and four sounds. Aum is made of three sounds and silence at the end. The sound of A is created from the back of the throat. Its pronunciation affects our navel point, which defines our creation. Thus, this connection is vivid and goes like this: When our mother conceived us, we were connected to her body through the umbilical cord, which is connected to our navel point.

Hence, before our birth, we were a part of Aum. The sound U is created with the mouth open in the shape of the English letter O. The sound of the U affects our hearts. It projects a way of living. The last sound of M is the humming sound of M with closed lips. This sound causes vibrations in our throat.

How to be blissful by chanting AUM ?

The sound of Aum is an amalgamation of three sounds from the Sanskrit language. These are A, U, and M. The lower curve denotes the state of normal waking. It is called jagrat. In this state, the mind is in accord with the physical body and aware of the senses.

The upper curve is called the state of deep sleep. It is also called Sushupti. Here, the mind goes into an unconscious state and goes into deep sleep, where one’s mind withdraws from worldly things.

And, the curve moving from left to right is called the state of dreaming. It is called Swapna. This is the state where the mind is in between deep sleep and waking.

The crescent is called the state of illusion. It is called Maya. When there is a very thin line of worldly attachments between enlightenment and unconsciousness of mind.

Similarly, the dot above the symbol is called Turiya. It is the state of enlightenment. Here, the person attains bliss. He gets connected to the universe. His soul merges into absolute being (anant).

What are the benefits of chanting “Aum” ?

  • Chanting Aum elevates the mood.
  • It helps lower blood pressure.
  • It is advised by health experts for good and balanced mental health as it helps get rid of anxiety, depression, and stress.
  • It calms the mind and body.
  • It balances the heart and the flow of blood and helps the body detoxify.
  • It makes our skin glow and shine.
  • It makes our lungs stronger along with a few deep breathing exercises.
  • It is helpful in recovering from insomnia.
  • It is advisable for students to chant Aum early in the morning to increase their concentration power.
  • The vibrations created in the throat during chanting Aum help promote proper functioning of the thyroid gland. While chanting Aum in a group or individually, you will feel your own soul.


I would conclude this blog by summing up the energies and capacity of Aum in one word is Peace.To counter your ego, inner demons, fights, anxiety and stress and to conquered your own self, start practicing AUM. Believe me, you will see amazing results.

Keep growing with us.

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