Shubham Karoti Kalyaannam-Aarogyam Dhana-Sampadaa |Shatru-Buddhi-Vinaashaaya Deepa-Jyotir-Namostute ||



This mantra speaks volume about the importance of lighting lamps / diya in Hinduism. Firstly, it explains that lighting of lamps / diya in Hinduism brings light, hope, joy and a lot more in life. It removes darkness, destroys baneful feelings and develops invigorating aura around. In other words, diya / lamp bring positive vibes necessary for a prosperous and healthy life.

Similarly, in Hinduism lighting lamps / diya plays a magical role in bringing good fortune. Hinduism, as we already know, is the largest and the oldest religion. It holds a significant importance in the life of every Hindu family. The Hindu rituals and traditions followed in India are extremely special and beneficial for a healthy and wealthy life.

Importance of lighting diya

Firstly, we must understand that without the presence of light we cannot perceive anything. We cannot react to the world or the universe. If there is no light we cannot see things, people or nature around us. So, lighting diya helps us perceive the universe and get a better view of it.

Furthermore, as we lit a lamp / diya, it instantly rids us of the darkness around us. Other than this, lamps or a diya also have religious and scientific values too.

Purpose of lighting lamps / diya

When it comes to events, occasions or the purpose of lighting diya, there are a plethora of reasons. Below are a few religious and scientific reasons for lighting lamps or diya in Hinduism.

Spiritual reasons: There are many spiritual practices where diya is essential for building focus and concentration. The light of a lamp or diya helps in meditation and focusing on one point.

Traditional Rituals: In Hinduism and other religions there are many rituals, festivals, occasions or auspicious days/ months when diya for pooja is lit up. The entire Chaturmas month is celebrated by lighting diya. There are many festivals in India in the month of Kartik (will be covered in upcoming blogs) when diya plays a prominent role. Especially Diwali is the main festival which is incomplete without decorative diya all around the place.

Moreover, Ekadashi, Rakshabandhan, Dhanteras and many others are special days for lighting diya at home and temples.

In addition to this, diya lighting in temples on special days is extremely beneficial in many ways.

Moreover, there is a huge importance of lighting Diya in front of different Hindu gods. (Tell me in the comments if you want to know about the benefits of each kind of diya lighting in front of different Hindu gods).

Events / Inauguration: We have always seen that in any professional, business, school events or functions there is always a Lamp Lighting ceremony. Lamp or diya lighting is done by the honoured chief guest and after that only a function commenced.

For decoration: Aesthetics are really important if there is a festive season or any special celebration like wedding, pooja ceremony, or even a party at home. Diya or lamps available in different materials like brass, silver or stone are best for home or venue decoration.

Peace symbol: There is also a symbolic meaning of Diya or lamp. It signifies peace and harmony. As a result you must have seen many protests or peace campaigns with numerous diyas lit in huge quantities.

Elevating positive energies: The brilliance emitted by a diya radiates positive vibrations that uplifts the mood, instills positivity, and dispels negative energies.

Environmental aspects: Now coming to the very basic element of existence that is nature, we cannot ignore the environmental consciousness. We all know natural oils are a more eco-friendly alternative to synthetic lighting sources. So, ghee diya or mustard oil diyas are much more reliable sources for reducing energy consumption.

Cultural Legacy: Lighting lamps or diyas is the intrinsic part of cultural practices and traditions. Preserving our old rituals and traditions is the duty of every individual. So, to continue this custom, and pass it to the future generations, it is important for us to lit diya in every house today.

Benefits of lighting diya

Now, we know the importance and reasons of lighting diya. In addition to this there are numerous benefits of lighting diya. To show scientific benefits, the heat of the burning diya kills germs, bacteria and other diseases around the space. It also eradicates negativity, thus by bringing positivity.

It strengthens mental status and enhances will power. Lighting specific diya for pooja ceremony attracts special blessings. It brings prosperity, peace and good vibes. In fact, diya is also the source of wealth according to Hindu rituals.

Kinds of Diyas

Depending on the kind of material, shape, sizes and the direction of the flame there are different kinds of Diyas. Just to name a few there are brass diya, silver diya, stone diya, mud diya, clay diya and more on basis of material.

Further, on basis of fuel used there is a ghee diya, mustard oil diya and til oil diya.

For aesthetics you have decorative diya, electric diya, colorful diya, hand made diya, DIY diya and more.

Moreover, on the basis of placement in south, in north-east, in North and in East directions. These diyas have special effects and benefits. The other diyas include Diya lit in morning, evening, akhand diya, at night, Brahma muhrat, shubh muhurat and more.

Last but not the least, there are different diyas on the basis of flames. (Will cover this in upcoming blogs).


At last, I can say that a single diya lit up in the corner of your house can do wonders for you. To see this magic happen you must light a lamp or diya in your house. You can find vibrant options in diya online ranging from brass diya, silver diya to colorful diya and more. You can also find various affordable diya price online in your budget. So, now if you are thrilled by the benefits of lighting lamps or a diya then start liting today. Keep reading and growing.

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