Do you know how the world around you was created ? Who is Ardhnarishwar ? Why is he the symbol of the integration of two energies so beautifully and mindfully?

Ardhnarishwar - Shiv Parvati
Ardhnarishwar – Shiv Parvati, Source: Wikipedia


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Likewise, do you know we have an arcane awatar in Hinduism with male and female qualities ? And, he is one of the 64 forms (manifestations) of Lord Shiva who is a consolidate of male and female energies.

Meaning of Ardhnarishwar/ Ardhnareshwar

Ardhnarishwar or Ardhnareshwar is the word derived from Sanskrit. It is amalgamate of three words : Ardh (half), Naari (Woman) and Ishwar (God). Hence, it means a god who is half man and half woman. Apparently, this is what we have come to know through Hindu text and references.

Significance/Contemporary value of Ardhnarishwar

But, the reality and significance is way more higher. However, we need to look beyond the textual meaning of Ardhnarishwar.

Have you ever noticed why every woman wants to prove herself no.1? In our patriarch society, woman struggle to earn as much as she can to level up with man. The earning could be a renowned name in society, a stable financial status, physically strongest person, even more, mentally she desires to boss over the man.

Even so, we have been observing that it is a notion that men are superior and women are not. Practically speaking, truth is different. Nor the man neither the woman runs the world. Although, the fact is both are equally important for creation and survival. They complement each other and astonishingly they can not survive without each other for long.

Purush and Prakriti in Ardhnarishwar

Subsequently, it signifies the merging of two prominent energies of this world into one god, Lord Shiva. Here, the male part is Lord Shiva and female counterpart is Goddess Parvati. As per Hindu text, Ardhnarishwar denotes joining of Purush (living being) and Prakriti (nature). Ardhnarishwar is shown as right half as a female body and left half as male body.

Narratives of Ardhnarishwar

Besides, Vedic literature has mention of Ardhnarishwar, a composite figure of Yama-Yami, the combination of primordial creators. Futhermore, Upnishads says that when this androgynous form split into two opposite energies of the universe, Ardhnarishwar came into existence. Infact, this form represents the Shiva (masculine energies) and Shakti (feminine energies) merges into oneness for constructive and generative purpose.

How Ardhnarishwar formed?

a) Similarly, Skand Purana says that once Goddess Parvati requested Lord Shiva to stay with him forever and as a result Ardhnarishwar manifested.

b) Whereas, Matsya Purana defines that lord Brahma was pleased with the penance of Goddess Parvati and blessed her with a fair complexion. She merged into Lord Shiva to become one with him.

c) Linga Purana states the merging of two opposite forces into one in form of Shivling. They says that the Linga of Lord Shiva is positioned upon Yoni of goddess Parvati for creation and maintenance of cosmo world. Moreover, many Hindu text has many stories for origin of Ardhnarishwar. Interestingly, the concept is when Lord Shiva transcend into creation mode, observing the limitation of male energy then female takes over for the betterment of universe.

Looks of Ardhnarishwar

The deity symbolises the unity of two opposite forces to maintain the equilibrium of universe.

Lord Shiva has a serpent around his neck and crescent moon on his forehead. Whereas goddess Parvati has her vivacious locks open in the air. Third eye is there for both the supreme energies. One hand of Lord Shiva is holding trishul ( trident to destruct) while the other hand of deity represents calmness and nurturing skill of Goddess Shakti. Female counterpart is holding lotus. Both the counterparts are separated by the line at the center of navel. The axis of human body.

In addition to this, other cultures also realize the importance of cohenrece of two polar forces. Yin and Yang also explains dual existence, where there is a part of male in a female and a part of female in a male body.

Shiva is creator and Shakti is creating the universe. Shiva is incomplete without Shakti and vice versa. The two energies are inseparable and complementary to each other.

Why to worship Ardhnarishwar?

Ardhnarishwar is worshipped for many reasons mentioned below.

  • It is the most auspicious puja to be offered to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.
  • On every third Monday of Shravan Mass of Hindu Panchang, Ardhnarishwar Puja is performed at many Lord Shiva temples.
  • It improves the relationship between husband and wife.
  • One can remove all the hindrances of life.
  • Devotees attain the spiritual upliftment by worshipping Ardhnarishwar.
  • This puja caters to the need of peace, prosperity and harmony in family.

How to worship Ardhnarishwar?

  • Take a bath early morning.
  • Place a clean cloth on the table or your Puja corner.
  • Place the idol on the table top. Indeed the idol or image of Ardhnarishwar are easily available in online and online markets.
  • One can chant Ardhnarishwar Strota or Shiva strota.
  • There are many temples in India, where personalised Puja is offered on behalf of devotees by the Preists.
  • They do Homa and Yagna too.


At the end, I would conclude the write up with a note that the universe has opposite forces in form of male and female counterparts everywhere. Whether humans, animals or other living beings, these forces are inter wined. They should have harmonious relations and should work together for cosmic betterment just like Ardhnarishwar.

Have a happy time ahead.

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