Ramayana is a great epic of Hinduism.

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Welcome to the world of resolute readings at www.onindianpath.com. Today, I am going to share meaningful insights of the greatest epic of Hindu Culture, Ramayana in modern world.

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Hinduism is the oldest religion followed worldwide after Christianity and Islam. Do you know, Ramayana and Mahabharata are the two great epics of hindu culture? Indeed Ramayana and Mahabharata, the great epics works as guiding light for Hindu followers. Infact, Ramayana gives us profound teachings and insights on cultural and religious track. Also it plays an important role in shaping the spiritual, ethical and moral values of Hindus.Till date, Ramayana teaches us timeless lessons on ethical ground, morality, duty and the consequences of one’s actions(karma).

What is Ramayana all about?

Sage Valmiki attributed the Ramayana to the world, a great gift to Hindu culture and religion. Ramayan is based on the life of Lord Rama, a maryadapurshottam(a man who’s is supreme in honor and righteousness).

Significance of Ramayana

Ramayana sets out example to us to live life like Lord Rama. Besides, there are many life lessons discussed as :

Obedience of a Son in Ramayana

Firstly Ramayana teaches us how Lord Rama was a devoted son and an obedient student. Certainly, he exemplifies virtues, righteousness and virtues. He never disappointed his Guru, Sage Vashishtha and Sage Vishwamitra. How profoundly he performed his duties toward his father King Dashrath and three mothers, Sumitra, Kaushalya and Kekayi. Adding to it, he never cribbed or complaint about the exile he got from his father, King Dasrath.

Selflessness of a Husband

Secondly, he was an idol husband and duty bound to protect his wife. Certainly, he married Goddess Sita and dutifully stayed one woman man throughout his life. Although, to get his wife back from the king of demons, Ravana, he fought with him in the dignified way. He had an army of monkeys lead by Lord Hanumana. His love and alligeance toward mata Sita can never be ignored. In modern world, where love is more inclined towards lust and intimacy only. He taught us how wonderfully amd dutifully you can love your spouse even if she is not around.

Integrity of a King in Ramayana

Apparently, he carried the responsibility of being a fair and balanced king in the most honoured way. However Ramayan truly teaches us the way one should pay attention and empathy to others problems. It is always believed that Ramraj was the most happier and prosperous state to experience. Divinity and serenity of his praja is still memtioned in many text. Meanwhile the exemplary state of King Rama is still used as paradigm for governance. Certainly his exemplary leadership qualities serve as inspiration for people in all walks of life.

Brotherly love in Ramayana

Lord Rama’s life offers valuable lessons to us in various ways. Indeed Lord Rama protection and love for his brothers illustrates best sibling bond ever. Besides his duty and his compassion he always showed resilience in facing challenges., Additionally his life lessons have been praised beyond cultural boundaries.

The triumph of good over evil

Subsequently Ramayana teaches us the importance and need of ethical decision-making and perseverance. Lives of Shri Rama, Mata Sita and Hanumanji teaches us the significance of maintaining integrity in difficult situations. Furthermore these timeless teachings help us in navigating our own lives to walk on the path of righteousness, courage, compassion, and loyalty. Therefore, the win of Lord Rama over demon king, Ravana offers us the valuable lesson of right over wrong.

Apparently archetypes of the narrative offers us the inspiration and wisdom on leadership, resilience and loyalty.

The Ramayana can have a positive impact on young minds by edify the value of moral values, result of making ethical choices and fostering a sense of duty.


At the end, I would recommend every reader of my blog to go through Ramayana once. I am sure the exposure to the Ramayana can contribute to the moral and ethical development of the younger generation. Have a blessed day ahead.

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