Welcome back to all my readers! Here is an interesting update related to the temple norms in Hindu culture. Hindu temples are the symbol of great devotion, pride, faith and prayers by millions of devotees.

According to Hindu belief system, a temple is the abode of God on earth. It is a sacred place of worship dedicated to a deity or multiple deities.

Temple serves as a physical and spiritual hub where devotees gather to offer prayers, perform rituals, and seek blessings of God. They play a significant role in fostering community, spiritual growth, and cultural practices.Rules set by temple committees in Hindu temples keep modifying from time to time. These rules vary from place to place as per the requirement. These are guidelines related to dress code, behavior, and rituals.

Recently, a norm related to the dress code of devotees visiting temples is in news. It is done in order to maintain the dignity of the temple and safeguard the rich Hindu culture.Revealing clothes like night suits, torn jeans, half-pants, bermuda shorts, and mini skirts are not advised in the temple premises. 80 percent of the body of devotees must be covered by clothes. Clothing should be decent with loose pants and a covered body. The dress code notice of the devotees is now in action in many states of India including Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Uttarakhand and more.

So, it is good news for all the devotees who respect their tradition and want to get it respected by others too. Radhe Radhe.

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